What do you think about the new skins?

I know there’s a lot of complaint about the new skins. I think most of them are awesome, but I also think it would have been a better option to pay for any new dlc’s coming out, and be able to earn skins through enemy kills. Maybe a Beastmaster thrall, killing one gives a chance of dropping a skin which could be given to all players playing in the team. Just a thought…what do y’all think?

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I remember paying for skins back in the old Ace Combat days. It’s just a way for the developer to monetize fan interest and love for their game.

Unfortunately I think the current skins are a tad overpriced ($2 for a single skin is tawdry, guys!). $1 per skin would be better, so the minimum Plat purchase would net you two skins. But overall I don’t mind the system. I plan to buy some skins at taunts at some point… hoping maybe to see a price drop, but want to support Gearbox either way.


I like 'em. They add variety to what’s available. Wish everyone had gotten a premium taunt though, but I’m sure that’s more down the road. There should be a way to earn Platinum without spending money though, or an increase in how much you get in each pack

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They are a little too pricey for them to be just a color cover lol I honestly thought they would be actual different costumes, different from their originals.


Appearance wise? I think they look really good.

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I’ll repeat myself…What is the point really if we can only see them during character selection?
During the game everyone is blurred out by that outline.

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I’m not a fan of microtransactions in pay titles but BB is not the first (Destiny, Overwatch, Plants vs Zombies 2, Dead Space 3 all have microtransactions) to do this and won’t be the last. So ultimately it’s just up to you whether you want to spend the money or not. I like BB’s system because it is not gambling (like OW is) and it is not pay2win (like Dead Space 3).

I wouldn’t object to a method to earn platinum for free but I can see why GBX wouldn’t go that route. If they make it too easy to get plat for free, no one will buy the skins. If they make it too hard, people will grumble and complain that it takes them weeks/months to earn up enough plat for a single skin.

I’m hoping they offer some events like the double XP weekend where maybe they give you a chance to earn some plat for free. That would be nice but in the meantime I fully intend to drop some dollars and buy some platinum because I do like this game that much, also, just can’t resist that Shayne & Aurox dance taunt, that thing is amazing.

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A character becomes your character.

I may be alone in thinking this, but I can NOT stand the zombie looking skins. It kills the game for me when I see them. Honestly, I wish there was a way just to set default skins for all players on client side only. Should there ever be a legit mod for that I would use it in a heartbeat.
But, that’s a fine line to walk. It wouldn’t be fair for people who paid for the skins and want to show them off, but in the same respect it’s not fair to me to have to look at some of the ones that don’t belong. I don’t mind some colors/patterns on skins, it’s the ones that just don’t fit the story. Kleese as a zombie is absurdly stupid.

If they were just $2 then that’d be fine. They’re closer to $4 per skin though. $2 for taunts.

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Ick! I must have missed that. Thanks for the correction.

Yeah, $4 for skins is risible. Pass, thanks!

Kleese’s is, isn’t it? Alien brain thingy?

But, I got four pink arms!

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I think they are overpriced, poorly presented, and almost all appear to me to have been forced out by someone who didn’t want the assignment.

There are a few exceptions, which look to have been inspired by the fact the artists actually felt something for the BB they were working on, but they still aren’t worth the money and they lose value in my mind just because I’m forced to look at them alongside those skins I am trying to earn through gameplay.

I’m praying that no one attempts to argue these points with me. The OP asked our opinions, I gave mine. I’m not trying to invite a debate about my opinions.


In PVP you (and others) get a reeeeal good look at them when you taunt someone. :innocent:

And on-topic, I really like the new skins. Obviously, not as cool as new models would be but I think they look really good.


I’m somewhat disappointed in the skin for, Attikus.

Love his skin color and all the glowy bits, but they made his armor a flat brown and took away all the metal details and engravings.
Being that his armor takes up a good amount of his look, this is such a buzzkill.

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Looks obsidian to me

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Most of them are pretty meh, I agree. Reyna’s skin looks excellent IMO, it’s one of the exceptions. I was really hoping for a nice Caldarius skin, and got… a Toy Story paintjob? Really? :disappointed:

Also, how cool is it that Reyna’s second taunt is her going SSJ? I don’t play her (yet), but if I did, that taunt would be why.

Edit: I was using a word which has connotations I did not realize. Apologies to anyone offended.

I thought Reyna’s skin makes her look like a president…as in an old man lol but I do love her taunt, so awesome, probably one of my favorite in the game.