What Do *You* Want To See Patched/Changed?

I fail to see the issue, the map only rotates if you choose to rotate it. Mind elaborating.

edit: ok so I see that the main map rotates on the player direction but I wouldn’t call that patch worthy especially when you’re free to rotate the came back and seeing how the map is 3D it makes more sense to be able to rotate it freely. Some angles also wouldn’t allow for an accurate sense of direction as layers of the map often over lap one another if the map was locked to any particular angle.

Another playable character in first dlc. 3 other vault hunters feel kind of recycled.

I have an addition, after putting some time into Moze I notice on occasion when I go into iron bear, it spits me out instantly and causes the skill to go on cooldown, I am assuming this is tied directly to the location I am trying to enter the mech on not being suitably spacious enough to achieve it. My suggested fix reduce that full cooldown timer down to 3 seconds when this happens its incredibly scary when you need to pop iron bear to survive and it does this and you have to wait for the full cooldown.

Menu lag is atrocious. I once brought up my skill menu and had to wait a full 30 seconds for it to load.

NPC voice range. This has been an issue in every Borderlands game. It’s better with headphones, but anytime I’m using my TV/speaker system, I have to look directly at the NPC speaking to hear anything. It’s especially bad when 2 or more characters are having a conversation. Either have to line them up in a row to understand them all, or act like a cat watching a tennis match.




Bank bug top priority :smiley: Borderlands 3 bank bug whats happening and how to avoid it

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Yeah the audio is bugged just turn your back on them they get louder go figure :smiley: Or walk far enough away they go through your echo.

Frame rate performance on console, expand bank slots

I don’t like the idea of them being picked up automatically either, though something needs to be done to make the boosters easier to pick up. I feel like it’s such a small window for pickup that in fights where you gotta keep moving it takes me like 4 or 5 tries to finally pick the damn thing up and by then I’ve gotten shot so much that I lose more than I recover

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The gear stash is almost a joke. There are SOOO many more weapons, shields, nades, class mods and even relics have blown up. How on earth are we supposed to save all these top items for different classes and builds.

In Diablo you can save hundreds. In Path of Exile its insane how much you can save.

Gearbox needs figure out how make this possible.


Please increase the font size ! I play on a 65” and still can’t read most of what is on the screen.

I’d like it if the map wouldn’t snap to the top layer or to your car/fast travel when you’re trying to see where you need to go for a mission or when you’re trying to look at a lower layer.

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At least they sparkle differently. (the anointed) I did not notice at first.

All I want is some optimization, split screen on an Xbox is very laggy.

I’d really like a patch that allows the game to actually load and not stop responding after 10 seconds.

  • Skip cut scenes
  • Cut down the main menu lag
  • Fix horrifically annoying glitches like having a mission where you need to kill all enemies in a room only to have one spawn or fall below the floor that you can’t get to… forcing you to quit and restart the game. Same thing with mission items glitching through floors.

A difference between easy and normal setting.dial back the op bosses.for a level 13 mission the boss shouldn’t be level 16 with crazy shields.

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I have similar Pain Points and a few to add.

Obviously, if you are going to go big on loot, you need to go big on bags. More vending Machines, more bag space, and more backpack space would all be very much appreciated.

They also need to get their act together with Ultrawide monitor support. The cut scenes on an ultrawide are a freaking mess (Disabling FX sharpening does fix the issue, but I like my FX sharp… haha). Props to the solid HDR support, and for the most part, everything looks amazing. Seems like a really bad oversight to me.

Lastly, the map is extremely clunky to use. This seems to be a very hit and miss issue, even among AAA games. No idea why it is so difficult. Even something as simple as increasing the sensitivity of the Zoom function on the map would go a long way. Another thing that would be great would be to somehow be able to go from your quest log directly to the map associated with that quest. RIght Clicking on a quest should give a “show on map” option.

Really impressed for the most part so far. It took a lot of what I loved about BL2 and kept/improved on it, and the combat is much tighter. I know a lot of people that were very skilled at playing shooters that just couldnt handle the sloppiness of BL2. I think BL3 is a big upgrade in that department.

Edit: Forgot one. Give us the option to mute the sound of FL4K’s pet. It is obnoxious.

Edit 2: If we are going for fantasy wishes, never have I seen a game more in need of a crafting system than borderlands, but I wont hold my breath.

Tvhm mayhem 3?

I dont think theres enough buttons to quick choose weapons so hold down y then dead would be awesome

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That ruins the point of this game. I understand wanting you’re perfect variant of the gun but I cant agree with weapon building. It takes the joy of getting the gun you want as a drop away