What do you use with your Banjo?

I have gotten my 1st Banjo,
Now i am considering a new build around it.
Currently running all SNTL Cryo weapons with Ice Breaker and seein Dead with either Transformer 15% movement or Re-Router +15% Movement
Favorite guns on this build are Redistributor Rad/Cryo, Maggie Cryo, Ion Cannon Cryo, and a mixture of Cutsmans, Lucians, Shredififers and Tediores, even tryinf out Dictator i recently got - Still looking for a nice anointed Becah for this build.

But plan to try Banjo with possibly Brainstormer cryo, Cutsman Shock and cryo, and not sure what else, i do not have a shock anointed redistributor…

So what are y’all using with your banjo?

Would like to hear your favorite weapons combo with it and your builds

Gt- xCaliburxxx

Wrong Category, Bro. I think you should ask to place your thread under “Loot/Weapons”(yellow-dot)

But to answer your questions. If you use banjo you get most profit out of weapons that have ricocheting bullets and the sntnl50 anoint (someone told me that the banjo chains get the bonus of the anointment as well)
But you can’t tell me you haven’t seen the chain-zane-build, that should have answered your questions as well.

I did see his build while at the airport a week ago. But he talks so slow and it was a long video so i quit midway. I will have to go back to it

I tried it with a Hellwalker once. It was kinda hilarious on Athenas. When it worked, a good shot on an enemy would break another enemy’s shield and I could continue. But that required too much risk for something that was more novelty than anything.

You basically want something with a lot of hits. Fast firing or multi pellet. The chain will be based on the damage you do, I think…huh. I wonder how it works with a Nukem.

usually like, an amp, maybe get my friend on drums

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I prefer to play with my fingers. Picks just make it too harsh

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I’m sure @VaultHunter101 would be down to move it.

My Tediore FL4K is my shock specialist, so any of my Tediore weapons get it.

So then use my banjo with my maggies, my redistributor, shredifier cryo and lucians, dictator, becah maybe,

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Bingo banjo

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FYI, for those who are sticklers about posts, i already put in a request to move this to Zane


My only Electric Banjo is on the one who found it - Moze.

This. Pairs very nicely with Jakobs fine weaponry (especially shotguns). I think someone else-thread had mentioned using it with Torgue sticky rounds because you get twice the chance to proc? It was also firing very nicely with the SMG I was running the other night. I’ll have to check my load out when I get home and see what it was.

I was hoping to find one for Zane when I ran Ambermire story missions last night, but I still haven’t unlocked the relic slot there…

I now have 3 of them, they all look alike, wasn’t sure they where specific per toon. There isn’t any anointment on these at all

How long on average does it take yall farming? I still have yet to get one, even famring billies for hours. PS4

It’s RNG, but I personally farmed about 10h I would say. Only good thing is, “the Unstopable” (don’t know his name right now, but the guy who can drop the band of sitorak) is right around the corner, so you can also try your luck spawning him and with even more luck he will drop you a BoS.

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In my experience it’s basically at its best with redistributor, and mediocre elsewhere. People have argued that the redistributor is good on it’s own and that’s also true. I’m not sure if the extra elements proc it more, I know the chains do, and I have some pictures with high damage numbers I want to decipher.

But yah that’s my two cents, redistributor is probably the best weapon with it, everything else icebreaker is probably better tbh.

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OK, I checked and the SMG I was using with a non-anointed Banjo on Moze was a Hostile Crossroad. Also used it extensively with a cryo Redundant Trending Heart Breaker, which was awesome. Kind of a “Shock and BRRRRRrrrrrrr”


So I was just killing mobs testing stuff, believe it or not I was killing truant with redistributor and accidentally switched to my x2 thorns anointed and it was killing. I think it is because that weapon is multiple bullets. But it rocked him

I haven’t played with banjo myself, but if it works with ricochet then I’d definitely try out with a recursion as well.

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Given that is basically only adding a Brainstormer effect to any other weapon, I’d honestly rather run using the Brainstormer and have another Legendary relic to use with two different effects. Granted I can see how it would work well with really good weapons like the Redistributor or Projectile Recursion.