What do you hope 3 more months add?

With three more months added to the release date, what are you hoping gearbox spends more time on? I am not even sure they have any, just have said it before, bots. And a tutorial for the multiplayer and maybe each character. To show what each character does and how to play that particular character. And 60fps would be nice. Not a stickler for 60fps, but when things get hectic, being that smooth would be nice.

An optimization pass is all I ask for before the actual beta, anything further is just a bonus


Bots would do very nicely on the solo side. I think they’re working on some changes on the looting system (Randy already said that they are doing some cool things with that at the office!).
I would like to get a massive change to the UI, and maybe increase the gameplay vibe little bit - tutorials would be cool, too. Overall with some tweaks, good optimization and working systems, we will get an amazing competitive shooter. :smiley: