What do you think of Boldur's (insane and possibly broken) end-game?

(I almost didn’t wanna bring this up because I have too much fun with it, but in the interests of balance I will)

Lately I’ve been been running Boldur with a min-maxed HP-increasing gear loadout. Right now I get an extra 780-or-so HP from all of the gear combined.

One match, I decided to opt for his left-hand side helix at level 9 for the sake of it. I didn’t really understand it at first, but once I did. I also decided to spring for the left-hand side level 10 helix mutation for the first time (2% extra damage on melee per 100 HP you have).
Keep in mind that:

  • Boldur can get over 4000 HP through a combination of the aforementioned factors.

  • He can engage with almost full health thanks to sprinting with his shield up (wtf are you doing if you get unarmed melee slow in the first place, you don’t axe throw for anything but last-hits anyway)

  • Boldur has two additional sources of damage buffs for his Axe already, the first being a Helix, the other being hs ultimate

So once Boldur hits level 10, oh baby…
He does over 300 damage per hit. Non-crit.

You absolutely shred, pulverize, make mincemeat of, grind-into-organic-paste, blendinate-with-intense-gusto ANYBODY that you can get his stubby, murderous axe-wielding dwarf hands on.
Like people die so fast it’s not even funny (well, it kinda is actually). The only way he’s gonna die is if he does something dumb like gets himself chain-stunned (Ghalt hook into trap > miko spores > isic dash, etc.)

I mean I know Boldur is kinda trash until he gets his ult (sustain offered by greatshield is critical to his staying power), but is it possible that this is too much damage?
But then again, it IS only achievable at level 10, which takes a long time to reach…

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SHHHHHHHHHHH don’t tell 'em!


:sob: :sob:
Forgive me my fellow Boldur. It pained me to write this, but it had to be brought up at the very least.

Only a very few gamers know how to utilize him right and how to get his potential to shine on the Battlefield.
I think theres no need to nerf him, since most people (me too) cannot play him OP, even if his stats MAY be.

PS: I ate this “OP this /Nerf that” debates. I ate them all and now I feel sick -.-


The real problem for most people is actually getting him to late game, and the fact that he’s not going to be going much good early. lol, I had a friend that got trounced by a Boldur in a game (late of course) so the next game he couldn’t wait to try him… got completely destroyed for the first 5 levels, and then was so far behind he couldn’t do anything.

With boldur, you have to get used to the idea that your best tool before you hit level 5 (and sometimes after) is going to be your shield.

Doesn’t sound like a bad deal. Benedict and Toby do a ton of damage without nearly as much effort, and you can’t ignore them either, because they can hit you from across the map. You’re also losing infinite shield by trading for damage. I think its fine.

as you said I feel since it takes, so long it doesn’t seem that bad to me. I mean most games I don’t even make it to level 10.


Yeah, this is what I was leaning towards as well. Level 10 takes a while to get to, after all.

But something still doesn’t sit right with me about it. I mean is there any other character who gets such an insane boost to their combat effectiveness at level 10?

Infinite shield is honestly overrated I’ve found.
Boldurdash is a much better tool for getting out of bad situations, especially once you get the distance upgrade.

I dont think this is that op i mean you need alot of health gear plus the the level 10 helix and as your health goes down so does your damage making you weaker as the fight goes on
4000 health is lot using all your gear slots thats only 80 percent more damage which one go down fast as most battleborn can deal 100 damage pretty quick at level 10.

Everyone is complaining about Galilea, but this sounds like Boldur is way more “OP” even though I don’t think any of the heroes are OP. I think Galilea needs some work, and forgive me about focusing on her in a Boldur topic, but it seems relevant since you yourself play as Boldur, but are willing to discuss his abilities and flaws.
THIS is what needs to happen more often. Not coming onto the forum to cry OP cuz you got smashed by a hero, but to learn more about that particular hero and how to avoid and or counter their attacks. So thank you for doing this! I hope more learn from it.
We don’t need nerfs. Numerical value adjustments? Sure, that’s acceptable, but changing or completely taking away an ability is pretty damn rough and really alters the hero in more negative ways than good. Especially this early on. I feel like once more poeple unlock Ghalt or learn to play heroes like Boldur, people will be complaining about them too. Galilea unfortunately is unlocked early, so many people have both used her and been killed by her. The problem is, when you don’t learn from how you died, you’ll keep dying. Which creates the illusion of OP.
OP would mean I could fight skilled players and win without trying. That is most certainly not the case with any hero.

That doesn’t create an illusion of “OP” though, but it does account for all of the screaming “she’s impossible to stop” posts…

She’s not impossible to kill, but she is overpowered… which just means she outperforms others in her class relatively consistently.

There’s a big difference with Boldur’s “OP-ness” and G’s tho… Boldur needs level 9/10, Gal hits optimum OP at around level 5, which every game will get to… and she’s not weak before she gets there.

Another thing to note is to get 4000 health is insane wondering what gear your using?
Most will not have that and you will need to stack health gear to get it hit level 10 have 5 stack to get more health have ult active and be at full health yes it sounds really op but very situation to get this.

See, I think a lot of people still don’t understand the basic concept that EVERYONE in this game is designed to be overpowered. That means EVERYONE can take over a game and feel broken cause they are all made that way. That’s how they balanced this game. So yes boldur feels insane at the end game cause you played him right. I believe the more complaints you see about how “broken and overpowered” someone is the more you can assume their learning curve is small. People who are underestimated or though to be underpowered have huge learning curves. But this game is really really balanced, even gali, she doesn’t scare me when I see her. I’ll melt her face, boldur too it just requires I play my game better than you play yours. It’s why I like this game!


Getting 4k health isn’t hard, I have gear that costs a total of under 1000 shards that gives +890 health. Too bad I don’t play Miko anymore…

I honestly think “nerf boldur!!” is going to be the thing after Galilea gets fixed. Boldur is a lot harder to use, but boy when you do learn how to use him it’s really ridiculous. The only thing is that like this thread says, he doesn’t really shine until level 5 and later gets a massive power spike at level 10.

I dont think it will i mean he has to be level 10 and have stacked health gear and you only get 80 percent extra damage at 4000 health when at full health which can be quickly lowed after taking damage. you can do they same thing with attikus with attack speed and get 60 extra damage at level 3 however he is seen as a weak character. I am yet to do this and i only have 1 gear of gear that boostes health so maybe its more op that it sounds.

Considering that you leave the other side 9 more levels to destroy your team because you want to use his H10 damage helix, that’s a fair trade.

No matter how hard you try, the most you can pin down is one person at once due to lack of AoE and large CC unless you can somehow knock one person into another. This is one limit Boldur faces. Out of the 2 sup 1 carry comp (Gal, Montana or Galilea), Boldur is probably the worst choice because he won’t really be able to protect the backline if they get jumped on while Boldur is engaging.

So yeah, if you somehow get all the gear and snowball all the way to level 10, the other side deserves to lose. Way better than dealing with char who spike to almost the peak starting at levle 3.

Boldur can stun more than one with boldurdash. The most common time I get this is with a Miko healer walking behind the tank I’m trying to lock down they both get bashed and end up dazed. Boldur has some amazing abilities that make him godly but you have to be level 10 to get it. Pre level 5 he’s only average. Able to cc enemies and lock them up for the allies to munch on but post lvl 5 he can kick it in to overdrive plus he’s much harder to kill.

Yeah… I really want to say Boldur post level 5 is impossible to kill 1v1 and usually even 2v1. Runes of Power is one of the best ultimates in the game imo: never expires until you decide to expend it or you die, can’t be cancelled by hard CC, passively and actively increases your abilities, and has the some of the best level 10 augments. Thanks to his incredible tankiness and sustain, he’s nearly impossible to dislodge from a lane in Meltdown and he can push constantly in Incursion.

No worries, once everyone’s attention is off of Galilea and co I think Boldur will get his time in the limelight (not trying to turn this into a Galilea op discussion though). Just remember I called it here people.

Na it will be rath then boldur probably kelvin next then ghalt until everyone does 1 damage and has 300 starting health