What do you use?

I’ve been getting real into Caldarius lately (I mean, who doesn’t love badass mech suits?), and while I’ve been doing well for myself, I find it hard to actually CARRY a game as him. As in, despite my efforts I can’t seem to do well enough to net the win for my team when they are doing poorly. I just need to get over this hump so I’ll be unstoppable with caldy.

Currently I am running his legendary gear along with a mini-singularity launcher and a 0-cost shard generator. I really enjoy the overall stats of my singularity launcher on caldarius- recoil, hp regen, and a handy slow. I used to run oath of the sustained for the extra sustain and a little bit of attack damage. I like them both, as I hate not being able to get health regen without a healer (I’m not a fan of the life steal blade mutation), but I feel like I can’t lock down as many kills as I should because of this.

For anyone that considers themselves a good or above-average caldarius, what gear do you guys find best for him?

This isn’t necessarily advice for Caldarius as it’s more for learning a new character. What I have found is 0 cost shard generator and wrench. Mainly, it allows me to level up faster than most other players and that way I can learn how to get better while not being at a disadvantage. With that being said, I like cooldown with him, the blue rogue cooldown + cooldown when all skills are on cooldown is my favorite with him. Other than that, I go with some sort of shield or max health bonus, usually 0 or 420 cost to help him have a bit more survivability.

He is really a versatile character so you can play him however you want

I personally run as 3 items with reload speed on him… Just getting as much as quickly as possible… There becomes a point where his reload becomes so short that his bullets seem endless… I recommend not trying to build for survivability on him as he has the second most mobility in the game… Also you should almost never use his charge as an attack it’s one of the better get always in the game…

I use attack speed and reload speed. You could put something free in the third slot. Recoil reduction is pretty useless with him, slightly tighter spread only helps at long range and his TMP damage drops off significantly at long range.
Being able to empty a clip and get a new one in as soon as possible and getting close to mid range critical hits are how I put out loads of damage with Caldy.
Or if you want to focus on skills you can do that too. Just swap the attack speed and reload for cooldown and skill damage depending on your preference.

Never really tried cdr on him now that I think about it. But for how little I use the dash, I’m not sure that a blue “more cdr when everything is on cd” will work out as well as some other prerequisite for more cdr or just a white one. Also, what tier of wrench do you have? White, green, blue,etc?

I always thought that hp regen was better than max hp or max shield on him. It really does help me in like every situation, especially if I have to rely on myself when I’m solo

Seems that reload speed is popular, although I feel like I get more actual kills with the bomb over the TMP, especially after I get triple bomb. Any reload items you recommend? I’m a fan of using legendaries, but they don’t have to be

I don’t know I’ve ever seen a Caldarius “dominate” a game.

I’ve seen plenty that contributed in a big way to their team winning many that I would name MVP of the match, but I think his hit-and-run, harassing type kit might just not fit “dominating,” at least not in the way the OP mentions.

I don’t mean to downplay Caldy or his kit at all. It might just be semantics, my definition of “dominating” not matching up with the OPs.

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a Caldy do this, for example. But then again, I can probably think of only 2 or 3 instances where I’ve seen someone single-handedly (or near single-handedly) win a game in Incursion or Meltdown, at least, when their team was sucking. Those instances have usually been the characters that specialize in something; like El Dragon’s damage potential, Kleese’s intractability, or Benedicts who just never miss. Caldy may just be too versatile to fit that role.

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My wrench and shard generator both cost 0. It’s really to gain XP faster with the side bonus of helping the team win. With his speed and damage output, you can easily get the thralls and help with the minions in incursion. Meltdown, he can clear waves easily.

Best reload speed for all shooters, (in my opinion) blue reload speed with reload speed for 5 seconds after completing a reload…

I like using a reload with health Regen as a secondary. It cuts down on the time I spend away from combat. I noticed someone else on here mention reload after reload, that’s a good one too.

I use:
0 activation cost -shield recharge delay
epic +health regen +attack damage
symbiotic gauntlet (uber attack damage)

Attack damage is the only offensive stat that matters, because it equally affects his tmp and melee dps at the same flat rate as advertised. Recoil is always trash, attack speed doesn’t increase tmp dps to the full rate because of reloads, reload speed in general is just bad but particularly for Caldarius as it only affects his tmp and not melee. In fact, reload speed gear is even more pointless because I take the insta-reload helix at lvl1. Skill damage is just… no…

Health regen is mandatory on every character I play since I can never and do never rely on healers/heal stations and because it synchronises stupidly well with symbiotic gauntlet.

The shield delay is there only because I haven’t found a flawed shield recharge rate gear that I can use with no downsides (heal power iirc)… anyway it compliments Caldarius’s skirmishing nature brilliantly… take pot shots, regen shields, pot shots, regen shields, pot shields, regen shields, kill.

Shard gen, Vyn’s Quiver (strong regen and reload speed), and white attack speed. I agree about regen, for every character who doesn’t take too much damage, it makes shard farming, Thralls, everything easier. I might have to try the singularity Launcher, although missing reload sped will hurt.

On him you should go for Attack Speed, Skill Damage and Attack Damage. 3 of the best stats for him

On him i use the “Quartermastery Bin” it’s very good on him as you can easily take all the shards and even the enemy shards, and the benefits is really huge as a shards will earn 220% (100% for you and 30% for each ally)

As i’ve a shard generator on him i can easily go for 2 other legendaries

His lore legendary because… you know
and the “Bola’s Target Finder” because really good stat for Caldarius and it’s easy to proc the passive on at least 3/4 players during a fight

It gives me a nice amount of Attack Speed (12%) and Skill Damage (14%) +5% Damage and a bit of Shield Pen (not the best stat, but not bad either)

I tried reload speed and recoil but it’s not worth (for me)

Yea I don’t know where ‘dominate’ comes from in regards to Caldarius.

A good Caldy would be better described as ‘pervasive’.

He’s never absent, even when you run him off he can be back in a flash (bang). He’s not pushing the wagon forward but he’s hanging off the undercarriage, greasing wheels and clearing away rocks. He’s the guy who sees that dive after the team healer, calls it out, and smacks them in the face with a grenade so they’re stumbling about and being focused by the team. He’s the one who spots that big push coming and sticks his leg out in front of it, tripping up the whole lot as they’re blind, bleeding, shieldless, and with wounded healer taking TMP crits.

I do recall one of his lores having him described as a surgical knife in warfare, which is absolutely true.


Personally I run with
Uncommon Jennerit Gloves: Attack damage & attack speed for 5 seconds after melee
Uncommon Eldrid Blade: Attack speed and health after 180 seconds
Rare Eldrid Armour: Health and Health after 180 seconds

I try to get into melee a lot. With the +20% attack speed after using the charge and with the slow mutation at level 6, you can dish out quite a lot of damage with his melee. The extra health is just there for making him sturdier, since I want to go melee a lot.
Ever since I made the math on Shield recharge gear and shield delay gear, I have wanted to try it on him, but I am not sure what gear piece I would give up.

Should be noted that since I go melee a lot, this gear is mostly suited for Meltdown. Incursion games tend to get me stuck at TMP range.

If you want to use the shield items, I suggest giving up that extra health. Unless you really like being in the fray as you mentioned, then I would get rid of the health after 180 seconds gear. Ultimately, I like the idea of your first item. I was messing around with different stuff on him last night. Still can’t decide what I like most :confused:

I’ve had plenty of Carries and dominating performances with Caldarius. I run a 0 cost shard generator along with The Pacifier and his Lore Legendary. I recommend that his legendary be 1 of the 3 pieces of gear you equip (once unlocked ofc)

I have experimented with a lot of different loadouts over the past few weeks, and I have finally settled on a 0 cost shard generator, a maximum purple glove with 210 health, and his sword. I have also been concentrating on leveling up as quickly as possible, so I have not been activating any gear until I hit level four, when I activate the glove, and then go for the sword at level 5 if my level is still equal to or greater than the opposing team’s average. Leveling up quickly is why I no longer use a second legendary. I experimented with the Pacifier and Oath of Sustainment, but I found that leveling up is more beneficial. Also, the extra 210 health is pretty hard to beat with either of these legendaries. If I had a maximum Symbiotic Gauntlet I would try it, but I think that getting the purple one activated much sooner is probably better.