What do you like about DLC5 and Patch so far?

I think the dislikes around today’s patch and content are well articulated at this point, but what do you actually find to be positive with today’s changes?

For me, I appreciate there being something new to theorycraft again. While purple tree has it’s issues, there are tons of off-meta set ups that can benefit from the tree and I’m enjoying digging around to figure out how to make them work.

The FL4K skill changes were a welcome change. Even without the DLC, I’m sure plenty of people will appreciate the Dominance change.

Also, it seems like GB discovered the damage formula and went kinda crazy with it because it seems like every VH got holes in their’s plugged up. Heck, even FL4K’s pets gained 3 or 4 new multipliers with this patch and tree :rofl:.

I get that there are a lot of people who are upset for various reasons, but this is a game after all so I’m sure some people are having fun with it. So, how has this patch/content made your experience better (I get people are peeved but please, there are half a dozen threads already for complaints. Please keep this on topic…)


I like the 100% Iron Bear hardpoints annointments and that’s about it


The idea is a welcome addition! I can certainly see why the execution would be bothersome though. A general 100% AS damage anoint for all characters would’ve went just as far.

Which hardpoints do you use if you don’t mind my asking?

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I’m currently using railguns with a random gun that has 100% railgun damage while IB is active. I’m destroying everything with barely any investment other than that gun hahaha

Railguns were already monstrous without any damage bonus. Doubling them must make for some hilarious moments!

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Well aside from the buffs to Master tree and seeing how my game just downloaded a new patch when this thread went live, I like most of the changes they did to Zane’s trees and was honestly more hyped for them than I should tbh.

Aside from Competent Competence they were mostly good changes. I can imagine being hype for them.

I have only spent time in arms race and I honestly love it! Sure it could use some future updates and all the annoints on the new weapons have been for other characters i don’t play, but it is a lot of fun starting from scratch and having to work with what weapons you get. Really good mode! So much better than takedowns or slaughter modes. Tons of potential.

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The final form skins! They look cool, and hilariously disproportionate with the old heads :rofl:

also bc of this i can actually see the screen when using jakobs pistols with fl4k now

The mayhem 11 patch is definitely nice. Saves so much frustration.


Nerfing of fake action skill activations

Edit: Actually not a nerf but a fix


Mayhem 11 is a godsend

i haven’t found one yet, but knowing i can get a purple Carbuncle now warms my heart.

M11 is good.

Fixing exploits is theoretically good (I didn’t use them, so theoretically for me).

Eventual access to new skins will be good (once they get it right, and I assume they will, so I’m including that).

Buffing the guns is probably good, but I haven’t tried them yet. I do love me the shreddifier though.

Beyond that, I propbably will have some positive things once they are fixed as intended (e.g. Zane changes, but right now Zane is bugged for me, but still, I think I’ll like the change).

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Are the buffed guns part of DLC5? If yes, I would say Flakker buff is really good. I read Trevonator too but will need to test (actually I need to scour my mules first!)

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Where I’m at.

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Trevonator is back to it’s former glory. Anyone else mildly triggered that GBX spelled Trevonator wrong in the patch notes?


I played a bit yesterday and it was all so good. Did a bunch of Arms Race runs and enjoyed it more the more I got to know it. Took my new green/purple melee Amara through the Maliwan Takedown and it felt really fun (didn’t know you could freeze Wotan’s bottom half until now).

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Mayhem 11 is the first thing I’ve liked so far. A fix almost a year in the making, but it’s a welcome one. I can finally play mayhem mode with friends again without it being a huge debate as to which modifiers we play with.


I heard the Flakker got buffed after being nerfed into oblivion for so long, haven t tested it yet but may bring back a smile to my face

Actually glad they buffed it it should always be viable as it’s a tribute to a deceased player poor bugger :frowning: