What do you think about the character buffs?

  • Buffs should REMAIN as is.
  • Buffs should be TONED down completely.
  • Buffs could use a SLIGHT nerf

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Should be a "we need more buffs"option because Fl4k’s pets weren’t buffed enough spiderant scorcher is the outlier thanks to its lava pool and should be the line all of their pets should be at.


I voted for buffs to remain as they are, but I feel the need to elaborate.
The extreme damage now dealt by action skills (especially IB and clone) should be the result of heavy investment by the player, both in terms of gear and spec.
For what concerns Zane’s clone, I think it’s pretty balanced since you have to get to the capstone (double barrell) for it to be so OP. Maybe the gear investment is not so extreme but it’s ok.
Iron bear is a bit too strong without investment… Either it should have less uptime or deal less damage without using very specific gear or character builds. Right now it’s slap a rocketeer on Moze and have doom incarnated on your side forever…

I’ve mained Fl4k since day one and never felt the need for pets to deal more damage. Right now they are tanky enough and it’s fine by me.
Maybe it would be cool to have some interactions with the enemy in form of distraction… For example the skag could jump humanoid enemies’ throats and block them for easy headshots or something like that.

I adjust the difficulty level to fit my loadout/build/mood - this patch made it easier to do this at higher levels. Sometimes I too like to steamroll the game at the hardest difficulty without a meta build/loadout and some serious chops to back it up.

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Normally I’d vote for a slight nerf but- action skills are fun to use again lol

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I love this comment. I literally agree as well!


I don’t really wanna vote. One side of it (too dramatic effect… And I mean I was shouting at people yo come look at this) the extreme amount of fun that came from actually seeing Iron Bear be Iron Bear… The mech nuked the M10 path to Gythian’s Heart 11m-25mil damage a pop which brings me to the other side of the matter for me; should I really be able to one shot everything on m10 with an AS with 100% uptime.

Thing is Punch Bear will work now, it’d be nice to leave the changes as is… I fear for us all tho ._ .

They may take our fun away

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I’m definitely liking it. What a change from before. I can finally kill an anointed.

Please don’t use the word nerf or GBX will nerf this whole game in a heartbeat. They’re literally searching out where they can get it nerfed as soon as possible.


Ikr they said they’d be watching and I don’t really like being experimented on…
Cause you can look at it that way

fl4k needs other adjustments zane double barrel needs reevaluation, moze IB needs reevaluation

Definitely a step in the right direction.

IB is fine as it is but his interactions with the MS CM and AB might warrant a second look but IMO none of that is necessary.

FL4K pets if properly invested should be stronger.

i think instead of buffing , i like a complete rework a bit more