What do you hope Battleborn will be/become? (how will you be playing it? Casually, competitively. Etc)


Playing a new game is fun, and so it should be! But sometimes when you buy a game, or play a beta in this case, you might find it either was or wasn’t what you were expecting…

There has been a lot of heated discussion on this forum, about different modes, changes to characters, general likes and dislikes… And that should all be in good fun too right? (No ‘opinion’ is wrong, in ‘my’ opinion)

A lot of people will be playing this game for a bit of fun with their friends, and that fun has already come at a very addictive cost (yes… I’ll admit, I’ve had dreams about Battleborn, in anticipation of being able to play it again), win or lose, meh, just gonna have fun!

And a lot of people also want to be super competitive with it, losing ain’t an option here folks, let’s get our big boy pants on, and take this shiz to the big leagues, we want comps, we want arenas, we want trophies!

So my question to everyone is…

What do ‘YOU’ hope Battleborn will be/become…?

Is there a particular way you will be playing it? Were you expecting a particular way of playing it? Are you competitive or just a have fun with it sort of person?.. Etc etc.

I personally, don’t mind Battleborn just the way it is…
I don’t mind if it doesn’t become a game of the competitive markets big leagues (no, I don’t know any of the other titles to compare it to, I haven’t played them, I don’t know what MOBA and all that jazz means that I see written on the forum, yes I have google…)…
I’m happy for it to be full of a mixed variety of people, casual ‘on my couch with a bowl of my fav snacks’ gamers and professional ‘I got the best gaming set up’ gamers…
I don’t take winning or losing in different ways, I tend to just continue on with a smile… And if I die during a game, while other people I know might yell/swear, I tend to laugh and say “it was worth it!” And carry on…
But that’s just how ‘I’ play… And I’m not talking skill or anything here obviously (assume or unassuming what you will about me…).

But I’m curious to read about other players general thoughts and feelings about how they play/hope(and hoped) to play Battleborn… As I may just encounter you one day, some day, in the big wide Battleborn world!

(This probably could be moved to general Battleborn discussion thread… But I put it in the beta, because it’s what you ‘hope/hoped’ Battleborn would be and how you’ll be playing it… So it’s kinda pre-release discussion?.. Feel free to move if required moderators)

(Rick is my Spirit Animal) #2

Fun. Thats all. Fun for us players, some kudos for the devs & creators and a great time raiding on Solus with my fiance :heart: (And all you other badasses, of course)

Oh - and I hope the Moba-PvP community will be not so toxic, such could easily ruin the fun for all…


Yeah I really hope that competitive MOBA players don’t have GBX add unneeded features that overcomplicate the game. In my opinion what makes this game best is its simplicity.

I’m looking to play Battleborn as a primary healer both for fun and competitively. Because of this I hope Battleborn continues to build on the healing characters available. Looking forward to Alani. :slight_smile:

(Nllsq) #4

I hope it becomes a long-term popular game that is NOT an e-sport/ESL title. Once a game becomes a sport, it is no longer fun but rather work and grind.

(Creator of the Battleborn Discord) #5

I just want the game to keep being fun. The moment the game stops being fun and the community starts becoming toxic I think it’s time to start re-evaluating things. If Gearbox can find a way to make the game competitive while keeping the game fun and the community healthy then we won’t have a problem. I don’t want to see the company sacrifice the game and the community for a few dollars or to keep the competitive community happy. I’ve seen far to many games become toxic pits because of the competitive community. Too many of those people forget that fun isn’t all about winning (especially winning at any cost).

(Insanity Engine) #6

I hope this game becomes a competitive titan. That may not be a popular opinion judging from the responses here, but it has the potential to be something great, something that can be played on a stage in front of hundreds of thousands of people. @Ryballs You say you like the game because of its simplicity, but I love it because of its complexity. It has the strategic depth of a moba while requiring the same skillset as FPSes to execute that strategy. It’s beautiful.

I don’t want gearbox to ignore the rest of the players to focus on a competitive scene, but it would definitely be nice to keep the game balanced, maps clean and intelligently made, and characters unique, dynamic, and brilliantly put together. All while at least maintaining the complexity that already exists.

We don’t need more dumbed down games on the market, and this game is far from dumbed down. I love it. It very quickly became my favorite game.

(Mattiwarden) #7

Battleborn is pretty much my summer plans


Also how I play (played): lI tend to just stick to one character when I play, I found Thorn to be the character I loved when playing the beta, I didn’t really give anyone else a try…

Well I did play as Toby a few times after Thorn was picked by somebody else during match start up, I found his taunts really amusing… Probably because I needed those back handed ‘sorry guys, I’ll try dying less’ lols for myself, haha…

So I found it interesting that other players gave ‘everyone’ a go, knowing almost all their pros and cons! (as detailed all over the forum) Impressive!

I don’t think this will change much for me on full release… I’ll probably stick to Thorn, max her out… And then maybe choose someone else… I’m not the jump from character to character type, I like to get a real grip on a favourite.

(Mattiwarden) #9

I made it my mission to play every character at least once during the beta. There were definitely some that I didn’t like and I had some favorites, which I will probably be mostly playing during the full game. I thought that was the best thing to do with the beta seeing how all progress with characters would be removed, my stats didn’t count, so I didn’t feel to bad about dying a lot playing a character I didn’t like, and I go into the main game having a better understanding of gameplay.

(Ssfjustin) #10

Hope battleborn will be as big as Leagues of Legend, But only the people can let that happen. I love the game and want to invest more on it.


Yup. It’s complex/has a lot of depth for a shooter, but streamlined from a moba standpoint. To me, that’s a big part of what makes it fun.


I love that unlike most other MOBAs, anyone can just pick up Battleborn, start playing and actually do pretty well. There’s no special roles to learn and strictly follow. No specific lanes that those roles need to stay in. No hard counters to memorise. Just pure simple fun.

However as @arcsteiiscool pointed out, if you look deeper there’s complexity there too. The difference is the casual player can still have fun without needing to know about it. That’s what makes this game amazing, it has something for everyone.

(JJ) #14

I just hope there aren’t too many premades! It only happened a couple of times. But getting roflstomped isn’t fun.

([PC] Peacekeeper) #15

I hope the multiplayer will be a fun MOBA-type game devoid of the intense aggression that seems to go hand-in-hand with the genre. I’ve always liked the style of MOBAs, and being an FPS kid for 20 years Battleborn seems like the best of both worlds, but every second PvP match I played in the open beta featured at least one person trashing a teammate (if not the team as a whole) and I have zero patience for that stuff, even if it’s not targeted towards me.

Unfortunately the game seems to have no real communication system except the single generic ping if you mute chat, meaning it’s currently impossible to block out the vitriol without also severing all real ability to communicate vital info to the team. I’d love some more specific pings, or – given the awesome quality of the voicework in Battleborn – a voice command system, but I don’t know what my chances of getting those are.

Mostly I just hope the quality of people playing goes up when there’s a price tag attached to the experience, 'cause being friendless I’d like to be able to play casual games filled with strangers and still have a good time, win or lose. I’d rather shoot dudes than mute dudes, and listening to MINREC shout about widgets (…WIIIDGETS!) is way more entertaining than listening to teammates shout about each other’s K/D.

Luckily I find the PvE really fun, too, and everyone I played with there was lovely, so there’s always that. :wink:

(Totenkreuz) #16

Ranked gameplay with my old competitive clan, and unranked solo, with soft-nerd buddies who just eant to try the game, split screen with me or just hang out and talk while doing something together.

My hope is that BB will be more entertaining and casual in its unranked gameplay than, say, DOTA. I want it to feel fun rather than like a job or chore filled with expectations. I want to snicker a bit at a friend running DPS Miko but l dont want people reporting said friend for not ‘doing his job’ in a non-competitive environment. Then we jump into ranked and put on our speedy tryhard sunglasses and min/max the hell out of the game.

I just really, really hope unranked will be casual, entertaining and positive, while ranked will be tactical teamplay with meta-compositions, roles and FOTM item builds and tactics.

However, l do not se this becoming an MLG e-sport and l do not need it to be. That is fine. Let the community arrange events and have some small weekend competitions going and that would do the trick for me.

(Master of Eeveelution) #17

I think I’ll be a mixed bag. When I partied up and played with the team we spent hours working on new strategies, builds, gear loadouts, and character combinations. I’ll always be a little competitive, even when playing solo, but overall I just want to have fun and enjoy the game. I do want to expand my team and win more often than not but I prefer playing with good people who are great to talk to over good players who are arrogant pricks. The great thing about Battleborn is that it’s so team focused, I can play with friends and good people and we can still win games because personal skill and performances only count for half the game, we can play while we laugh and talk and even if we all have a bad game and die a lot we can still win it if we play well together and focus on the objective, I’ll always enjoy that.


There is definitely something crazy addictive about this game. I actually talked myself out of buying it because of various reasons which lasted a whole of 3 days. Totally pre ordered the digital deluxe and will most likely be up to play at midnight on release. I’ve never been a fan of MOBA’s or PvP at all, but I don’t mind it in battleborn. It would be nice if the game got the recognition of a big name gaming competition, just as long as the community doesn’t end up toxic. I wasn’t even game enough to use my mic and headphones while playing PvP during the beta :disappointed_relieved:


I don’t normally play PvP either, and I’d never played online with other players (strangers) at all before… I’d always been too chicken poo, expecting I might be abused or something… So I was no where game enough to use a mic!

But I only encountered 1 guy who had some not so nice things to say on a storymode play with other random assigned people (He wanted us all to do something that would have resulted in us failing the mission. We collectively refused, he had a little vocal tantrum)… To be expected? Haha.

So now, because of my overall enjoyment of Battleborn, I’m considering getting a proper mic and headphone set (I’d like one nicer than the basic one supplied with the PS4. Though it wasn’t really needed in the beta, and I found hardly anyone used one)… It might be nice to say hello in future to random players.

And I’ll be getting a PlayStation Plus account (as you need one to play online)… I wouldn’t have bothered otherwise, as I normally buy all my games in store and would have stuck to my normal solo storymode or offline split screen games…

But I’ll be venturing out now!


I bought a headset only recently for borderlands when a friend got the handsome collection. He only played for a few days though so it’s been collecting dust! My enjoyment of this game has forced me to re evaluate my position on online/PvP too so I get what you mean about venturing out

(cheeseburglr) #21

I never quite got into the MOBA scene, they always looked too complicated. FPS’s I had gotten bored of.

My cousin told me to play Battleborn, which I didnt want to play because I was under the assumption it was ~$70 and didnt want to waste my money. Anyways, I had a look and saw it was an open beta free week. When open beta finished, I pre-purchased the deluxe version :joy:

Enough rambling about being a Battleborn believer. I hope they do have a competitive scene to seperate the pre-made players from players that just like to jump on and have fun. Nothing more disheartening than facing a premade group and you’re in a group of randoms. I personally would like to play both competitively and casually.