What Do *You* Want To See Patched/Changed?

First up - loving the game. Nearing the end of my first, mostly completionist playthrough and aside from a few ham-fisted story moments and minor gripes, I’ve had a blast.

However there are a lot of niggling issues that, if fixed would significantly improve the experience - and I’m sure others can think of more.

So let’s put together a list.

1. More ammo vending machines near bosses/early on.
I really like the majority of boss fights, but one constant annoyance was running out of ammo if it required multiple pulls. Bl2 was pretty good about ensuring that there is an ammo dispenser near most bosses, but in 3 it’s not uncommon to have to run a ways to get ammo before another attempt. Additionally, until a bit later in the story, it’s far too easy to run low on ammo mid mission, which can become annoying.
EDIT: This seems to have been granted, as of the last patch. Woohoo!

2. An option to disable screams.
Because any elemental effect applied to me, or another character drowns out everything with endless “AAAAAAAAUGH”. Just let us turn these off, if possible.

3. More bank space.
Shared stashes in loot games are great. Shared stashes in loot games with very, very limited slots…less so. Make it expensive, and something to work towards, but honestly - it could stand to be quadrupled.

4. More openness about exactly how long our cooldowns are in-game.
Just a simple (toggled) numerical indicator would be perfect.
It’s hard to judge if my cooldown reducing Moze procs are even doing anything.

5. The ability to skip the intro after one play-through.
Self explanatory.

6. Loot Drops buffed by about 200%.

Not quite to the insanity they were, but way better than the drought we have now.

7. Proving Grounds droprates buffed significantly

Weren’t these supposed to be the primary endgame activity?

Anything else anyone would like to add?


Vertical split screen and bigger ui text


All I want is them to fix the broken quest dialogue. Literally played three story missions in a row without any dialogue given to me and I have absolutely no idea if any important information or what not was said during those missions.
It has to be the first patch, a quarter of the story is literally just missing


Other than the more obvious issues they know about and are currently handling already, I would say the captions on screen are incredibly tiny. lol


Forums are not big enough for my list! Let’s start with UI performance in spltscreen is absolutely ridiculous and the game should not have been released in it’s current state! I’m on Xbox one x and when one player is in menu and the other player is running around the frames tank at every button press of the person in the menu! Also the UI text is so small and this makes it completely obvious the splitscreen portion of the game was not QA tested period. A font size fix is a simple fix and this was not done.


Yeah, I’ve seen some weird audio glitches.



Vertical Split Screen so my wife and I can actually play the game.


I personally am dying for a “look behind” button while driving like every other game had.

I’d also like a weapon wheel. It’s 2019, damn it. The Xbox button layouts are inane, all the d-pad buttons are used up so swapping between four weapons becomes a pain. If I could just hold down Y (the weapon swap button)to bring up a temporary menu that lets me use d-pad buttons to pick weapons, that would be great.

Also in the “it’s 2019, damn it” column: SKIPPABLE CUTSCENES.


One more to add - a different color for annointed weapons.


Go into options to make captions larger. There is also an option to increase/decrease opacity behind captions as well.


Larger text on the item cards. Or larger item cards. It’s not my television, that things yuge! The text is microscopic even WITH my +5 dapper steampunk monocle of viewing zoomed all the way in.


Yeah this one seems pretty common. Although I’d worry about framerates - even on my monster rig, this is one demanding game.

Pretty though.

one shoting bosses in mayhem is boring…makes me miss BL2

Play another character then. Maybe zane :slight_smile: He’s pretty funny but the fight’s become tough on Mayhem

I’m also on XboneX and agree with this 100%.


I would like them to add more HUD option to disable.
Specifically to simplify the crosshairs to just a dot, or the ability to turn it off.
And also get rid of the HITMARKERS!

(I can’t see anything with all the swooping and swirling and flashing reticle effects!)

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I have to agree with text.

I’d appreciate them adding all unlocked vehicle options to characters when you finished the playthrough (farming all the parts seems like it would be tedious by the time you get to your fourth VH. Nevermind the fifth or sixth if there’s DLC characters) but leave it until post story so you can collect for the xp rewards if you wish.

The ability to turn down visual pollution damn you GenIVIV. With all those green trails and Maliwan splash damage and shielding


Another hard pass at optimization, be nice not to have so many frame dips.


I only have very minor gripes, and they could be exclusive to me only but, if I did happen to be mates with the lead designer at Gearbox, I’d politely ask for…

A map addition so it’s got the same feature as BL2, ie a drop down list to pick the place you want to go - obviously I’d keep the way it is now too as I’m sure many prefer it, but it’s a bit of a faff to me, I have a side mission open and I’ve no idea where it even is, and I’ve zoomed in and out of all the places I’ve opened. The simple old white marker next to the place in the list would suffice for me. I get the white marker at the start, then once I’ve bounced around a few pages of map navigation it disappears. I don’t like the new map at all, but that’s the real kicker I’ve found.

A UI change so that the d-pad serves two functions instead of picking one or the other. If you want to swap to the weapon mapped to the Left d-pad button you tap Left, if you want to switch missions then you hold Left. As it is now you can pick one or the other, and both serve useful purposes.

Cut scene skipping - no real need for explanation here, I’ve pretty much given up on the story already as I find the boring twins incredibly boring, and annoying, mostly boring. So the ability to skip them would be very nice thank you, especially if they’re still not skippable on the second playthrough and beyond, it’s bad enough watching them once. Whoever came up with that pair of generic YouTube clones wants firing, unbelievably unoriginal and a very lazy trope to parody. To go from Handsome Jack to a pair of bland A-holes you’d find at any social network convention in droves staggers me, it’s like they didn’t even bother trying with them.

And finally I could be wrong but is the voice actor for Lillith the one playing the female twin, cos she sounds almost identical and it really spoils the immersion (as it has with other characters she voices also) are Gearbox really that cheap they can’t afford different voice actors? The woman that plays Lilith is talented at acting sure enough, but she’s awful at making different characters sound different. When you’ve got the same person playing two characters in a scene, you’d better be good at voice work or it’s massively jarring to hear the same voice speaking from the mouths of two people, with very very slight differences. At least she’s not putting on a woeful Aussie accent here though, but for Gods sake employ some new talent, would not surprise me at all if they get her to do Claptrap in BL4. Every penny counts and all that.


It’s not. Lilith (and Tannis) is voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard. Tyreen is voiced by Elisa Melendez.