What do you hope Battleborn will be/become? (how will you be playing it? Casually, competitively. Etc)

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@shinobido101 @elle_tee I notice that you are both Aussies, if you’re new to PvP and want a good community of people to play with feel free to add me on PSN, Slif_One
I’ll add you both to my community and hopefully see you both on Battleborn!

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I want it to be big and competitive but not like DotA, LoL or Smite. If anything i would prefer it to be like more like TF2, rather popular and kinda semi-competitive. I don’t want it to loose the fact that anyone can enter BB and just play it, i don’t want it to become another MOBA or FPS where if you’re not a “pro” you’ll just get insulted during games.
While it being competitive is good, being fun is better.


Sorry for the late reply, I’m not ignoring your psn offer, and thanks for the offer!

I just haven’t gotten around to adding just yet, still have to buy myself a ps+ account, and I’m catching up on uncharted (preordered 4, but I’m only up to 2, and running out of time before its release in 2 weeks!)…

I’m getting there, I’m getting there, I’m new to all these ‘online’ things (playing online, adding friends, communities, etc etc).

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All good, I don’t go online often as I’m impatiently waiting for Battleborn lol, I go on every now and then to check messages and update my community. But I’ll be playing every day when I get Battleborn, I got a PS4 and PS+ just so I could play the beta!

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I think Battleborn has massive potential. I think it could become an ESport and up there with the likes of LoL. It probably needs more marketing/ advertising though. Other then Total Bisquits’ video where he raves about it I am unaware of any significant media source covering or advertising Battleborn.
Having played Overwatch, Smite, Paladins and other similar games, Battleborn is the most fun and addicting game I’ve played in a long time. I reached level 58 in the beta and I couldn’t put it down. I’m a hardcore PvPer and the Meltdown map is what I prefer. Incursion is okay but it’s too funneled for me. The single player is pretty cool and I will probably give the hardcore mode a go which is saying something since I typically can’t stand single player games.
I think what separates Battleborn from the rest is the character/ personality, dynamic gameplay and high skill requirement. A lot of poeple are saying similar things about Overwatch and having played both extensively, Battleborn offers 10 times more. There’s actual progression systems. It’s not simply a FPS. You have to worry about more than just, kill target X, dead, now kill target Y, etc… Subjectively, I feel more of a connection and enjoyment from the heroes as well. I remember in one match I was playing Benedict and I started gliding out of the entrance at the start of the match in Incursion and one of my teammates lost it about how I could fly. lol Feels good man.
There is a learning curve to Battleborn. Competitively team comp is going to be massively important. Understanding and mastering the intricacies and nuances are going to separate the average player from the elite. This is something that can be easily seen with how people select heroes. Most select heroes like Marquis, Whiskey Fox Trot, Oscar Mike, Thorne. These heroes have their place but if you have more than one of these types of heroes then you could be setting your team up for a big disadvantage. As a Rath player, having leveled him to 14 in the open beta and played him a ton in the closed beta, I would easily dominate these heroes and farm them. Generally I would see 20+ kils per game as Rath.
Though BB has a strong FPS element, the most important aspect is team makeup.
Only a few more days left. I can’t wait!


Not sure if it fits your definition of significant media coverage but I wouldn’t have looked too hard at battleborn without Bahroo’s videos and recommendation of the game. I did also see that Angry Joe was at the the battleborn display at PAX East recently, although I haven’t heard or seen anything from his channels to suggest he would be covering it. Hopefully he at least gives it a review.

I definitely agree that this game seriously lacks proper advertisement though. Not to mention every website article or Facebook post is filled with overwatch fanboys blasting the game and anyone who says they like it smh :expressionless:

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all their advertising went into those giant statues they had on display at PAX


As far as advertising, Battleborn was set for release in February originally… So when they had to extend its release date to May, I think they had already used the majority of their budget for that criteria.

The account monkeys probably said “do what you can, but do it for free where possible.”

While hands on was available in Aus back in late 2015, I assume at both eb expo and Paxaus, at the time that was (should have been) probably a main draw point to preorder/purchase the game, because of the February 2016 release…

But that got blown out to May (whether for development, or a lack of preorder sales… I won’t judge/don’t know)…
so while they could have gone with a closed beta, they went open to all…
ebgames (in Aus) is giving away Battleborn trading card packs with any purchase in store, hoping to spark interest amongst those who might not have already considered its purchase (why wouldn’t these be given to actual Battleborn customers? Given the so called limited stock of figures)…
And gearbox/2k on Twitter asked streamers/twitch users to play the game for their followers, parts that weren’t available on the beta…

But those statues… Those are sweet!


Wait… what??? :scream:

sprints to nearest EB store for BB trading cards


I went into my local eb today and they had a stack on the counter, so they still have some left Australia wide, hopefully, for anyone seeking them out (I think there’s a card for each character to collect)…

And for anyone wondering (or not, stop reading, haha) I was in store asking about any chance of a midnight release, or even some early opening hours… Since Battleborn will launch May 3 Syd 12:00am AEST for PS4&Xbox, and 3:00am AEST for PC…

And the answer was no & no… But the guy said he does get in store earlier than opening hours, so if I knock, he will let me in… but luckily (or unluckily?) I have a surgical appointment that day anyway… So I’ll have to check everyone’s progress later in the day!

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I have five sets of the first 15 Battleborn and six sets of the first 6 pieces of the portrait.

Sadly, I hear that the “second batch” which contains the final 10 Battleborn and 3 pieces of the portrait are so far only available in ACT… I know the manager of my local EB and she says there are another 1,000 or so packs out the back lol, she’s hoping to identify which (if any) boxes contain the elusive second batch so we can complete our sets!


That’s the only plus side to buying digital, you don’t have to wait for shops to open! I’ll be jumping on at midnight - servers permitting - but I doubt I’ll play too much. I’ve never pre ordered or even bought a game at release for full price so I figured I’d better make the best experience out of it.

“Back in my day, I was there in the very first minutes of Battleborn’s release…”
^good story for the grandkids :joy:

All the best with your surgical appointment!

:sob: jelly af lol

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Perks of having connections within the nerd community lol

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there will be. that is, unless they fix matchmaking to match premades against premades. then you will see them start to break up at an alarming rate because they will run into actual good players. in the ctt and beta, average to bad players would team up so they could pub stomp randoms. many of which they could never beat if the randoms were in a team. it was an advantage that should not have existed, but it’s whatever


I’d assume that issue will be fixed when they enable skill-based matchmaking in the final version.

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only thing about sbmm is that they have to be extremely careful about how they handle it. in cod they tried to implement it literally one time, and it caused such a disaster that they removed it within a weekend. destiny prioritized it about 6 months ago, and it has literally ruined the game entirely. the only way to remotely implement it, with the exception of ranked playlists, is to mix teams up with good and bad players. if they just lump all good players against all good players, it gets old REALLY fast. it sounds really great at first. i used to think it was a great idea until i experienced it. when you are just getting off of work, or had a stressful day and you just want to get on and play the game you like and unwind, but instead you have to sweat and form teams and try as hard as you can every single game it gets extremely old fast