What do you think are the DLC possibilities?

I know we are hyped for beta and eventually the release but what about the future? GBX has been pretty awesome with post release content from borderlands and I hope it will carry over to this IP. Saying this I’m wondering what kinds of content will be possible. I’m thinking characters and skins would be obvious, but I’m thinking maps might be available both co-op and competitive. What are your thoughts?

Since its gearbox, i think dlc will focus on story and charachters. I wouldnt expect mamy competitive map pack updates.

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I wouldn’t mind paying for a couple of map packs. Or some extra modes of play. Like a team vs team survival mode last team standing against waves of minions.

Skins most definitely
Characters most likely
Story DLC would be awesome
Multiplayer DLC seems likely

Let’s face it, we all love a bit of groundless speculation. I do :smiley: I think ArmoredElder has got it cracked.

Personally, I find skins pointless but I’m in a minority and it’s an easy money-maker for the publishers.

Characters, I’m not so sure about. Balancing the MOMA play with just the planned 25 characters must be a nightmare. Adding more to the mix will be hard without ruining the work GBX have done to date. However, as someone who’s more interested in solo & co-op play, I’d love more characters to play around with.

I really hope more campaign maps do appear. For me, these are the “meat” of the game. As someone not interested in PvP, these will keep me playing more than anything else.

If GBX/2k are serious about BB as a MOBA, then more maps are inevitable.

It will be interesting to see what actually happens :smile:

I’d like to see this as well. And maybe add in those cut 20 levels as well. :dukewhistle:

TBH I just want the game to come out…

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May can’t get here fast enough.

i hope dlc multiplayer maps are free. i’m okay with paying for campaign levels to explore more the universe. it’d be cool if they added borderland elements to bb in the dlc, with more open world and less point a to b, allowing the players access to certain parts of map only through the unique abilities of the bb. sadly, dlc pvp maps and campaign missions will likely be bundled together. i’d like skins sold by the faction for an entire faction. like jennerit skins for the eldrid, before any hero specific silly skin (football montana). i realize the gearbox packs can push microtransactions, but i wish all currency used for them had to be earned in game…

GBX has never done microtransactions and I hope they don’t start with BB. I would gladly play $10 USD for a full campaign DLC or ~$2 for a skin pack, but I don’t want to see a “pay this amount of real money for this item” in-game. If I buy it outside of the game, I want it immediately available in-game. I don’t mind using in-game currency to unlock items already in the game, like the packs we got during the CTT.

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Wondering if there’s gonna be a season pass

I hope map packs won’t end up as paid DLC, since that sort of thing divides the community into the haves and have nots pretty quickly. If they allow everyone to play new maps hopefully they will be able to make money on cosmetics and so on. I think that since new characters are a great deal of work we may see that become paid DLC.

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Hmnnn… adding characters seems to make sense to me. Because that won’t splinter the player base. But if they sell maps, then people who haven’t bought the extra map(s) wouldn’t be able to play that map? Then you have 30% of the players playing new maps + old and the rest playing only basegame content.

But maybe they can be smart about it and let players join other players on a new map regardless as long as the majority of the players in that session at that moment own the new content?

All that said, I know I’d be interested in at least additional PVE story maps and more characters to play as. Because… why not? And as for PVP maps, maybe. I love PVE. I sometimes like PVP.

I like and also don’t like character skins. I like being able to recognize player characters at a glance. But I also like being able to personalize the look of my character. But some skins can make a character much harder to recognize. Especially the craziest ones. You can end up looking at them and going, well, it’s a female so that rules out those classes but still leaves about 50%.