What do you want for DLC?

For the first time ever I am buying a Season Pass. Normally I wait on DLC’s to hit bargain prices or GOTY Editions, not this time. What I would love for in DLC?

  1. Bunkers and Badasses 2.0 with Tina Hosting a new game. Bring back all the usual suspects as NPC in the main town. Loved the Mr. Torgue side quests.
  2. I haven’t finished my first play through so I am not sure if this may actually already be available. But a DLC that takes you back to Fyrestone. Fyrestone has been in BL1, BL2, and BL:TPS, and it needs to be present in BL3. Each time it has evolved in some way. This time have it be that the regions Eridium has dried up and the town along with all of Jack’s Mining Equipment has deteriorated and gone back to the wild. Or something along those lines. Or even have the town be taken back and re-inhabited.
  3. New Planets…that consist of nothing but raid missions and behemoth style raid bosses.

Gaige and Krieg
Enough said


Bring Maya back


Dr. Zed DLC, and in that DLC Dr. Ted makes his appearance in it.

Claptastic Voyage 2.0, or, an alternate reality where ShadowTrap and Claptrap came together to rule the galaxy like ShadowTrap promised. Really I just want ShadowTrap back in some way.


I’m expecting a Gaige Eden-5 DLC and here is why:

  1. When Gearbox announced a few months ago that Gaige wouldn’t be in the game, they said they were looking to bring her in via DLC.

  2. We know that Gaige’s home planet is Eden-5, and that it is a very corrupt planet, so I could see her going back there to fight the corruption after leaving the Crimson Raiders.

  3. If you speak to Wainwright Jakobs on Eden-6 in Borderlands 3, one of the random lines that he says is “When you find the time, you should visit some of the other Edens, they’re not all like this” which I think might have been a tease that we’re going to one of the other Edens in the DLC.

  4. There is an echo-log in Borderlands 3, where the father of Marcie Holloway (the girl who ripped off Gaige’s Deathtrap design in the science fair and sold it), who has now became the founder of Holloway Robotics and is selling the Deathtrap looking robots in Borderlands 3, swears revenge on Gaige for killing Marcie.

Hopefully Axton shows up with her in that DLC since he is missing from the main game as well, and since they became friends and went on Crimson Raider missions together after Borderlands 2.

As for the other DLC’s, I’m hoping for:

  1. A Tales from the Borderlands reunion DLC where Rhys, Sasha, Fiona, Vaughn, Gortys, and Loaderbot all show up.

  2. A Dr. Zed DLC, should probably find a way to work in Salvador, Krieg, Athena, and Jainey into this one since they are missing from the main game.

  3. Tina’s Bunkers and Badasses 2.0


I want to find out the details behind what happened in the Vault of the Traveler. Where’s Fiona?

I would avoid doing another B&B or Claptastic Voyage DLC. Those two stories had a reason for being and some deeper lore they unveiled. If you do the same thing again you’re just setting them up to be not as good.


It going be vague suggestion but the idea is separate map with a vault with Tina and Ava task in finding a vault and the DLC ends with the revival of maya without her powers and Roland but the power of vault collapsing and you have to escape.

The reason I chose the two is I chose the two is their strong connection to dead character Roland and Maya


Fiona and Sasha


-I want all my missing vault hunters to show up. Krieg, Axton, Gaige, Athena, and Salvador.

-New planets. Fast Travel stations in 2 became a pain with 60+ locations and trying to memorize which location was tied to which DLC

-Raid Bosses and New Proving Grounds and Circles of Slaughter. Hell I’d like to see some new game modes. Give me stuff to do with my character beyond just missions.

-No level cap increase or UVHM. This is where any semblance of “balance” in BL2 fell apart.


2 new vault hunters which unique abilities and augments unlike many of the VH we got for 3 which feel a bit derivative at times


I really REALLY need a Krieg DLC that brings some closure for him. Especially with what happened to Maya and how his ECHO logs all seem to indicate that he’s spent the last 5 years preparing to see her again. His response to being told she’s not coming back could really be a crazy mission line.

He’s such a fun character and that we only get bits and pieces that don’t give us a real resolution for him really disappointed me. I need my psycho man!


Wow good ideas:

1-Absolutely yes to Tina 2 - another game of Bunkers and Badasses (or something centered on her). And can Brick please please please be one of the players in the game.

2-Somehow bring back some interesting obscure character and do something cool with him/her? Dukino, One of the named Crimson Raiders, 1340 (that former loader bot); Karima from Overlook, something like that.

3-Since we are going to other planets, then yes, something like the lovely suggestions here:

I would totally be on board for any of those…


I don’t want another Bunkers and Badasses DLC. I’m not into the sw&sor setting.

I’d rather get new enemies. More aliens, creatures, mutants, plants that sprout legs and muscles and punch you silly. Maybe a Hammerlock DLC where we hunt down unique enemies, with new attacks, not just reskins of Bandits and Skags.

Though I guess asking for a DLC with several Boss-level multi-stage enemies, on top of a big new map may be pushing it haha.


More of ability to alter my room

More time with Vaughn, Tina, Brick, Birdman, other VH (side missions, events, etc.)

More trophies appear on Sanctuary like list of location phoenix channel is access, part of target in zero room instead cross out picture, a trophy room for achievements similar to hammerlock room: mannique with your favorite outfit, memorial for the fallen like Scooter, more places show off weapons, achievements statues or objects .

Bring back BL2 fast travel system

Better way to access the challenges

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I did like the setting, but the real draw of Tina’s 'verse was not the setting, it was the story. I also liked regenerating grenades. All good.

I didn’t care much for Hammerlock’s adventure; despite a lovely intro (reminiscent of Fallout), there just wasn’t enough plot, and the monsters were more annoying than interesting - to me anyway.

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A good story.


If the DLC was going to add anything to the story, I would like to see how Ave and Tannis try to lead the CR after Lilith disappears. From what I have seen so far neither of them seems like a capable leader.

A good setup would be remaining members of COV start to clash with a rising faction that has begun to warship the Firehawk (similar to BL2) With the stress rising, Ave and Tannis look for solutions. Tannis continues to look for clues of Lilith’s whereabouts, while Ava studies the book Maya dropped when she was killed. We as players learn from Ava that this book was imprinted with a portion of Mayas mind (using eridian technology), able to project an AI avatar that resembles Maya.

At the same time, the Psycho Kreig has learned of Maya death and has snipped, going on a rampage on Pandora. We as players are sent to stop him only to find destroyed bandit camps/outposts. When explored we learn from echo recordings left by members of COV that a buzz-axe wielding monster is killing anyone connected to Tyreen or Troy, regardless if they were loyal to them or not. The last echo is of a scientist begging for his life and is only spared when he says that he can bring back the pretty lady. The sane version of Krieg forces himself to the surface asking how this man can do what he says. Learning that he is a geneticist studying Sirens, and how they work, he promises that if he can get Mayas DNA he can bring her back.

While Kreig’s psychotic side fights for control, the sane side explains that this is their only chance to see her again. Grabbing a pouch from his belt he throws it at the scientist, revealing a lock hair Maya left as a promise. When asked if that will work, the scientist says yes, and is dragged off by Kreig to an unknown location.

(A few days to a week later, after searching several of Hyperion, Atlas, and Dahl bases/labs) Back on the Sanctuary III, the VH’s, Tannis, Ava, and the Maya AI discuss what to do next. The scientist sends out a message over an open channel begging for help, promising rewards to anyone that can save him.

Knowing that message will have attracted COV and more, the VH along with Ava, and the Maya AI head to the new location. Once there, players must fight their way through various enemies to reach the lab. Upon arrival, Krieg attacks us protecting a large tank with a silhouette of a woman inside, after a time a cut-scene plays where the Maya AI spawns asking Krieg to stop, allowing his more sane side to come out.

During the awkward reunion, the scientist tries to flee only for Ava to stop him in a phaselock. When ordered to explain if he really cloned Maya. He directs us to the computer next to the tank, the VH’s flip a switch to reveal a perfect physical copy of Maya floating inside. However, he says that while the body is a perfect copy, the mind couldn’t be cloned. It would be as if it was a new person.

Begging to be released Ava drops him harshly on the floor, while the Maya AI looks at the clone alongside Krieg. She then asks the scientist if he had an imprint of her mind could he transfer it to the body? Taking a moment to think he says that in theory, it could work.

Suddenly the alarms got off and Ava orders everyone to leave, only for the Maya AI to stop her. Asking how long it would take to transfer her mind, we are told that it would take some time, but if the VH’s hold back the waves of enemies he could do it.

Ordering everyone to hold the enemies back the Maya AI asks Ava to give the scientist the book. Protesting Ava says that staying in this form means that she’ll never lose her again. Which the Maya AI reassures her that it will work and that now Ava needs to protect her. Reluctantly Ava gives the book to the scientist and he connects it to the tanks and begins the transfer.

After several waves of enemies fall the transfer is complete and Maya is released from the tank. Only for the alarms go off again signaling more enemies are coming, blocking all the exits. Helping Maya to her feet the scientist tells us that there is an emergency escape route that leads outside.

However, once we arrive we are told that the lab will start a count down to a self destruct, and unless someone holds the enemies back, we won’t be able to escape. Wanting to show that she is a worthy successor, Ava along side Krieg tell the VH’s to get Maya out of here. Maya protests, but Ava tells her a VH runs to the fire. Charging the enemies along side Krieg.

When we reach the exit we see the lab explode along with a large burst of energy. Moments later a spark of energy hits Maya causing her siren tattoos to return, collapsing to the ground crying. In the distance Krieg limps towards us with Ava in his arms.

A rough idea, but I think it would be interesting to see.

  1. The missing vault hunters (Gaige, Axton, Salvador) return to the end the second corporate war betwen Malivan, Vladof, Dahl and Hyperion.
  2. Krieg’s crusade to find the Vault that can bring back Maya and butcher the COV remnants.
  3. This is more of an idea and dont have the details figured out yet, but put Insane Clown Posse in the game. If there was a game where Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope fit right in its Borderlands (imagine Mr. Tourge with Juggalo face paint).
  4. V-Day, all the Vault hunters reunite to track down the penultimate vault in a final assault to stop an ancient Siren from conquering the Galaxy and reinstablishing the Eridian Empire (lots of heroic sacrifice potencial, epic battles, badass last stand’s and space-time shattering exsplosions).

I dont even remember the old Hammerlock hosted DLC, aside from the tall leggy creatures. (And I think there were witch doctors?)

I found enemies in BL2 annoying because of the stupid enemy health regen and me not wanting to use meta weapons to overcome it. I’m grateful for the Community Patch that let me use the gear I actually liked instead of the same mandatory stuff.

Anyway, going with an Alien Jurassic Park parody this time might be fun.

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DLC ideas huh.

Well ill start with a charecter I’d like to see be added.
Nomad. Tree 1 shield. Tree two duel wild rocket launchers and rocket launcher buff and such, third tree, ability to sick 3 different tinks on the battle field.

New siren with commander Steeles powers.
Idk what they are but I’d make it this.
Tree 1- phase turret, tree 2- phase blast, tree 3- phase aura

DLC story ideas.
Zero and Maliwan- exploring maliwan and zero connections to them, who this she is that helped zero make his suit, and why she is still with maliwan or gave katagawa the tech, was zero a maliwan scientist or engineer who was working on the zero tech before having to go on the run. Why katagawa tried so hard to get zero to join him. Ect…

A virtual reality DLC 1 and 2- go through the story of the first two games but from a outside view, this is also how you can bring Roland, Maya, and coughJackcough back if that’s what you want, in a side quest it literally made a clone of some women lol. You could also bring In a new item rarity a virtual rarity. And of course bringing back dozens of old maps.

Like someone up above mentioned Dr. Ted. Bring Dr Zed back, I’d love to see the third brother(maybe he could be the normal one), maybe even have Ted revive Ned so we can get these 3 in one place for a little family reunion.

A mordecai and brick dlc. Learn more about them and maybe finally have brick find his sister.

Of course a tiny tina DLC again. I’d bring a new shotgun that shoots D&D dice.

A axton and gaige DLC- someone mentioned eden 5 being corrupted, so maybe a story about fighting off that corruption and also a reunion between axton and his wife.

Salvador and Mr. Tourge DLC. Story could bring in a brand new manufacturer. This manufacturer could be another explosion manufacturer who is trying to take Tourges place in the market and stomp out tourge (make the Creator of this manufacturer his family member or something) And he enlist the help of the vault hunters in taking this manufacturer down. Not entirely sure how Salvador fits in just yet but I feel these two would work well with each other.

A kreig DLC answer who he is and if he is or isn’t Tina’s father.

A tannis DLC and answer more of her story and her connection to angel and jack, why she has angels stuff and a picture of Jack and his pregnant wife who is destroyed in the picture.

Those are some ideas that come off the top of my head.

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