What do you want for DLC?

If this wasn’t covered elsewhere and I just missed it, I would love to see more backstory behind some of the vault hunters. More about Zero would be cool, I know we used to speculate he was an alien and stuff.

Also would like something detailing the eridian weapons we find. Why does my etech torgue pistol look like someone dipped it in goo and it grew teeth and a bootyhole?

You mean like all the growth they gave Maya?

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My post was just my curiosity as to what other people are interested in seeing as DLC. I know how it works. And as a fan I’ve already bought a season pass regardless of what the DLC ends up being. This thread was a “what if” wish list as fans of the game.

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Character Banter between all 4 vault hunters like in the presequel. It could be as simple as Zane saying to Amara while in a mob fight, “Hit em real good Amara!”


I’m sentimental toward Gaige. We went through a lot together.
Some sorta closure to the missing vault hunters.
But a Gaige themed dlc for mr would be cool.
With some Battleborn skins.

So I read the whole thread and I love most of the ideas that have come up! So, these are my two cents on a few things that haven’t been mentioned thus far and that I wouldn’t mind seeing in the game at a future point (spoiler alert for everything in the game, by the way!).


  • It would be intriguing (though unlikely, since it has basically never happened in the story of the series) to get new weapons by manufacturers that don’t normally produce them in the vanilla game (like COV shotguns, Maliwan ARs, Torgue shields, Eridian grenades etc.)


  • August

  • Nurse Nina

  • Pickle

  • Dukino (Tannis mentioned in the Digistruct Peak that Earl was trying to domesticate him, and by now he might have grown up to reach his mother’s size!)

  • Captain Scarlett

  • Moxxi’s other two children

  • Emily Swan (in case she’s important in some way, I dunno)

  • Tiffany (a mysterious robot from the Claptastic Voyage: "I Wonder Who Tiffany Was?" ~Tiny Tina - circa sometime after Borderlands 2)

  • The Watcher (though they might want to keep it for a sequel, like the Creator and the seventh siren)

  • Dr. Samuels (especially if we get more of Krieg)

  • If they make an Axton and Gaige-centric story, I think they should include Sarah, Gaige’s dad and obviously Marcie’s family.

  • Brick’s sister

  • Maybe give more character, background and screen time to old minor characters such as Ernest Whitting, Captain Cabrera and more.


  • Obviously I would love for every dlc to be set on a new planet, but (just like Borderlands 2 showed us) it’s not like we need a different planet to get a complete change in scenery. Who knows what the poles of Eden 6 look like (I’m curious to see how snow would look like in the new engine too) or the rest of Athenas, or what other mysteries lie across Nekrotafeyo?

  • If we visit Pandora again and get to see some old areas, it might be interesting to check how they have endured the spreading of the COV (imagine the razed land where New Haven used to stand, the ruins of Sanctuary half-buried in the sand, Opportunity, T-Bone Junction, the Bunker etc.)

  • OR we could go to places that have only been mentioned before (the Hyperion slums on Promethea, Sierra Mirte on Eden-6, Tsunami’s Edge and Ovejas on Pandora etc.)

Other stuff:

  • More history about the vault monsters: after all the insight we got into the Destroyer and the Warrior, it’s weird that we know NOTHING about Graveward, the Rampager, the Traveller etc.

  • What happened to Brick’s latest dog?

  • What is up with Sanctuary II?

  • What’s the deal with the Jack paintings inside the Jakobs Estate?

  • What do the giant bones that we’ve always seen lying around on Pandora look like when they’re actually, you know, alive?

  • Korillax the invincible

  • Insight into other manufacturers, especially the most obscure ones (like Pangolin, Anshin and PLEASE S&S Munitions)

  • More backstory for Fl4k and their pets

  • I think we might see space pirates, since Gearbox has showed that they’re willing to give a second chance to scrapped concepts (as we saw with plant-zombies in Fight for Sanctuary)

  • A developer mentioned in an interview that they wanted an area in the game that was basically the back of a giant organism (think Sinbad and the island-whale), but it had to be cut due to time costraints, soo…

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Could be just features or entire questlines. Maybe a big one could be a new planet. I always thought that since companies like Atlas, Hyperion, and now Maliwan have been big antagonists, maybe a quest line could involve Vladof. It could be either starting a revolution for, or against, them. Anyone else have things they’d like to see?

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Well I am under the impression that it is 4 CAMPAIGN DLC as opposed to anything else as that is what is stated so hopefully it is actually fleshed out stuff. It has also been confirmed that Fiona will be probably lead character in at least one of the 4 DLC.

As for what I would like to see, aside from the huge notepad of suggestions I have been working on, I generally compare games like this to Rachet & Clank from the good old days. In that case I would have loved to have seen an Arctic planet, a greener metropolis, maybe an ocean planet, a space station. Customisable ship (Sanctuary’s exterior), better room customisation.

Obviously Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, increased Character levels, possibly upto level 70. New higher class of weapons & gear and probably lots of other stuff that will never be added too.

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A series of smuggling/infiltration operations with Clay and the ones remaining in his unit.

Something goes wrong at tediore production and we get hired to track down who is hacking the guns to kill their owners.

Finding out the sister of a villain is trying to salvage the family company while somehow trying to reign in control of the bandit clans that are no longer unified.

Hopefully the paid dlc is better than those but that’s what I can think of unless they don’t make the great war the focus of the next installment…

raid/invincible bosses for sure we rly need that

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since i lack any type of imagination i will ask for stuff i know and love… which is, Bunkers and badasses campaign. something that is completely different tone, setting and theme of the main base game. tiny tinas DLC is exactly this. it was so good i almost kinda wish it was it’s own game hehe.

alltough i know we probably won’t get any new VHs, i’d love for a new one… i would be fine if it was a returning VH but with a re-imagined, but still true to the original skill trees. won’t happen though. these 4 we have now already pretty much cover every past VH in some form. but damnit if i can’t dream of it atleast !

More Tina and B-team and anything with Krieg in it

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more anointed with minute long immunity. just for the lolz

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Threads merged. Carry on!

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Hm. An arctic area was featured in BL2, so they’ll have to make sure its unique. As for an ocean planet, I wonder how they’d approach that. I doubt they’d want to bring Oz kits back.

I hate to say, and you may have already heard, but they apparently confirmed there’ll be no new vault hunters.


But on the other hand maybe they will take more time to actually balance the existing ones

This. So much this. A good quest where Ava can grow and we can get Krieg time. Have it a vault specific power that wont work more than once.

Mostly an UVHM, since there’s no slag this time maybe just further increase matching elemental damage and crit for physical.

As for big DLC, I would like to see even more expansion to the universe, especially if it comes with a Tediore or Vladof centric adventure, since they are the only two big manufacturers we have not seem in depth so far.

Ava and Krieg trying to find Maya’s whereabouts, after finding out she didn’t actually die.

This is the only possible redemption for Ava.