What do you mean legendaries drop too much?

From final wave of Cistern of Slaughter on M4. 19 in total there.

And right there, you’ve just proven why we need ANOTHER increase in the size of our Shared Bank, Backpack, and Lost Loot Bank, especially those last 2!

With the loot system B3 chose I guess you have to have that many drop to try and get the desired rolls you want. I’m not a big fan of treating legendaries that way. I would much rather chase rolls on purples and leave legendaries for the rare drops. My only hope is that they introduce pearlescents to the game. Make them rare but with static rolls or anointments so when you do see one drop, you know you hit the jackpot.

Well currently that’s how it looks like in the main game, as there’s one loot enemy for every 1-2 regular enemies. And even without them, after finishing Slaughter Shaft, you basically have a yellow rectangle in the upper right corner.