What do you intend to complete? What are your BB goals?

There are so many things to unlock, I was curious if anyone had set some goals. Like unlocking all the lores, getting all the titles, achieve Commander Rank 100, or achieve Rank 15 on all characters, get all legendary gears (possible?). You know, besides playing for fun.

As much as I love this game, I won’t do those things. There are a few things I know I’ll try to do:

  • unlock all characters
  • complete all missions on advance (maybe not hardcore, maybe not all gold)
  • complete a mission with each character
  • get at least one character to Rank 15

Ditto for a lot of those things. I’d like to unlock all characters (just two shy right now), complete all missions on advanced (but most of my friends have stopped playing the game already, so I’m not sure if that’ll ever happen), and I’d like to get my Top 5 favorite characters to Rank 15.

Ultimately, I really just want to have fun with the game, that’s my main goal. :slight_smile:

And I’m finding lately that I’m having the most fun doing private multiplayer matches - no wait, no stress, no troll teammates, can move at my own pace, can try out different helix options, etc.

I’m really looking forward to more story missions though, so I’m hoping we get some news about when to expect the first DLC mission soon!


Casual player here, so only a couple, really. Already done most of what I intend…I have no desire to grind to command rank 100, don’t see the point in that.

  • Unlock all characters (one to go)
  • Rank one character to 15

I’d like to see some daily/weekly challenges that might drive me to play more (haven’t logged in for a couple days now).


Just to get better :slight_smile: don;t need to be fully pro but i wouldnt mind finding a pvp hero i really click with… oh… and angel of death because thats so cool… but thats gonna be alooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong way off

Command Rank 100 is a goal for sure (@ 70 right now).

I have all chars unlocked. Would LIKE to get all to Rank 15 (Only have Boldur there right now), but there’s a few I just don’t like playing (Galilea/Benedict). I WOULD like to unlock all Lore challenges, but man that’s some work. Champs in general I guess I’d just like to feel “capable” on each champ.

Want to see a majority of legendaries, but with low drop rates, trying to have a full “collection” is like trying to get perfect stats on a full set of gear in D3, too much time for too little gain.

I’m already 100 so for now I’m trying to get all characters to lvl 12 for last helix and lore. I’ll get everyone to lvl 15 once that’s done. So far I have 9 guys done

I’ll probably do all of these things, eventually. As long as the population holds, I could imagine spending near 1000 hours on this game… Though I probably won’t get some of the harder or team oriented stuff done, I’m not very good and I don’t have a team :sweat_smile:

No I’m not addicted!! What do you mean!

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Angel of Death and Medicinal Use Only titles, Which means I have to stop grinding story for legendaries and actually play PVP lol
Already rank 100 I plan on mastering every single character. Have like 4 or 5 at 15 so far. Like other poster said I’m working on all characters too 12 for last helix at the moment plus whatever lore I can complete on the way

My wife would most likely say that I’m a bit toooo addicted ><
Stay at home dad I have a little bit of time to play plus the nights as well

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I would reaaly like to complete Lores for the 8-12 characters I enjoy playing.

CR 97 now, still haven’t touched Attikus, Kleese, Pheobe or Caldarius. I guess get them all to level 5.

Need a few more Gold runs on Advanced and Nomrmal-Hardcore.

Haha yeah, I’m currently unemployed and wont start studying again until next fall so I have some time on my hands… And heck if I’m going to use it on anything productive!

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I just want to reach rank 15 on my shayne & aurox and try the same on whiskey foxtrot…
But I can’t find any match at all and the exp grind is so haaaaard

I’m glad Battleborn came along I was so burnt out on my other games
5k grimoire in Destiny and Mastery Rank 21 in Warframe, my other 2 guilty pleasures haha

It’s definitely much harder to level characters than it is to level CR… CR100 and I only have one character at 15! I play such a wide array of characters, I can only dedicate a few matches to one character before I want to switch up again…

Well i’m around 70 and mainly play 3 or 4 characters but since I can’t find matches…
And god the amount of exp needed from 14 to 15 is so high, currently 10 on foxtrot and looking forward to get that sweet legendary (godamn mikes I need to kill 16 more of them)

I’ve been avoiding pvp lore like the plague Idk why either, I’m decent in most pvp like destiny, I think cuz this my first MOBAesque game since I don’t play PC at all

My main goals are specialized gear for the guys I play the most.

I have an unstoppable boldur(65%+ dmg reduction, mega hp regen), working on a seriously painful whiskey foxtrot build.

Still need to 15 and lore thorn and whiskey.
Hopefully by then there will be more content and some of the characters I wouldn’t dare play get fixed so that they can compete. (Not that whiskey is anywhere near perfect)
We surely need more maps and maybe 1 more pvp game mode.

Everything. I’m addicted to getting platinum trophies. lol

I plan on getting all characters to level 12 to complete each Helix as well as complete all the Lore Challenges. Once I’ve done that, I’ll set new goals. As long as the game stays fun for me, I’ll just keep making new goals.

I was surprised at how high my percentage in the challenges for Incursion was. I do spend like 80% of my matches there, but maybe I’ll go for 100% for that eventually as well.

I want to like 100% complete the game I guess.

Master every character
Reach command rank 100(Check)
Get all legandary gear.(That one is gonna be hard. :/)
Get all the titles.
All missions on advanced hardcore gold.

What else is there to do? I dunno, but I want to do it!

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I too am on the rabid hunt for every single legendary, right now I’m blowing all my credits on Jennerit packs trying to get Voxis Core, it has eluded me thus far

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