What Do *You* Want To See Patched/Changed?

to be able to disable the damage numbers when you shoot enemies.

give an option for FL4K to call back pet. I don’t like when the pet runs off doing it’s own thing pulling enemies I have no interest in fighting yet, or killing enemies you want to keep around in case second wind. Maybe make the pet only attack when you use the attack command on an enemy but still have a cooldown for his special attack, otherwise no cooldown for regular attack. when the enemy dies pet comes running back to you instead of running away to fight other enemies.


100% agree with everything you suggested, especially the screaming… that is very annoying and just goes on and on. Yes, skipping cutscenes in TVHM is a must. You already know exactly what is going to happen yet you have to sit there for 5 mins and watch them again.

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Fix the Bank… wtf gearbox.

  • color-coded RESIST and IMMUNE pop-ups. You can always use a different shade of blue/green/orange etc.
  • add “sell all non-favorites” to vending machines
  • let us have augment loadouts and an input to switch between them on the fly
  • speed up Zane’s action skill cast times by like 5x. Let him summon the shield to his hand from anywhere. Let him use action skills without interrupting reloading.
  • differentiate badass enemies on the minimap
  • show loot tink corpses on the minimap.
  • Show co-op buddies with beefier icon on map.
  • Let us properly inspect co-op buddies’ gear and skills. I may be missing something but why only the vague info?
  • let us track multiple quests. Have color-coded objective markers
  • let us place multiple custom waypoints. Maybe even have a type that lets us draw polygons i.e. plan a route. (around 10 lines max to prevent scribbling)
  • make my custom waypoints visible to co-op buddies
  • let us change minimap zoom level on the fly
  • stop rotating the big map screen around, keep it consistent

These are all really good. If this gets longer, I’ll maybe start adding stuff to the OP.

I would like a rework of how Maliwan guns operate - not enjoying the charge up


I’d honestly like the player room to have an option to shut the door or have it automatic lol. Few more decoration mounts would be nice too.

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Another thing that drives me crazy, there use to always be an indicator showing on the screen that told me what direction my team mate was. Now I have to spin around and hope the white name stands out.


An option to disable duel requests. I seem to recall this existed in the previous game. It’s annoying to be meleeing and accidentally initiate a duel request with a friendly player who just happened to wander by.

A defensive stance and/or heel command for Fl4k’s pets.

I suppose it’s too late to ask for a hub layout that’s less irritating to navigate.


The game has the perfect set up for customizing weapons built in to it but there is no weapon customization… I’d love it if they add the ability to salvage parts from weapons and use the parts to build/upgrade other weapons… The ‘Parts’ screen of the weapon details seems perfectly made for this but perhaps they just ran out of time to add the actually customizing in to the game.


The ability to skip cutscenes after having viewed them once.

Less expansive loot tables with more selective drops, IE) certain weapons/mods only dropping from the proving grounds etc.)

Booster shield drops automatically picked up when walking over them (though only on beneficial boosters)

TVHM essentially increasing the base difficulty, as I have yet to discern any difference when mayhem 3 is active

Passive or annointments based on things like grenade use slam or melee usage

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Click here for a link. They’ve ( Clickenbeard & Melendez) confirmed it themselves on their Twitter feed.

That’s what I’ve been saying. That way I only need to farm a gun like 20 times break it down and save the bits I need to get a perfect version instead of waiting on that .05% chance.

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The thing is though, what is the point of the booster dropping in the first place then, if they just get autohoovered back into you anyway? Plus a nice thing about them is that teammates can pick them up too. How about:

  • Booster shields have a % chance to give you their boost when taking damage. In co-op, they also drop a booster when this occurs, but that booster is instanced and visible only to co-op buddies, and is picked up automatically.
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my thinking would be they would LAUNCH further away from you, or have effects quite different to what we see now, like added ele damage or projectile speed or additional bullet absorption or ele defensives/ immunity to status effects.

something to make it actually worth looking at and picking up during combat.

I have a small change I’d like to see: Don’t make NPCs’ voices quieter (or at least not this much) when I turn my back to them. I struggle to wrap my head around who thought implementing it this way would be a good idea.

When a quest NPC is standing and talking, I’d like to make efficient use of the time by looting the surrounding area. Too bad their dialog gets nearly muted when I turn my back. Even worse, when an NPC is fighting with me and starts to talk, I have to turn away from the enemy attacking me and towards my ally if I want to hear what they have to say. It’s seriously annoying and counter-intuitive.


Skippable cutscenes. Definitely on top of the list for me.

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This is mostly a joke-answer, don’t take it to harshly:

Is immersion breaking that someone screams costantly if is on fire? WHAT.


To add to the room decorations, custom room colors or skins, like the guns.

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Besides the obvious ones i wish that the teleport engine for the cyclon could go mutch more further. i mean…it’s one of the last piece of engine you can get in the game…can it be a tiny bit more usefoul?