What do YOU think about inclusions like these?

Just a few things that could be nice to see in game. Just vote yes or no for each.

  1. More options for quick commands than the one ping. Even if it’s just some keybinds for some basic additions like Fall Back etc. There are sooo many games where nobody says a single word. Not a ping, not in chat, not on voice chat. It is a team focus game, so having more tools can only help to improve this.

  2. Commend/down vote post match options. Encourage good behaviour, discourage undesirable. Perhaps with bonus goodies/punishments for reaching certain thresholds of votes in an area.

  3. Quick Match combined PVP queue. Whether it replaces the current system, or is additional for those who don’t mind what mode/map they play. After team forming, there can be three randomly created mode+map options to vote on. This should mean quicker games, plus getting people into other modes/maps they aren’t as familiar with so it doesn’t feel like almost every game is Overgrowth or Paradise. I’m an example of this, I’d like to jump into Capture, but am a little wary due to lack of experience.

  4. In-match gear menu closes automatically after purchasing something and you have insufficient shards to get something else. It seems to do this occasionally, but not always. Just a quality of life improvement so you don’t have to mash Esc in the middle of a fight.

  5. Official basic map guides in-game, or on Youtube. Just a brief rundown on tips for the maps, especially in relation to concepts related to the mode for newcomers (and existing players who still feel a little lost on what to do). Kind of like character rundown videos.

  6. A boost to First Win of the Day rewards. From what I’ve been able to see, it’s only 10% of the Command XP, and 10% of the credits earned in the match (PVP or PVE). This amounts to relatively next to nothing. Give it a boost, and maybe throw some Character XP in too.

  7. Penalties that kick in after a certain amount of disconnects. This can be increasing time bans for people who pass a certain amount of disconnects to be considered innocent internet/computer problems. Pool them for matchmaking until they reach a certain streak without ditching games. Many games do this to discourage match leavers.

  8. A little more communication from devs about their ideas about the future. Yes, we’ve gotten quite a bit of information on upcoming character releases, and we can see in updates and patches that they’re keeping an eye on bugs/improvements/balancing. But I think it would foster a lot of support, and community, if they discuss a little more the things they’re keeping an eye on, and what ideas they’re considering for improvements. I know this is a fine line to walk, because people easily turn around and say, “You mentioned you were possibly considering this idea…where is it!!!”

  9. Nova in a mechsuit! In addition to this, I really hope they flesh out some of the other characters in the DLC missions with the same penache that they have the core cast. For me, it’s one of the best things about the game. When I jumped into OW (not making a comparison, it’s just an anecdote for me playing something else, and confirming something I really enjoy in BB), I nearly fell asleep in the tutorial. After a couple of weeks of BB and Nova, then going to an AI like that…it was shocking.

  10. A bit more variety in mission tasks in the DLC missions. Something a little fresher than ‘defend the node’. Also, more complex bosses akin to Void’s Edge, rather than bullets sponges like the end of The Experiment.

11… I’ve left this one 'til last, but I will say better optimisation, or at least some feedback about this issue. While it’s not a problem for everyone, and I can run the game fairly well, even I find it odd (though this is not hard evidence) that I can’t run it on higher settings on what I have. An i7-4770 3.4ghz with 8mb RAM and a GeForce GTX 750ti is not a hardcore rig, I know. But it is above the recommended specs. Recommended specs don’t mean it will run great on max settings, but I do think it’s strange I have to set everything to lowest setting. Also, in GeFore Experience, despite having other games with similar or higher requirements I can optimise, it says my system doesn’t meet the requirements to optimise Battleborn…

Let us know what you think, and feel free to chip in with your ideas.

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Also, what about skills and shots getting body blocked? I have no problems with body blocking, and collision with minions. But it is kind of annoying to have your skills, utls, and shots shoot into the back of someone in your team who jumped in front. Especially if you’re playing with a few melee characters in your group.

Before they do #7 they’d need to fix people getting disconnected, since that has happened to some of my friends. They get kicked, restart the game, then come back into the match. I like #1 a lot and thought they needed that since I played the beta.

Really, the devs should play Smite and Overwatch so they can bring some of those systems over here. Smite has a good command/quick chat system (attack left lane, defend right lane, help me, etc). Also, the way you pick characters in this game is really dumb. In Smite (and most other games) you select a character then you lock in, but in this game by selecting you automatically lock in. If I choose Mellka then two random guys on my team choose Oscar Mike and Foxtrot, I might think I need to be Ambra or another type of character besides a shooter, but in this game you’re stuck that way. If I didn’t choose Mellka then someone else might’ve gotten her… it’s just not a smart system. Also, Overwatch helps you build a team - it’ll suggest: not enough tanks, too many snipers, no defensive characters, and so on, which would be great here when playing with randoms.

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Exactly. Before they add more “stuff” they need to fix/improve issues we are having in game now. Collision, Helix/Gear windows, 10-15 minute matchmaking queues…etc. I love this game but I’m averaging 1 PVP match per hour and I log out after that because I’m so frustrated.

#7 could help with matchmaking times. A lot of people have said they won’t really bother with pvp because they think it’s unfair they have to play with a player, or players, down because they disconnect. Maybe because of poor connection, but also often because they didn’t get the character they wanted, came against a pre-made, saw the enemy with much higher Commander rank etc.

If there’s things in place to discourage disconnecting rather than playing, you won’t find this problem occuring as often. Things to change the culture of people voting to surrender as soon as the first sentry goes down in Incursion, or the enemy hit 250 points in Meltdown would be something I consider ‘extra’.