What do you think about the new Phoebe Buffs?

Besides Phoebe’s cool dlc skins. What’s everyones thoughts about the phoebe buffs? (Increased health and new silence on 1st hit)

I think the silence is welcome, it was a pain to use before, when you set it up but it fails it can be quite frustrating.

I don’t think she needed more health, she already had a decent amount for her outrageous DPS, but she has no sustain either so in that way it’s welcome as well.

I like it. Not as OP as I thought it might be, but after the patch I’ve made Phoebe my second.

I agree, love the new silence but for some characters the 3 seconds is all phoebe needs to take you out so I’m not sure how to gauge it. I do like how it’s making blade rush more useful now, extremely useful. The health is welcomed of course.

Yeah, she’s like that, the silence isn’t even really necessary, I think I’ll still be taking the speed at level 1 for an escape but I’ll try the silence out to see how much of a difference it makes, my guess is minimal though.

Phoebae OP please nerf Kappa

She’s in a good place, not easy to use and too many people try to play her like Galilea. But overall, she’s one of the more effective assassin types.

While we’re on the topic of Phoebe, was there a quiet nerf to her attack sp? Maybe it’s my imagination, but she doesn’t seem to be stacking attack sp at quite the same rate she used too.

The silence is pretty necessary with many characters like Melka, silence her before she flys away. Benedict, quick silence before he flys away, orendi- quick silence before she nullifies or ults you, Deande- quick silence before holotwin or ult, rath-take him out of ult , thorn- silence her fast before she does the curse the ground and ult combo 90% of the time- galy- quick silence before she ults away at 25% life 90% of the time. El dragon- I believe you can silence him out of el fuego or when he tries to run away, isic -easier to take him out of his ult. Montana- so easy to silence him out of his ult … the list goes on

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Someone mentioned this before but I actually felt like her attacks and true strike was more fluid so it felt like she was attacking a bit faster for me

No! Please buff more! Silence on 1st hit of combo and stun on last hit of combo just like beta. :sunglasses:

What you smoking over there and can I have some?

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I’ve seen Phoebe filling El Dragón’s role more often now. They had some overlap before, both being characters who need to powerlevel to reach crucial points like their ult unlock as fast as possible, in order to become high speed nukes that are difficult to lock down before it’s too late.

Dragón was usually preferred because the En Fuego Dragon Splash stun was a much better way to lock down a bunch of kills than her slow. With that and many other things gone from him, plus with Phoebe’s survivability increased, she’s taken over.

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I only really find it especially useful for ISIC, as everyone expects me to disrupt him

Phoebe is the *New El Dragon!*:open_mouth:

You wish! He is the once and future Champion so he will return to his former glory!

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I hope so, need his might to deal with boulder

I think it might be a useful pick depending on the enemy team comp.

If they have a range of heroes with good skill based escapes it could work really well.

Imagine playing against Orendi (nullify), Benedict (lift off), El Dragon (clothesline), Mellka (spike/claw lunge), Boldur/Montana etc - the silence could really prevent them running or retaliating.

I wouldn’t say necessary, but helpful. Against characters who I knew had an escape, I’d either charge or flank them and keep the PG for after they’ve used their escape, Phoebe at close range is so frightening that most enemies attempt to flee as soon as she’s on them, it’s really all about timing that PG instead of spamming it.

Benedict was the only one who really gave me trouble as Phoebe, the rest could be neutralised or duped into wasting their escape without silence but ■■■■■■■ Benny could just fly away across the map. He and Montana, but Montana just mows through Phoebe at close range. I imagine Kleese now will be a little easier to handle, what with a silence to stop his rifts and extra health to tank the taser. I don’t know why these two ever got buffed, but you watch Deande-Phoebe combinations will be everywhere now.

Deande and Phoebe have some great synergy too.

Had a match in face off where our random Deande group stunned 4 players and my Phoebe slowed and ulted all of them at once leading to a squad wipe.