What do you think they'll do after DLC4?

Though I still like BL3, I stopped playing about a month ago. Partly for lack of time, and partly because I grew tired of the frequent upheavals that came with every DLC/patch/event/takedown/cap-increase. I just want to enjoy a character without feeling like the ground is forever shifting beneath my feet, with the viability of builds and gear frequently being turned upside down by the latest nerf, buff, bug, and/or questionable design decision. I know some other players (though not all of course) probably feel the same.

Now that DLC4 is on the horizon, with what’s rumoured to be the last level cap raise we’re going to see for a while, I wonder if the time will finally be ripe to jump in and play, happy in the knowledge that whatever gear I farm will likely stay relevant for more than just a few weeks, for once.

Though the thought also occurs to me that once the team who was working on DLCs is finally freed up, Gearbox may want to put them to work in other areas, which could potentially signal a large new wave of changes: finally fixing long-standing problems, more seasonal events, Mayhem 3.0, who knows…

What do you guys think is the most likely to happen after DLC4 launches? Will the dust finally settle, as Gearbox moves onto other projects? Or will we see more activity (patches, mini-events, seasonal content, etc.) than ever? Or do you think the rate of change will remain about the same?

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