What do you shout at the screen?

After two months-ish I have some standard phrases I shout at the screen while playing BL3. Wife is tired of hearing 'em.
My common ones;

  • I can’t freakin’ see anything! Way too much elemental effects, and a number of way too dark maps. The elemental effects have been toned down somewhat, but the darkness no, many places are just too danged dark.
  • What the heck just killed me??? Way too often I’ll be in a mob, thinking I’ve got good cover and taking out some enemies, then powie someone blasts me with a super-powered gun and puts me down (thank you Guardian Angel for popping me back up). No idea who or from what direction.
  • Does everyone have an elemental gun? I have renamed TVHM to EVHM, as in Elemental Vault Hunter mode. It’s worse than The Beatdown in BL2, I’m constantly on fire or corroding or whatever.
    What do you shout at the screen?

I shout stuff I will not share in polite company. Since this generally isn’t such, it’s against the forum rules for me to repeat it. :dukecensor:


“whatever game, that doesn’t even make sense, i had JUST gone into FFYL”


Basically this and -“freaking alien barrel somewhere”, since they shoot through Zane’s barrier and even through map objects.


rip frames

I usually reserve my shouting for when I go into ffyl - and the anointed militant stands with his shield up between me and the only other mob in sight… Who typically has like 2 hp left to boot.

But have to concur with @Gulfwulf the things I say can’t be repeated here.

  • What the f*ck was that?
  • Oh my GOD that’s total bullsh*t game!
  • Fix your game GEARBOX!!!
  • For the love of God!
  • You just got shot in the face biaatch!
  • Suck it!
  • Headshot b*tch!
  • Ouch!!!
  • Well that’s embarassing

lots of words that the badword filter wont allow me to type here :slight_smile:


In my experience, the answer to that question is 99% of the time a barrel or an alien barrel sniper lol.


“Where the heck am I supposed to put all this?” more than anything else… How shall we try out different builds, if there isnt even enough storage space for ONE character, not to mention four? Biggest letdown of all, I’m tired of all my mules and the constant character switching and loading…

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I just audibly laugh at some of the gear names/titles. “Pull Out Method” gets me every time


Managing mules become SIGNIFICANTLY easier if you sort them alphabetically. It took me at least 5 hours but it’s soooo much nicer to deal with now.:grin:


I dont even have that many currently, but the constant switching is getting on my nerves, especially, if you get a duplicate and want to compare stats…

Some of mine include: “Stop with the immunity crap already!”

“Get em Iron Bear!”

“Eject before it eats my cooldown! eject before it eats my cooldown!”

“[Expletive] cluster bomb!”

“[Expletive] Nullhound!”

“Oh sh*t! Maliwan Armored Core!”

“Why do they have [Expletive] Cryo launchers!?”

Edit: Plenty more expletives involving Null/Hackhounds


“Why the !@#$ cant I move?!” and “Physics B!@#!” are my two favorites" The causes so far:

  1. Being pinned against the wall somehow by some kind of tiny ratch at my feet. Immidiate reaction, try jumping over it while shouting “How the !@# is it impossible for me not to be able to jump over one tiny ratch?!" Quickly followed by a mixture of shooting and meleeing it while shouting "Physics B!@# don’t make !@#$%^! sense!”
  2. While moving backwards while shooting I hit a wall, fence, miss the door, etc. Immediate reaction, quick turn adjust my direction and all is fine. But, more than once its been something like a rock, small garbage pile, unopened box, etc. which leads to the above mentioned, “Physics B!@$!” shout.
  3. Going insane crazy with the whispering ice grenade while blowing flying pieces of baddies all over the map with my jakobs shotgun, “PHYSICS B!@#!!!” followed by crazed laughter​:grin::grin::grin:

It doesn’t work.

Well. It works. Sometimes. But barely. And isn’t as effective as you’d hope.

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hahahaha. Touche!


I laugh every time that one happens. Being pinned by a heavy frustrates me though. Even worse getting downed then body blocked by a Heavy ugh.


I forgot that one.

  • I can’t feaking move!!! Both when backpedalling and when (as others have mentioned) being freaking pinned by a mass of minions in a boss fight and not being able to escape or get a 2nd wind if I go down.



Funny story, I actually tested it.:joy: