What do you look for in team comp?

What sort of strategy do you use while choosing your character? Do you just choose whoever you’re best with or feel like playing, or are there specific roles that you make sure get filled first? And how much does this change depending on map, mode, and opponent?

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My answer to every single enemy comp and condition is of course Deande.


Depends on the type of opponents and teammates I get. I normally choose Rath now mainly because it’s the only Battleborn that hasn’t bored me yet. I will also choose Rath if I can’t rely on my teammates to make/support a push.

depends on mode.

for incursion, healer is the one role i wont let a team go without.
having a tank is nice.
having a dedicated waveclearer is nice.
having a harrasser is nice.
usually if all those are filled ill keep an eye out to see if theres a character that will do well against then enemy comp. a counter, or a character that they havent picked any counters to, etc.

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I thought it was dank memes?


It depends on the mode, map, and my teammates’ character choices.

Most importantly, it depends on whether or not i know that the people i am playing with are competent. If i solo queue and get put with low-levels, i do not take Toby. If i am paired with others i know will make use of my pull, i will take Shayne & Aurox. Do i know them to main a shield tank? Reyna. No lane-clear on the team? Orendi. There are simply too many variables to consider, in my opinion, and each match should be approached in a “as it occurs” fashion.

It also depends on who the enemy team is comprised of. All low-levels? I pick Toby or Orendi and focus the objective. A known player who mains a counter to Toby, and is stealth-picking? No Toby.

a healer is a must for me on any team, at least on incursion. Not just a support character, but a healer who can keep up and sustain cough #ambralife cough their team alive. If no one goes healer, i will ( also doesn’t hurt that my most fave character is a healer). Recently i’ve been noticing is like a jack of all trades character he brings so much cc and set ups, so i always welcome a rath on my team.

People who actually know how to play the objectives.

Let everyone pick their fav character and work around it.

A healer is a must and usually a tank if everyone can help clear a wave is all about team work and cooperation. Even if you lack a healer, tank or both.

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As far as an optimal team comp. goes, I usually have this in my mind;

  • Sustained damage (eg. Ernest, Toby, Whiskey Foxtrot etc.)
  • Burst damage (eg. Caldarius, Deande, Orendi etc.)
  • Front-liner (eg. Montana, Phoebe, Shayne & Aurox etc.)
  • Healer (eg. Alani, Ambra, Miko etc.)
  • Counter-pick (Just counter someone like Pendles or Toby if the rest of the team can’t.)

Now, that’s typically the optimal team comp. structure in my eyes. In most matches I play though in Incursion I just wish for a healer & a front-liner, people tend to lock in damage-centered characters anyway so you don’t need to worry about that more than the damage itself not being well rounded.

Then of course there are hybrids which would fit more than one of those roles.

Alani - Sustained Damage, Healing
Galilea - Sustained Damage, Front-liner
Phoebe - Burst Damage, Front-liner
Thorn - Sustained Damage, Burst damage

Having hybrids which can fill more than one role can potentially loosen up the team comp. to allow for more open choices if you’re following the structure I mentioned above that I go by.

Then another thing which I haven’t mentioned is utility, but that in my eyes primarily ties into the the roles above rather than being a seperate one. I.e Caldarius’ Flashbang, Kelvin’s Sublimate, Reyna’s Priority target etc.

Another side-note I suppose then would be to have a good mix of melee characters and ranged ones.


Incursion: Kelvin, ghalt, orendi, whiskey, Miko/Alani

Kelvin and ghalt set them up while whiskey and orendi knock them down.

Kelvin could be switched out for boldur, but nobody likes that guy.

Orendi or whiskey could be switched out for another high DPS character.

Ghalt is in a league of his own. Almost irreplaceable.

For incursion my ideal team comp would consist of a tank(gali, Montana, boldur, S&A, or Kelvin), a healer(Alani, KU, ambra, or miko), 2 damage dealers(bene, Ernest, orendi, thorn, whiskey, marquis, Toby…) and a hard cc character for initiation/follow ups(ghalt, rath, another one of the tanks).

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In my inexperienced opinion, I think there should be at least one ranged attacker, one melee attacker, one healer, and one tank. The fifth, IMO, should be either another healer or a complementary tank/defender. I.e. a close quarters player and a range player.

A team example might be Marquis, El Dragón, Montana, Galilea, and Miko. IMO, you could swap out Galilea for another support like Beatrix or Ambra: a more damage oriented support to balance out Miko, who’s almost exclusively a healer.

Right now, I’m trying to get all my characters up to level 20. They’re all 17 or above. I usually wait to see what everyone else picks and then pick who I think would best balance out the team.

For Incursion, there are 4 roles I try to fill:

Support - keeps the team alive and healed to put pressure on the enemy.
Disruptor - uses CC to cancel enemy skills and set up kills.
Wave Clear - uses AoEs to clear waves and ranged attacks to kill turrets and harass the enemy.
Assassin - kills enemy battleborn by using high DPS or diving in a relatively safe way.

I usually have one main for each role, and pick a role my team hasn’t filled.

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In a team comp? Well I prefer playing wtih people who know what to do in certain situations. There have been games where team comp leads to a beginning of headaches, but communicating and coordination proved that the weaker comp on paper became the stronger one in game

A team with lots of lane presence that’s hard to push back.

and Mellka

is a team with tons of survivability, wave clear, and CC. Good luck pushing these guys back without Beatrix.

I am an everyman, thus I play every role when necessary. Yet I am not too fond of Shaurox…

Still, though:

2 Supports (Team healer + pocket/rescuer, so like Alani and Miko/Reyna)
1 Tank (Monty or Kelvin, really; CC with large size to soak damage)
2 Damage (Waveclear + Assassin, so like Benny and Deande)

2 supports isn’t a good idea. The pocket strategy died when wounds were introduced. Ideally you would swap out one of those supports for someone with good CC for initiation, follow up and/or peeling like Rath or Ghalt.

Alani + Reyna + Kelvin + Benedict + Ghalt would be pretty nasty. I completely forgot about non-tank CC characters when I made that comment.

Also, 2 supports isn’t completely dead and, matter of fact, works quite well in my experience.

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Yeah, it can get work done. But it can be better. Alani can keep a team in good shape by herself, so I’d rather have someone like Orendi, Thorn or Deande to follow up on subs from Kelvin or pulls from Ghalt than Reyna.

My experience from running double supports and fighting them is that it just prolongs the game and less gets done. Most of the supports in this game can keep a team healthy enough to stay in the fight alone. The only time I consider running double support is if there is an Attikus on my team because of how fast he soaks up damage and CC. He needs the extra love from his team.

Didn’t say it was, I said pocketing was because that’s one of the reasons you mentioned for having a second support.