What do you think about Chained Taunts?

I just thought of this while I was going through my taunts and I was looking at Deande’s and Marquis’ and I thought:

Hm, wouldn’t it be cool if they had like an additional taunt after the first one so when you dominate someone and taunt, you don’t use the same exact taunt every time you kill them

It would be cool for Deande’s (for example let’s use The List taunt)

Once she kills someone, she can check off one thing but then after you kill them again, it can look like she checked something else off the list instead of making her look like she does the same thing over and over again (get it because she keeps checking off… never mind)

For Marquis, (Wunderbar) Have him after he jumps do the same thing but the opposite direction and make him look more happy.

Got an idea like this? Reply with it!

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My honest response is, I don’t like the entire concept.
It punishes a player who may already be rather sad.
Gaming is the last frontier where we still do that to people.


Losing in this game is rough enough as it is already. Don’t need anything else to make it feel worse.


At first, I thought you meant two taunts in a row, which made me think: “If you wanna stand there dancing while the dead guy’s teammate shoots your butt off, you deserve it.”

Then I read your post and saw what you meant. Although I’m with @wisecarver and @SgtRufus, in that I think the whole concept of taunting is an unfortunate, unsportsmanlike trend, it still gives the opposing team time and incentive to shoot your butt off, so, if we’re going to have it, it would be nice to see different ones in the same game.

I like to look at my taunts in game playing PvE, just because I think they’re funny. I wouldn’t mind seeing a different one each time.

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I’m not saying about the taunt rubbing it in. I mean like some should look or ok let’s change this topic. Some taunts that don’t exactly rub it in, the taunt can look different than the original since they change the voice clip everytime you use it. I didn’t think this was going to be a bad idea though…

Having different taunts isn’t a bad idea and I can’t speak for them other guys, but I don’t think you’re a mean person for suggesting it. Like I said, I love to look at my own taunts in game. I think some of them are very clever and I’m not sure how anyone can feel bad watching Ghalt stick a shotgun shell in his mouth by mistake.

Maybe @wisecarver, @SgtRufus, and I are just old fogies reading too much into the whole taunt thing? Heck, we might even be mentally assigning attitudes that the taunt-ers don’t have.

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I’d personally just like a random taunt option. For example, if you have multiple taunts unlocked you can select “random taunt” and you’ll do a different one every time you push the button. I adore both my Violin and Mic Drop taunts for Rath and I hate having to choose between the two all the time.


I’d prefer that yeah. Better idea.

Honestly just the simple mention by the game of being “dominated” is disheartening, especially when it comes from a player who is clearly bad but just happened to pick a natural counter to you, and your team is … off doing… Whatever. In short, when you feel like you’re the only one trying to do something right instead of team-deathmatching in the other lane, and the Tobby in your lane is preventing you from even acting. Those taunts and “domination” prompt are the worst.

Heck, even when I dominate someone I feel a bit bad.

…You always, constantly, set an example of how life should work…
A person who walks past you can speak volumes without words, life can be full of Joy at that moment.


You know, @Gulfwulf and I were talking about this on our way to the vet to pick up our dog this morning. I was imagining the devs sitting around, laughing at all the silly taunts and funny things they came up with for the BB to say thinking of how much fun the players would have . . . nothing mean-spirited, just a lot of fun.

A friend of mine always chooses Orendi’s eye-ball poking taunt just because he knows it grosses me out. We laugh every time. Gulf always chooses ISIC’s shake taunt because it cracks me up. I wonder if we’d feel as bad if we could talk to the other team and found out they were like us, just laughing at the taunt and not the person they just killed?

Sure, sometimes it’s someone whose self-image revolves around being able to kill a toon on a screen, but I’d like to think most of the time it’s just all in fun.

What do you think, @wisecarver, is it really them, or is it just our perception of what we think they’re thinking?

Maybe the devs could change it from “dominated” to something friendlier, like “Gotcha!” or “I got your nose!” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yeah it depends on how one perceives taunts :slight_smile: Taunts are also very contextual. Some are silly and fun, some I feel are frankly insulting. Tobby’s basic taunt is probably the one that gets on my nerves the most, but it’s clearly amplified when the kill was pure cheese / easy / not skilled at all ( that said, constantly getting one-shot by a Tobby laser while playing Kelvin, to this day, still has me … intrigued ).

I myself only use taunts when I really want to rub another player’s nose into their own incompetence. By that I do not mean a newbie that just hasn’t got the hang of the game yet, but rather someone who constantly cheese, either because they were lucky to pick the right guy and gloats about it, or are a clear cheater ( I met a Ghalt once who was dealing waaaay too much damage, and automatically D/Ced everytime he was about to be dealt a killing blow ), or are displaying a generaly irritating and frankly not very fun behaviour otherwise.

So yeah I kind of see taunts as a rudeness and I only use them this way :stuck_out_tongue:

Does silence prohibit taunting? If not, I’ve found my new counter to rath ult…

That is genius! :smile:

Yo Gearbox, please elevate Elaura, such a pleasure in these forums.

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…What does Silence actually do in PvP?
I’ve Mastered Rath but only in Advanced Story mode and never used that.

Can’t use your abilies anymore :slight_smile:

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I would like to see split screen taunts. Show the taunt from everyone involved simultaneously. Especially when you destroy second sentury it would be cool to taunt with everyone.

Whaaat! Did you never play Walking Dead S1, Shadow of the Colossus, Life is Strange, Last of Us, FF10, Assassin’s Creed 3, To the Moon, Ori and the blind forest, Brothers… :stuck_out_tongue:
Fortunately sadness is a very relevant and viable emotion to feel when putting down the controller =)

Well if we’re talking about a certain cutscene or story element invoking an emotion, sure, but never from a competitive arena where we kill each other endlessly.

What they said. It’ll also cancel any active abilities you currently have effecting you like ISIC’s Omega Strike and Montana’s Mansformation. I don’t believe it will cancel effects like OM’s Airstrike, but it will cancel WF’s Overdrive.

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I’ve been wondering about these things too. For a game that shouldn’t be about K/D and Team Deathmatch and all that, GBX sure does promote some “toxic” behavior.
Being marked as ‘Dominated’, as a ‘Nemesis’, titles like Old Man Cranky, the taunting system*, bringing kills to the forefront of everything… I think all these together contribute to an environment that promotes being nasty and winning and killing at any costs. And humiliating the person on the losing end.

*I like the Taunts, they are funny, but sometimes they can become a way to just be… rude. On PC it’s the only way to communicate with the enemy team and it’s the best way that guy who killed you 5 times in a row to say to you “lol suck it noob”.

This would definitely work a lot better than what we have now. I interpret this game and it’s vibe as light spirited and fun. Even in competitive scenes I feel that’s how it should go. “X is dominating you” does not sound light spirited to me.

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