What do you think about mayhem 2.0?

As the title says, what do you think about Mayhem 2.0 after having played with it for a few days now? Please base your answer on how you like it’s mechanics and not on the bugs and glitches.

  • I like it
  • Don’t like it
  • Like parts of it

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compared to the old mayhem…

i allready miss M4… the modifiers are fun but i’d also like to play the game at an actual increased difficulty instead of turning the game into a circus…

up untill it launched GB acted like it was the biggest thing they’d ever done and it was SOOOOO awsome…

only thing they did was add some weird mechanics (the old ones where just plain bad, new ones are “meh” at best) tried them all and everything is so niche or just dumb… (who in the right mind would cripple themselves with -70% crit damage and no positive? especialy when there’s other ones that increase crit but lower normal damage)

GB screwed up with this one…


I’ll put it this way, I want to play the “highest” endgame less now than before.


I think there’s room for improvement and fixes but the groundwork is promising. Bit of a rough birth, much like most of BL3’s updates.

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I didn’t anticipate I’d like it a whole lot but was pleasantly surprised. Though overall my feelings are still mixed, so I still answered that I like parts of it. I think with some tweaks over time I’ll be able to say I like it.

Though I can’t play it anymore because of the ongoing poor technical performance on my system, so if that was part of the equation I absolutely would have voted that I don’t like it.

Voted for “don’t like it” because I think the game is worse than it was before Mayhem 2.0. Especially the complete fail that is the new Mayhem-leveled drop system.

It could have been “like parts of it” but I decided to not be a fence-sitter just because I actually like a few of the new modifiers.


I wish “I hate it” was an option, it is completely awful. Enemies are damage sponges to the point where only about 8 guns are worth having. I’m forced into using silly modifiers if I want to use a higher level of difficulty to get new loot (Big Head Mode should have died in the 90s). And because only Gun Damage scales up, action skill and grenades are just props now for Anointments.

I just want something like M4 back, give me the option for a challenge but don’t force me into stupid modifiers.


I am really enjoying the new Mayhem Mode 2.0. I found MM 1.0 to be annoying. If you were not playing MM4 then you kept getting modifiers that severely limited your loadout. Oh, did you want to try some of the legendary Torgue pistols that dropped for you recently? Well too bad, because this map now has -50% Pistol, Shotgun, SMG damage and -50% Non-Elemental damage modifiers.

The new MM 2.0 modifiers are lot more fun as they can change up the gameplay without gimping your loadout. The UI / UX for it is substantially more player friendly, allowing you to set up the modifiers ahead of time, and the enemy scaling make a lot more sense.

Is it a perfect system? No; I think the way Bastion implemented their version of a difficulty system is probably the best I’ve seen of any game I have played, but MM 2.0 comes close. If I had a major gripe with it it would be how little bonus XP and money you get now. Mostly money. I only had $40 million when MM 2.0 dropped, which was not enough to unlock all the bank slots and now I’ve run out of bank space… :cry: Time to start picking “favourites” among my legendaries…

That being said, I’m not sure the poll results are going to be that reliable. Players rarely go to the forum when they enjoy a game; it’s usually people who are not having fun or want to vent that show up, so the results will “naturally” skew negative.

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Relics and coms need to scale not talking how many skill points a com gives but its secondary effects

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Probably going to be a couple weeks before I see this as anything but a failure. They need to rebound quickly and make improvements soon because this was a colossal disappointment. I’m not opposed to the foundation they’ve set and I can live with the modifiers currently but the lack of action skill and grenade scaling, of vending machine and chest and quest reward scaling, the lack mayhem level tags on gear, dedicated drop rates not scaling up with mayhem level… these things are pretty substantial to hurting my enjoyment of the game. I’m only speaking for myself but those are things I either expected outright or had hoped for, because I was not very satisfied with the game before M2.0 as it was. So instead of taking a leap forward with this update it feels like 2 steps forward and 1.5 steps back. I thought this update might be the one that gets this game truly into its stride, where it would only get better from here on out. So far the release has been yet another blunder.


Major bosses have too much health imo. The modifiers that nerf our damage output are really lame. We’re supposed to be over powered. This isn’t Destiny. The corrosive element hardly does any damage, at least for me. M10 drops are broken. I keep getting M0 gear.


I have made similar assertions in some of my comments, and I truly hope I’m wrong about this but I fear Gearbox logic will be “Only 8 guns are worth having?, this is unacceptable!, gather the team together boys, we have to nerf those guns otherwise the other 800,000,000 guns will not be truly “balanced” anymore. Once we nerf them, they will all become equal in strength again” Cackles to themselves in evil villain mode lol

I’m sure Gerabox are not that bad hehe, it just felt funny when I typed it out :rofl:


I love it. My next class has a big job ahead, as for my initial class the story continues with no end in sight.

Its a Christmas tree with so many unopened prezzies I can’t really think of anything else that compares…

Where else can I find a gazillion guns?

Before Mayhem 2.0 I generally stuck to M1-2. Now I have been enjoying play at M4. So that’s something, I guess.

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I love the idea of more challenging content but this isn’t the way to do it imo. More enemy spawns/reinforcements/new enemy types and abilities, (but FFS no more spammable invincibility on mobs). All of these would have been ways to increase difficulty without ruining builds or introducing new mechanics that irritate some of the player-base, and break up the flow of combat.

I also hate the fact that they buffed a lot of weapons to make them usable in M4 only for them to be obsolete again in M10 and, with a few exceptions, totally outclassed by the new weapons.


I was satisfied with the former mayhem mode.

Maybe 10 new levels with scaled loot can be good, but I don’t like the modifers at all.
So, to me, the balance goes towards “don’t like it”.


The combination of Mayhem 2.0 AND the new event destroys all build diversity, kills most of the weapons, and reduces all strategy to spamming splash weapons blindly (or Ties that bind and bullet spam) and relying on life steal or % life regen and FFYL to make it through the dozends of badasses, Annointeds and several subbosses in every goddamn encounter, hoping your bullets last. Mobbing on Mayhem 10 is now utterly braindead, keeping fire button pressed for minutes slog, in that graphical effect overkill has killed everything else. I reach the point where I have absolutely no desire to play through zones anymore (and endlessly farming bosses gets boring way more quickly). Its an absolute overkill and painful to play, because most of the time there is even no way of seeing anything anymore whats going on around you, its a pure equipment check.

For Boss farming the situation is better althoug there are some problem with DLC2-Bosses. Those had severly increased health pools before, but as most people had pretty OP weapons people probably didnt notice. Now some of them become brutal bullet sponges.

The last point is rerolling the mods sometimes 50+ times after going for another thing in the game utterly sucks. I hate most of the modifiers, some are unbalanced, some break the game, some like Big Heads or Floor is Lava I would never play. And trying to kill Bosses who rolled immunity vs the element you should kill them with or Crit-Relevant Bossfights with reduced crits are brutal… not brutal difficult, brutal long and boring. Letting us choose the modifiers would greatly improve this for me.

Overall after a few days I am burned out already on Mayhem 10. I will give it a few more days, but this approach is imho ridiculous and kills my enjoyment of the game. I will try to disable the event and see if this makes going through zones enjoyable again. And before someone as usual confuses that what happens here with problems with difficulty, no, I have almost every weapon I want with good Annointments already, as the game throws legendaries at you as if it would be candy. Without ability to switch to different builds or weaker weapons it gets monotone, exhausting and boring. And I am quite upset by that, because I really loved the game before.

And playing anything less then M10 is no option for me because of the inferior drops there, this kills the loot collection motivation completely.


Couldn’t have put it better myself

I agree with alot of this. I think it needs to go. It breaks most of my creative builds. with the modifiers it makes it darn near impossible to run multiplayer with my girlfriend and use whatever char or build we want to. We wanna play not hit reroll for a half an hour. Its not enjoyable either…feels like artificial difficulty at best. I have about 15 chars and most of them are trashed when they handled m4 just fine. I’m all about creative thinking and original builds but we are getting limited here. Most of these modifiers force you to junk your builds or keep rerolling. What were they thinking with the immunities to cryo/rad when they made a gamma burst skill tree with fl4k or sntl cryo. One build i really enjoyed playing was a high speed jakobs crit zane with sntl cryo annoints…build is trashed now. No more sliding around hitting heads shots. I could easily extend this in more detail but its rathar obvious on what modifer breaks what char/build where and why.


If it would stop blue screening and lagging me to death I might actually like it.

(Also do not like the leveling of loot per Mayhem. I do agree however that newer weapons and anoints should drop at higher mayhems however)

It is stupid to try and even get a matchmaking done and they are on lower mayhem and you wreck and make it not fun for others in group.

This was a mistake bundled into dividing the players in multiplayer even further when it is hard to get a game going,… end of rant,…