What do you plan to do when Cartel is over?

So, it has been confirmed that the new anoints are cartel related. The OPQ and the Yellowcake (which seem to be the generic answer to most everything now) will not be farmable and a level cap increase will decrease the existing weapons usefullness.

Yes, you can still get Kaoson, Sandhawk, Plaguebearer and Recursions but not with the new anoints for new level cap.

Without these overpowered combos, are you guys ready to go back and try it with more vanilla equipment?

Just thinking ahead. Hope that new balance patch does it’s job. :cold_sweat:

What you just said is one of many reasons I try and avoid the melodramatic responses to things that happen in this game.

Most folks are complaining about how powerful the new gear is and they assume GBX doesn’t know what they are doing because they launched M2.0 with these powerful items. But your observation my be the answer to the question of why the cartel guns specifically are as powerful as they are. And the reason may be that it’s a way to have those weapons continue being effective after a level cap increase. For example, my favorite sniper (Wedding Invitation) hasn’t seen the light of day since the level cap increase. This automatic nerfing of event weapons due to level cap increases has happened twice now so maybe this time around GBX decided to address it by increasing the power of the weapons at launch so they can remain effective after a level cap increase. :thinking:

Food for thought.

I swooped in here and didn’t address the topic. My apologies. :innocent:

After the Cartel event is over I will continuing pulling out my favorite weapons and trying to figure out what the maximum mayhem level is for said build/gun(s).



I doubt this is the case since they said they will be nerfing the over performing weapons.

That’s not why they’re nerfing them. They’re nerfing them, " in response to community feedback".

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I will probably be farming the new gear from the new takedown while trying to optimize my builds for the new lvl cap

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As soon loot fix I’m going do what I usually do and that’s farming. I have something I want to get. Kinda feel like gearing up to try M10 Takedown once I get everything I need

By the time the Cartel event is over, we’ll have access to the new Takedown. So that’s what I will be focusing on. And once the new level cap increase hits, I’ll be refarming for all new gear.

Has it? I must have missed that. Teally not happy to read that … could you point me to the post/thread/whatever? Thx

There was another thread titled something like new anointments are tied to cartel. Disable the cartel event and you wont see those new anoints drop. One of the posters there said it had been confirmed and I personally can confirm that I havent had a single drop of the new anoints with cartel disabled.

So if you want to see what is going to be available just disable cartel and farm a bit.

Wish I could be more precise on the exact posts etc for you, sorry.

Thank you! I have actually not disabled the Cartel event yet.
If this is intended, it sucks ass. Hard. They finally steered away from ASEnd anointments and just go back w/o alternatives would drastically reduce the fun for me.

I’ll try the new Takedown event and then try to finish the game with someone other than Moze, as everyone else is there simply to be mules…

I’ll still play and farm and take part in whatever mini event, but I’ll be frustrated not being able to get 300/90 snipers and launchers.

There needs to be a way of getting “retired” weapons and gear after level increases and events ending.

That’s the issue right there. Why are they mindlessly altering the game instead of sticking to their plan. If they were more transparent, people wouldn’t be in the dark (and not complaining as much).

“Right now certain weapons are overperforming so that they can still be used with the upcoming level cap increase.”

Do you see how easy that was? But instead we get mindless nerfs because of “community feedback”? That’s why drop rates are terrible now. No one (including gbx apparently) had the foresight to know that the number of anointments warranted higher drop rates.

If they had a plan all along, why don’t they just follow it? The lack of transparency tells me one of two things:

Either they’re purposely jerking us around,

Or they don’t know what they’re doing.

Neither one of those is ideal.


Guess Im going to farm some unRad gear before the event ends. :thinking:

But it sucks that the new annoints are tied to the cartel event. They can make them permanent through, so there is hope maybe?

Edit: Also, Im going back to Maliwan takedown after, as I need to refarm some gear like Kybs and Tiggs.

Guardian Takedown and the next DLC.

Already stopped messing around in the Cartel event areas. Been levelling up my prototype Zane.
He is almost at 57 (54 as of last night).
Will spend more time getting different versions of the new M6+ weapons.
I do hope they revisit all of the anointments though.
Some VHs do better with “On Action Skill start” anointments rather than ASE.