What do you think the new game mode will be?

So, there’s a “new game mode” coming that they announced together with the 4th skill trees, though I don’t see many people talking about it. Depending what it is, I think it the potential to be a big deal that could change the game dramatically. I’m very curious, though I have no idea what it could be. Any ideas?

Could it be we are looking at something like Mayhem 3.0, with the existing Mayhem 2.0 being scrapped? Or something that exists alongside Mayhem 2.0? Or something that’s quite independent - like a single DLC-only area with a horde mode or something? Is it likely to be something based on BL2 or TPS?

I hope that Gearbox have acknowledged their mistakes with M2.0 and are trying to implement a new hard mode that avoids those mistakes (eg. annoying modifiers, out-of-control weapon scaling, bullet sponge enemies that lead to grossly overpowered annointments).

But that seems unlikely, since it’s going to be a paid DLC. On the one hand, it’s exciting that they’re putting in so many resources into it that they feel justified in charging for it (and I don’t mind paying). But on the other hand, it inevitably means that it will be limited in scope, changing things for those players who purchase it, but leaving the game untouched for those who don’t.

I guess that probably means that Mayhem2.0 will continue as-is, rather than being replaced. It might also mean that the inevitable bugs and balance problems that arise from the New Game Mode will receive a lower priority from the devs, since they’ll never apply to the full player base.



UVHM or Overpower mode.
Overpower mode was a paid DLC.


Dear Gods, please no. The last thing we need is even more unbalanced nonsense.

Like, I wanted to make a joke that the new game mode was just some joke on bugs like a horde mode with literal bug enemies, enemies laughing at you as your skills glitch out, or something, but that made me get into serious mode.
Please GBX, for all that is sacred, no OP mode. We already have Mayhem and look at how bad that is. Putting OP on top of that would just completely murder any remaining semblance of a game.


My initial thought was it’d be some sort of randomly generated quest/map system. But without any real information there ain’t much to talk about. We’d just be spewculating.


I have no clue and I will not try to guess as it will inevitably set up for disapointment.


Interesting point of view. You pessimistically believe that your guesses are bound to be too optimistic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well at least I can be positively surprised

Paul Tassi had a chat with Graem Timmins (sp?) about the new skill trees and among other things he learned that new class mods for the new skill trees will be available in the new mode so we know that there will at least be a loot aspect with possibly other legendaries as well.

Personally I’m really hoping the mode is a version of Bunkers and Badasses which plays differently each time you do it. I found it interesting they’re launching a BNB board game while BNB has no true representation in their latest game (yet).

Interview is here if you want to read it: https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2020/09/22/gearbox-explains-why-borderlands-3-picked-new-skill-trees-over-dlc-vault-hunters/amp/


Knowing gbx it’ll probably be a friggin battled Royale mode.


From that article:

I seriously hope that this only happens if you have purchased the new mode and have it activated. I guess we’ll find out in October, then?


Dont be silly.

They will put better weapons, class mods, etc all behind ‘season 2’ Dlc.

If we no pay, we no play.


At the back of my mind I HOPE SO because I paid for it but should only make sense for the new mode or season 2.

If you are still in season 1, whatever op setup you have should remain op – at least that’s what I am hoping. Win-win.

If non-paying customers get the same benefit as the paying ones, then why bother paying?

Nah. The folks at GBX may be many things but they aren’t stupid enough to think that a PvP mode could work in a game like Borderlands.


Gonna agree with jgartenbenz here. I really hope that by game mode they don’t just mean another playthrough level but rather actual content and I will say, some kind of randomly generated dungeon mode could be interesting.
Imagine if it had a bit of a Roguelite aspect to it, where you play through a map, beat a boss, proceed to a slightly harder map etc until you either die or eventually encounter a final raidboss. Basically like a procedurally generated Takedown.


Hoping it’s not a “Peak” or “Holodome” type of thing.
I wouldn’t mind a new playthrough being added, but I think something like that should be free to everyone and not a paid DLC.

Hope it’s not “Raid Boss Spawn Mode”…where it unlocks “traditional Raid Bosses” onto different maps of the game.

Seems I know what I don’t want it to be but have no idea on what it could be or what I’d want it to be lol.

Higher difficulty with enemy health regeneration and more emphasis on element matching and less random modifiers “à la mayhem”.
Without the need to run the story one more time. I think GBX showed they want to avoid that route the way you can activate mayhem and bypass TVHM story.


It’s Tannis building a time machine, so you can play BL1, 2 and tps with current vault hunters.

Actually,… I would pay for that.


I think the perfect game mode that the game needs is a roguelike experience like the summit of the division 2 or the shattered realm of grim dawn. That mode is perfect because it could offer a very challenging experience and lot of replayability, but to be good it needs:

-dedicated loot for that mode (the more it is, the more the game mode keeps players engaged)
-some special enemies or levels that can occur (like the cow level of diablo)
-maybe some esclusive skins

Another game mode that i would like to see in future are bounties, they could incentivise the players to revisit some locations (DLCs included) to kill some enemyes or bosses and collect materials for annointment respec.

I hope that after this new mode, they will make another 1-2 takedowns.


I would dig a PVP style mode, maybe it could be a arena style pvp mode, or like a MH kill this boss/pack of minions speed run. I dont know how i would feel about it, but a Tetris 99/new mario style battle royal may work

No idea - if we can take GBs intended direction from their statements and history then they have said they don’t want to do an OP mode and that mayhem was its successor.

Despite an awful lot of negative opinion on mayhem 2.0 I don’t believe GBX has ever even hinted that they view it as a mistake or failure, which disappointingly leads me to believe it will be some kind of doubling down on what we have now.