What do you mean Sleeping Giant Isn't Meta? Moze Build

Heya Buddies, Recently a few buffs came out on HOTFIXES: OCTOBER 15, 2020 and there was a buff on a particular gun that no one was really talking about. Heck even I didn’t really think to look at it but one of friends on reddit by the name of u/DapperHamsteaks brought THIS to my attention. Now in the video he destroys Graveward super quickly with the Sleeping Giant. Naturally I asked for his all the details on the gear he used for this and I wanted to share with you this amazing build.

Click Here for Build Showcase:

Before we evaluate on all the gear lets focus on the Sleeping Giant itself so everyone understands its mechanic, the Sleeping Giant is one of the few guns in the game that gives a random buff every time you reload. There is a total of 6 buffs you can get +100% Weapon Damage, +145% Weapon Damage, Increased Reload Speed, Increased Fire Rate, Increased Accuracy and Increased Handling. The cool thing about this gun is that you can have 33% chance on every reload to gain all 6 buffs at once. Now the tradeoff to this is that you cannot reload the weapon or you will re-roll what buffs you get and you cannot switch weapons or you will lose all buffs. Interestingly enough you can also sometimes get no buffs at all which is a weird choice from gearbox but whatever. So before you start gunning down everyone you have to first prep by reloading until you notice you get the desired buff. Personally the easiest way for me to tell if I got the correct buff is when I saw the gun producing a significant increase of red bullet trails. Without any buffs I would see 4 red trails per seconds (Cloud of Lead is what procs this). With the correct buff I would see 15 red trails per second, I know this sounds like a weird way to figure out what buff you get but it was the only way I could determine it when playing this build.

Here is the Skill Tree DapperHamsteaks Recommends:

This builds utilizes two terror anointments to allow for Infinite ammo. Ammo Regen and ASE Apply Terror (Shield/Grenade Anointments btw). Whenever you exit Iron Bear will notice your ammo count will constantly be regening at rapid pace which will allow you to have Infinite Ammo. Since we don’t want to be in Iron Bear at all with this build we grab auto bear to allow him to just act as our turret. You can use any Amp Shield you want but the most desirable one is Version 0.m because of its bonus damage on shield deplete which helps us come back from FFYL. DapperHamsteaks cleverly is using a trick with the Bloodletter Class mod and a Skill Point called Rushing Offensive which allows you to run and shoot at the same time and while you sprinting you gain lifesteal. Since we are using Bloodletter this allows us to regen our shields at a rapid pace allowing us to constantly activate our amp shots to increase our dps by a significant amount. The Anointment we use on our sleeping giant is: When Exiting Iron Bear Next 2 Magazine Gains 125% Bonus Incendiary Damage. Since we never reload due to the terror anointments we are able to have a constant uptime of this anointment further increasing our dps. We run a Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge for the Consecutive Hit bonus it gives. The toughest things about this build is trying to constantly run and gun at the same time due to this I don’t suggest always trying to run when mobbing since it can be tricky to position yourself correctly in certain areas but if you are able to do it always be running. Since most Bosses have a big arena this is usually easier to do than when mobbing.

Alrighty I think that Covers everything. Its a ton of fun and I would love for you guys to try it as well. Look above for this Moze build Save File. Alrighty that’s all I have for today, Have a great day everyone :slight_smile:


I gave this a spin (the Rushin’ Offense/Bloodletter/Amp shield loop, not the weapon meta), and sustaining a sprint where you can hit enemies constantly to feed your shields through the Bloodletter straw is a legit challenge during mobbing as mentioned.

A single enemy taps you with a cryo weapon or you bump into an errant piece of geometry, and suddenly you’re not jamming, and this shield feed stops. Not that you can’t start sprinting right away, but it’s good boss material, and a fun little feedback stack.

I took it for a spin through the Cankerwood with a Bone Shredder. As I think about it, this might work well for mobbing when paired with some Atlas gear, since it’s easier to maintain shots on a tagged enemy while maintaining a good sprint. Since this’ll be something Zane will be loaning Moze for some funsies, maybe she’ll use the Peacemonger for the splash enhancements (and no need to tag enemies ahead of time). :thinking:

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Using an atlas weapon would allow for easier lifesteal feeding but I feel like most atlas weapons are eh. But perhaps it can work good

i mean its cool but you seem to be going down every 5 seconds so…

That’s only because of the slaughter shaft. I go down every 5 seconds on the slaughter shaft with most builds. Only builds that are melee lifesteal or iron bear allow for 100% uptime in the slaughter shaft; at least that’s what I found to be the case when I play. If I used my cistern of slaughter footage you would see I never went down once there.

With this build you can prevent being one shot by only putting 2 points into thin red Line, that way you can activate health gating and not worry about dying as often :slight_smile: I didn’t think about it when I made the build