What do you think for a meele gun hybuid

I best this on the guide on here and would like to hear back if you think I put the skills in the right place

I’d rather have max points in Followthrough than a few other skills there as that movement speed after a kill is really useful.

Looks pretty good.

0ptics is pretty worthless skill and I’d value Heads0t more.

You could free up a point or two from fearless (or c0unter-strike) to maximize F0ll0wthr0ugh and Backstab.

Depending on the guns and COM you are using Vel0city and Precisi0n can be pretty good, too.

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The biggest problem with hybriding Zer0 is that he ends up being good at nothing.

Zer0 is a physically weak character, he can’t take hits. To remedy this he has to deal massive amounts of damage and/or stay in Decepti0n as much as possible. Trying to do too much just makes him unable to anything well.

“Jack of all trades, master of none.”

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It’s certainly worse than playing a specialized build. I should know, I play hybrid myself. But damn if it isn’t fun (at least for me).

Also, now that I think about it relieving one more point to put into Resurgence would be a good idea if you are running a purple or legendary Ninja COM to get a little bit more survivability going on. It’s not much but worth one point swap IMO.

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Why not try something like this:


Swapped Optics for Headshot - No Brainer, an across the board crit bonus is good.
Swapped Fearless for Iron Fist - You NEVER want to be without a shield, but if you are, more health is better. Plus you get Melee bonus.
Swapped Backstab for Be Like Water - Better synergy with a Gun/Melee combo build and you don’t need to be behind the target.
Took 3 points from Fast hands and distributed them:
+1 point Resurgence - Health regen is essential.
+1 point Be Like Water - (see above synergy)
+1 point Followthrough - Additional movement speed and damage is a good thing

With this, Legendary Ninja is good, BUT Legendary Hunter will be better for the following reasons:

  • Faster cooldown for Deception
  • Better crit damage (good for melee and gun damage)
  • 10% health restoration when you enter deception (can keep you alive!)
  • +30% melee and +30% health
  • +1000% Melee damage against weak enemies
  • +40% crit damage (from Headshot)
  • +500% melee damage after taking a hit.
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Heck…it even gets more specific…LOL

You can either be a Sniper Gun Zero or “other gun” Gun Zer0…

Trying to be both dilutes his burst DPS if you want to min/max him.

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My current Zero, Lord of Death, is a pistol/melee hybrid InfiniBee user. Talk about your ultimate glass cannon…:grin:


I wouldn’t do this as it would basically kill the melee part off the hybrid leaving you with just killing blow vs weak targets. At least the way I see it you choose the melee hybrid because of his ability to burst / one shot badasses and dropping backstab nerfs that ability majorly because of where it is in the melee formula. Be like water damage is not comparable at all even though the card would suggest the difference is just 10 %.

Just my view but if you don’t take backstab then you might as well just use melee for killing blow on weak targets which is something any Zer0 can do. Points in backstab play a big part of doing the magic part of melee Zer0.

I personally value Fearless over Iron fist but this is just personal preference, I guess.

With hunter COM taking points out of fast hands is okay I guess. If not wearing Hunter COM then 5/5 all the way. Hybrid has a ton of weapon swapping going on and the fast reloads are always appreciated, no matter what you play.

But yeah, I definitely would leave backstab alone or try to find that one extra point to max it out instead of taking it out.

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Agreed, Backstab is much better than Be Like Water, which is too tricky to pull off in practice. The Leg Hunter class mod is nice because of the ten percent health bonus on entering deception which goes well with a hybrid Zero that has to fight up close.

Advices combined and keeping the original more or less intact I guess we are here:


1 point in Resurgence is kinda pointless if it’s not a Ninja COM so there’s 1 or 2 floating points. My choises would be Fearless, Velocity or Optics (optics can be a pretty neat way to spend left over points on a gun Zer0).

Fair enough, I never really tried to play a hybrid, and I rarely melee.

It is still some regen, which Zer0 is lacking.

Besides, if you are going to go Legendary Hunter you can take points from Fast Hands to put in Resurgence, as LH boosts Fast Hands AND gives an additional Reload Speed bonus. At this point you only need 1 point in Fast Hands.

What shield and com do you intend to run with this?


Here is my current hybrid: http://bl2skills.com/assassin.html#000000000055055153015505415001

It is slanted toward melee, but still a hybrid.

I’ve leveled him to 61 using only Infiltrator class mods. All solo gameplay with my fair share of dying. But I’ve also kicked my fair share of booty.

Shield: Best Roid available
Class mod: best Infiltrator available
Relic: Best Proficiency available
Grenade: Shock singularity, or Tesla


  1. Fast slag gun (Tediore or Vladof)
  2. “White” damage gun (no elemental effects), high fire rate
  3. Elemental gun appropriate for area (i.e., corrosive against loaders)
  4. Melee weapon (currently using bladed Rubi, but could be Law, Rapier, etc.)

The fire rate bonus from the Infiltrator mod is always useful, but especially so in FFL mode. Remember that probably 80% of enemies will back away from you when you are downed, making all your melee bonuses useless. An appropriate Hyperion shotgun combined with your increased fire rate works wonders in this situation. I also have about 19% Fire Rate bonus from my badass ranks.

I’d take Resurgence over Iron Hand- a guy by the name of Man of Low Moral Fiber has a bunch of vids on Zero on his Youtube channel, including one that breaks down how his melee damage is calculated- I don’t think Iron Hand adds all that much to it but you can check it out for yourself…


B0re is very powerful, but very situational. It’s useless if you can’t line up targets. Yes it is still useful against enemies with specific hit box stacks (like the Bunk3r), but you can beat those enemies anyway with a little patience.

Grim is bad for melee Zer0s and Hybrid Zer0s. You need that Roid damage to last for a few seconds, at least.

Resurgence is useless if you’re already wielding a weapon that heals you, such as Evisceration Rubi or Law & Order (I believe Grog Nozzle also heals). Resurgence is a must if you’re wielding a melee weapon that does not heal you, such as Rapier.

Not all hybrids run MMF. My executes are single shot making grim very useful.


Good point Lammas.

Very true. When I play hybrid Zer0 I like to use melee to burst down something with execute. Grim also helps with getting your AS back for another burst and to survive after the cloack is gone.

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