What do you want for DLC?

I’m all for Krieg time. Good suggestion.

But Hell no on the AVA suggestion. Ava needs to disappear plain and simple. There are so many more and better choices.

  • Kill off Ava and:
    -Let Lorelei inherit Maya’s powers, she’s a born leader. and so much more interesting than the whiny brat.
    -Amara could be in charge, she’s a Siren, battle hardened, and a true vault hunter.
    -Moze could do it Roland style, no Siren needed.

In the End I would just be happy with a dead Ava and ANYONE else in charge.


Captain Scarlett’s fine pirate arse as a playable Vault Hunter. Oh to dream… :smile:

I feel like there should be expanded Skill Trees, since the level cap raise is inevitable and it doesn’t seem like any new Vault Hunters will be forthcoming in the foreseeable future.

More of Borderlands iconic characters reappearing, we barely got any interaction with say Brick, Mordi, and Tina for instance, and none with any other former Vault Hunters save Lillith.

Less generic dialouge from the various Vault Hunters, more actual interaction with other characters would give them all a much needed interactability boost. Speaking of which…

NO MORE CUTSCENES WHERE YOUR VAULT HUNTER IS NOT PRESENT AT ALL. This is understandably tilting like Don Quixote at wind mills for most of us… At least with previous game cutscenes there were plausible explanations for lack of your VH interacting.

More expansion to newer characters that resonated well with most of us… Wainwright and Lorelai especially. And one more thing.



I surely don’t want a 2.0 recicled dlc like B&B 2.

i want new stuff.

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I’m probably in the minority of those who love Balex.

Why reply to me about Krieg? I didn’t said anything that You’re replying for :upside_down_face:

  • Story about guardians doing some shenanigans
  • Story about going to Elpis to investigate Lilith’s disappearance, and the general aftermath of Elpis getting phaselocked. Maybe Athena and Janey could be there. Maybe we’d see Claptrap shrines too, in recognition of him blowing the **** out of everything there. Maybe some of his fragtrap code gets randomly retriggered.
  • Story about the siren sisterhood, finding out about Steele’s successor, possibly the mysterious seventh siren as well
  • Vault hunters appearing in cutscenes. Treat it like the illustrations for Marcus’s intros, with all 4 of them there. It’s the same level of disbelief-suspension as the current solution, but at least we get cooler cutscenes. Have NPCs actually converse with the vault hunters and have a few specific lines for each VH.
  • Corporate war story, with a way to farm gear from specific manufacturers.
  • Story about entering Krieg’s mind to turn him sane after he hears about Maya.
  • Axton, Gaige, and Salvador, wherever they are.
  • Money/Eridium sink. Allow adding anointments perhaps, or changing one weapon part, or trading in legendaries.
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According to the Forums and Reddit he’s one of the most popular new characters e.e gawd i can’t stand him lol

I’m curious to find out where they are, if nothing else. Last we saw of them together was on Pandora in TftB (and Athena in the TPS final cut-scene).

The other thing I’m wondering - when the vault key showed the map at the end of BL2 main story, how many planets with the vaults were there? And how many did we encounter in BL3 main story? By my reckoning there’s still a vault or two out there… Bring on the seven-headed vault monster!

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I would love a DLC where you learn from Krieg how to go psycho. Seeing as there won’t be any new vault hunters, instead focusing on the skill trees, it would make sense that we could earn a skill tree by completing a DLC.

Having to work alongside a Psycho who just learned the woman he loved was murdered really seems to be a great way for the new VH crew to learn how to release the devil inside…

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I’m still hoping they’ll change their mind. But, this is a great idea! :grin:

I know im hoping they change their minds. VH are my favorite DLC since it adds a whole 2 extra playthrus and 3 of the 4 DLC VH are my fav VH (kreig, gaige, tim)

Horses for Courses I guess.

So on that like dislike piece.

Balex is a no from you.

Yeah i couldn’t muster any like for Ice T and i knew who it was the second he spoke w/o prior knowledge… But i liked Wainwright of the new folks, which is a bit odd considering my harshly religious and hysterically homophobic upbringing (( not trying to rabble rouse or claim i still retain an irritaional discomfort with gayness either just illuminating a bit of a paradox )). He was fighting for love and for his family’s legacy, and had a well written “southern aristocrat” sort of gumbo flavor. Also liked how relatively benign Jakobs seems compared to all of the other corporations i know of.

Lorelai is sexy, and has some decent dialouge but the “slaggin times infinity” got stale quick.

The only Borderlands i have not played is Tales From… I only knew Vaughn from Commander Lillith. He’s mildly amusing but repetitive and too goofy to take seriously. I think Rhys should of been given more diginity.

Haha, this is funny because i like Rhys as he is. The pathetic guy who always pulls through. Unfortunately he wasn’t given this chance. He does help in the final assault to Troy though…

BALEX is awesome though. Im actually surprised at the feedback. He is funny without talking for long periods of time. First male A.I. in BL series too? Other than Loader Bot.

Im definitely on board with the Ava hate though. I dont think the story benefits much from Ava really. Lilith already felt bad about herself.

Anyway, for DLC, definitely want to see missing characters, and much more from B-team. Also id like to see them actually have a significant impact on an new and actual threat.

New vault hunters for sure, but not liking these odds.

More maps and worlds, and more solo-able end game content, that only gets better in a group.

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After the (6)trials the eredian essentially says the vault hunters have inherited their place as guardians of the vaults.
It’d be fun, I think, to have a dlc where we fight off a small campaign of vault hunters.

I think it’d be cool to see old dlc characters but if we cant have them In a story format I think it’d be cool to have them as grenade mods.
To throw a Gaige or a Krieg at the bads, good times.

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Great thread…

I’d love to see…

The grinder.
Glitch weapons!
Some way to modify weapon parts for Eridium or cash.
An optional game mode like Digistruct Peak - where enemies spawn more predictably, builds can be OP tested, and people can compete on timed runs.

Possible DLC extensions:

A sniper focused Mordecai DLC.
Scooter’s X wing. Steel a spaceship that you can navigate to destroy a boss. Er… a Death star like Boss…
Dr Zed’s Zombie Apocalypse… With a mutated zombie mega-boss
Crazy Earl’s Eridium hunt - tied into weapon upgrading.

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+1 Yup. All time favorite.

Borderlands 3 Strip poker DLC :flower_playing_cards: :kissing_heart:


Right, who would you have round the table :joy::joy:

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I’d say Moxxi but I bet she is pro at poker since you know, she gets around. Definitely Brick & Mordecai, Handsome Jack if he were around, Rhys would be funny, Fiona even though she would cheat, Lilith & Maya.

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