What Do *You* Want To See Patched/Changed?

I would like to see
Bigger vault space/bag space
A way to anoint gear you already have
Crazy earl selling anointed Legendaries
A way to Keep your group together when you quit to farm bosses
Dedicated areas to farm certain items

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These are all fairly solid and some of them should be coming shortly, however such topics exist already on the forums so its probably not smart to start a new one.

  1. Longer Fight for your life ( it was double the length in bl2)
  2. Be able to reset guarding points
  3. Higher level mayhem, mayhem 3 is no challenge
  4. be able to put points into any skill…WITHOUT having to put points into a prior skill, makes
    experimenting impossible
  5. better or new rewards for eridium, having 8k and nothing to spend it on is lame
  6. needs to be player whisper when not in a match together
  7. option to take back any point when when doing a respec without having to spend millions and
    being forced to start form the very beginning
    ------- this is my personal opinion, and im sure more are to come

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A way to save a couple talent builds/load outs we can change on the fly.
Would be nice to have a couple saved load outs to flip between without having to re-pick every skill every time…

Longer Fight for your life ( it was double the length in bl2)
Be able to reset guarding points
Higher level mayhem, mayhem 3 is no challenge
be able to put points into any skill…WITHOUT having to put points into a prior skill, makes
experimenting impossible
better or new rewards for eridium, having 8k and nothing to spend it on is lame
needs to be player whisper when not in a match together
option to take back any point when when doing a respec without having to spend millions and
being forced to start form the very beginning
------- this is my personal opinion, and im sure more are to come
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-Possibility to turn off Guardian Rank.
-A larger font for text, I can’t read the text in the options menu, and neither can I read any text above a healthbar. Quests will be problematic too once I have to hook up my PS4 to my smaller TV again.

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  1. Higher difficulty

  2. More space to store items (vault/backpack)

  3. Ability to skip cutscenes

  4. Transfer saves to and from pc/ps4/xbone

  5. Cross-play with other platforms pc/ps4/xbone

  6. More characters

  7. More vending machines in maps, some maps have only 1 at the start

  8. Dedicated loot pools for bosses, future raid bosses, CoS and Proving Grounds

  9. Balancing in the mayhem modes so we don’t get 2-3 -50% damage in the same map

  10. Vertical split and bigger UI text, those go hand in hand, one helps the other. It’s already being worked on but we really need that

  11. More customization, different outfits

  12. Show all accepted missions on map please

  13. Turn off the pain grunts your character being damage over time 3

  14. The suggestion is automatic pick up on the shield restore and health restore items produced by shield or item equipped instead track them down and have hit the button because the enemies kill or deplete your shields you trying to do this.

  15. show loot tink corpses on the minimap.

  16. Show co-op buddies with beefier icon on map.

  17. Let us properly inspect co-op buddies’ gear and skills. I may be missing something but why only the vague info?

  18. let us track multiple quests. Have color-coded objective markers

  19. let us place multiple custom waypoints. Maybe even have a type that lets us draw polygons i.e. plan a route. (around 10 lines max to prevent scribbling)

  20. make my custom waypoints visible to co-op buddies

  21. let us change minimap zoom level on the fly

  22. stop rotating the big map screen around, keep it consistent

  23. Bring back Loaders


Woodblocker redesign:

  • From the red text and the upwards recoil pattern it’s implied that you’re supposed to aim at the crotch so that the fourth shot will be a headshot- however unless you proc Megavore on every shot you’re losing out on damage especially when compared to a Dahl sniper with burst fire
  • It also only works with normal-sized enemies; doing it on tinks or other enemies with irregular hitbox sizes tends to make you not get headshots
  • It’s possible to almost completely remove the recoil via handling buffs but you need a lot to do so (like +80% I think) and having less than that screws up the crotch shot gimmick greatly especially with Furious Attack
  • The easy way to buff it at least for now would be to remove the upwards recoil but that would just make it a regular Dahl sniper with a weapon shield which is boring and plus the whole penis theme wouldn’t really make sense anymore- I propose that the recoil be improved, but also make it so that crotch shots will always count as critical hits (this might be tedious to program though)
  • Alternatively just give it more base damage (since crit bonuses won’t help it much)

I realized that after sending this and felt beyond dumb lol.

Excluding the things that Gearbox has already acknowledged they are doing/going to do, here’s my list of things I’d like to see patched/changed:

  1. More content for Loreli and Tina. I know Loreli is going to be a part of Maliwan takedown but, as a solo player, it sounds like I wont get to see much of it.

  2. The ability to sort inventory based on price. This was in BL1, 2, and TPS, don’t know why it’s not in this game.

  3. Make the player cursor easier to see in the minimap. Often times, especially when you’re in FFYL and there’s an area objective or a boss icon, I find myself looking at the minimap, trying to find an enemy to get a 2nd wind, and I cant see my player cursor in relation to the rest of the map due to an area objective or boss icon covering it up.

  4. Back off some of the screen effects, especially in FFYL. I think someone else posted on this earlier and I agree, There are timse when you just can’t see the game at all due to uber screen effects.

  5. Lower spawn rates for badass enemies with rocket launchers outside of mayhem modes. This one probably sounds like a whine but there are so many times when I’ve been spammed with multiple badass enemies with (particularly COV) rocket launchers. I can understand high spawn rates on mayhem modes but in normal play ?

That’s all for now, love this game ! Thank you Gearbox !

Edit: I thought of a couple more:

  1. More things to spend money on. After you’ve maxed out SDU’s there’s only slots or Moxii left to spend cash on.

  2. Keep future seasonal events in their own world space. I know there’s a bunch of other threads regarding the Bloody Harvest event atm but I thought I’d add it to my list of stuff just in case the dev’s are reading this thread more thoroughly.

  3. Add more places to display things in the player’s room on Sanctuary. I really love this feature but there are so many room decorations and only 3 spots to hang them. Same goes for the weapons and gear, you can’t display a COM at all. I’d love to see this expanded on. (could also help, a tiny bit, with the storage space issue)


I desperately would love to see the immunity frames on anointed militants greatly reduced, between their shields and their tracking fire smite attack, killing them is a chore, and honestly makes me turn off the game sometimes. Especially difficult when playing solo.

You really only get about a 10 second window to wittle down their enormous health bars.

It’s a downright drag, and mercy upon your soul if you get to fight 2+ at a time.

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Yes very much so, and overall the font size for all game text should be much much larger and much more readable as it was in the earlier games

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No more nerfs and ammo regen for all guns. There’s a reason a lot of people played Roland and Salvador. After a while, opening crates gets tiresome. I’ll probably never get all the special equipment that makes me “melt” bosses in under a minute, so please stop nerfing OP equipment. They are meant to be a reward after all. Cause once I do find one, it’s a game changer for me and a lot more fun and rewarding. If you want more of a challenge, then stop using the best gear.

I found a Fearsome Orion in BL1 and it was the most powerful gun I ever found and loved it. I stupidly lost it after resetting the game and never found it again. Maybe it’s too easy to share weapons so people are ok if they nerf everything? I just don’t understand it.

And not just “DLC with occasional voiceover” but actual content WITH them.


I would like an audio queue for when allies fall into fight for your life. The health bars of allies on the hud are tiny and it’s not always noticeable when they are down. Furthermore, I find that the actual point in which it registers you to be within range to revive someone feels tiny. I lost count at how many times my buddy has died at my feet because the game feels like too far left or right. The window just feels small.


Lots of great suggestions in this thread, but one I haven’t seen mentioned yet would be the option to add current Mayhem Mode details to the HUD.

Specifically, the current Mayhem Level, and whatever modifiers are applicable.

While this information may not always be necessary, some situations, characters, or builds, are a lot less flexible than others in this regard.

Having to open the menu every time you fast travel can really kill the pace of things, and dull the whole experience. I want to spend more time running and gunning, and as little time possible in navigating the (also frustratingly laggy) menus.

There are other things about the HUD that could be improved too (eg. Some level/cooldown bar markers?) but right now, Mayhem Modes are an integral part of the end game experience, and need more attention.



I would like is to rotate through the different abilities without always going into the menu manually. Like one moment I’m using Gamma Burst on flak thne switching to Rakk Attack or Fade Away. This should have a cooldown obviously but it would none the less be helpful and add another layer of depth to the game

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1.Ability to donate Pippie the green demon into space

2.A DOOR on my vault hunter’s room in sanctuary so the entire ship doesn’t just walk in and out, spamming lines in my ear while I’m trying to organize bank