What do you look for in team comp?

I look at whatever the team already has the most of, and pick more of that, because im a remorseless troll machine.

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The thing I like about this game is that there’s so much variation that you can use. I don’t like that on Paladins and Overwatch it says “need tank” and stuff like that.

There are so many ways to play:

1 healer support, 1 damage support, 1 tank, 2 follow up/wave dps
2 healer supports, 2 tanks, 1 follow up/wave dps
1 healer support, 1 tank, 3 follow up/wave dps
2 tanks, 3 follow up,wave dps

That’s only naming a few general ones that could work. There’s tons more and there’s also loads of 2/3 character combinations like Beatrix/Ghalt or Kelvin/Orendi.

Me personally I just pick whatever is missing (even though I hate playing healer cus I kinda don’t trust most people, especially in solo queue, to do all the damage and cc :stuck_out_tongue:)

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Alani can’t reach every one in time unless she is dead-on with her Torrent shots. Reyna, on the other hand, can boost damage and make or break a push with her ultimate. Her overshield is a total life-saver, and she has CC cleanse (albeit later in the game), but more importantly, the level ten augment that grants an overshield to everyone nearby works wonders. Alani is more of a traditional healer, but is also versatile. It doesn’t matter if you prolong the match, if you win, you win. If the team can’t really die, then… well… not sure I have to explain that part…

Benedict and Ghalt provide enough damage of their own to follow up on hard CC. They have two of the highest base-DPS’s in the game. And Benny obviously has AoE, so he doesn’t even have to be precise - he’s also ranged, so no worries about getting all icky with enemy melee.

Alani is more than capable of healing by herself, KU is the only healer you could pair with her that wouldn’t be a waste in my opinion.

Your team comp would get annihilated by range damage. You take that lineup, give me something like Shayne, rath, thorn, whiskey, and KU and we’ll see if your team “can’t really die”


After levels 6 and 7 Alani is the best healer in the game, hands down. She doesn’t need to be perfect with her torrent shots to have amazing healing for the team. And the issue isn’t with how good Reyna can be, it’s the fact that it’s redundant to have another support paired with Alani because of how strong of a support she already is.

Reyna can be a great support in late game, one of the best in fact. I’d say her only major weakness is that she needs to get to level 4 to do any actual healing. But that doesn’t change the fact that most supports can keep a team in fighting condition well enough on their own.

I believe Ghalt lost that position after the nerf to his gun damage. And Benedict actual has one of the lowest base DPS in the game. (I think Ambra is the only one with lower base DPS) Benedict fires one rocket per second at 190 damage (base) and has one of the worst reload speeds in the game. That slow reload speed cripples his sustained DPS. And even though it’s AoE damage, if you miss a direct hit your do much less damage, so you still need to be precise.

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A tank preferable Attikus, good support like Reyna, great waveclear with Oscar Mike, a good assassin like Pendles, and the last spot should go to whatever you need more of: Kleese for some more tankiness/healing/slowing the wave.


Mellka, Pendles, dragon, Reyna, and life steal attikus is the new meta


Not even the Big Boyz: Attikus, Kleese, Montana, Toby, El Dragon.


Too much heals between the heal chair and forcefield, you gotta balance it out.


No, you see the strategy with this comp is that Toby takes the movement speed shield boost and the self destruct sequence and Kleese takes the bomber chair. Toby gives them a movement speed boost so that they can both dive and follow up on Attikus’ initiation pounce. The real support is El Dragon, who gives moral support by sitting in the back and applauding everyone.


The real BIG BOIZ are Ghalt, Dragon, Montana, Attikus and Kelvin. No heals necessary on meltdown with little robo Mikos everywhere. We need to do this comp with you guys. Idk if you’ve watched any streams when we went BIG BOIZ but we tend to yell it a lot whenever we make a play.

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I’ve been wanting to do a self-destructing Kleese build for a while. Hmm maybe use movement speed Force Field with Toby, Marquis bubble, and Ernest egg. I’d say Riptide as well but I don’t want the Alani to be tempted to ruin our strat by healing me.

We need to do Big Boiz VS Teeny Babies again.

Alani, Melka, Deande, Beatrix, Thorn - the true meta

How so?

Actually, nevermind. I don’t want an argument. I had like four yesterday, one thru a PSN chat. Which sucks. I don’t even want a discussion. I’m bloody tired.


Because your only range is rockets that can be dodged and your only damage dealer and your tank(the only things keeping your enemy from going straight at your supports) are extremely vulnerable to range damage.

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This applies to most healers, but the respective team comps. on both teams more or less determines the necessity of running double-healers on either side.

Nice claim you got there, shame if someone were to argue against it :smirk:

You’re on PS4? Thought you were on Xbox for whatever reason :no_mouth:


Nope, blue blood.

Actually, normal human red blood if we’re talking sports, and blue blood if we’re talking games.

Best team comp is Dragon, Attikus, Kelvin, S&A and Boldur. (All big melee).

If you all use the Black skin and surround and trap a female Battleborn in a corner it becomes disturbing pretty quickly.


I’m down for a friendly debate, Crow. You want to play the Devil’s Advocate?

Not much of a debate can be made against that. Alani has it all while the other healers lack at least one aspect of what she can do.