What Do *You* Want To See Patched/Changed?

I’d like it if the map wouldn’t snap to the top layer or to your car/fast travel when you’re trying to see where you need to go for a mission or when you’re trying to look at a lower layer.

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At least they sparkle differently. (the anointed) I did not notice at first.

All I want is some optimization, split screen on an Xbox is very laggy.

I’d really like a patch that allows the game to actually load and not stop responding after 10 seconds.

  • Skip cut scenes
  • Cut down the main menu lag
  • Fix horrifically annoying glitches like having a mission where you need to kill all enemies in a room only to have one spawn or fall below the floor that you can’t get to… forcing you to quit and restart the game. Same thing with mission items glitching through floors.

A difference between easy and normal setting.dial back the op bosses.for a level 13 mission the boss shouldn’t be level 16 with crazy shields.

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I have similar Pain Points and a few to add.

Obviously, if you are going to go big on loot, you need to go big on bags. More vending Machines, more bag space, and more backpack space would all be very much appreciated.

They also need to get their act together with Ultrawide monitor support. The cut scenes on an ultrawide are a freaking mess (Disabling FX sharpening does fix the issue, but I like my FX sharp… haha). Props to the solid HDR support, and for the most part, everything looks amazing. Seems like a really bad oversight to me.

Lastly, the map is extremely clunky to use. This seems to be a very hit and miss issue, even among AAA games. No idea why it is so difficult. Even something as simple as increasing the sensitivity of the Zoom function on the map would go a long way. Another thing that would be great would be to somehow be able to go from your quest log directly to the map associated with that quest. RIght Clicking on a quest should give a “show on map” option.

Really impressed for the most part so far. It took a lot of what I loved about BL2 and kept/improved on it, and the combat is much tighter. I know a lot of people that were very skilled at playing shooters that just couldnt handle the sloppiness of BL2. I think BL3 is a big upgrade in that department.

Edit: Forgot one. Give us the option to mute the sound of FL4K’s pet. It is obnoxious.

Edit 2: If we are going for fantasy wishes, never have I seen a game more in need of a crafting system than borderlands, but I wont hold my breath.

Tvhm mayhem 3?

I dont think theres enough buttons to quick choose weapons so hold down y then dead would be awesome

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That ruins the point of this game. I understand wanting you’re perfect variant of the gun but I cant agree with weapon building. It takes the joy of getting the gun you want as a drop away


So things I would like changed or updated in game?

Either add a lot more bank SDU upgrades or increase the amount given per upgrade to at least double what we have now.

Ability to skip intro and cutscenes on any playthrough after first completion on your first character. This I feel should be an option after unlocking guardian ranks.

Slight buff to vehicle and Iron Bear Health. On TVHM at lv 50 these break under fire quite fast. Also the shield pool I have on Moze while Phalanx Doctrine is active is noticeably higher than Iron Bear and while Phalanx Doctrine isn’t active the combined shield and health pool is only I think 3-4K less. ATM I have not put any guardian ranks into improving these stats as I’ve focused currently on getting the final capstone on the left tree.

Fix a few bugs I have ran into in game.

Backpack tiles don’t update after dropping items until closed and reopened. Also sometimes shows duplicate items.

Echo Skins acquired as loot pickups don’t show up as sellable in vending machines. Granted they’re only $1 but they tend to be blue or higher which causes them to get picked up by the lost item machine.

Game crash that can occur frequently on Moze when shooting during sprint while multiple move speed boost effects are active on gear. This may also be due to the effects not stacking properly at times as the actual move speed I was experiencing varied between sprint speed while walking to being able to sprint at nearly the speed of a CoV cyclone.

For me my list is extensive

Fix NPCs that dont open the way forward on missions
Fix audio bugs that happen so often killing all audio 3/4 of the game
Fix stuttering and other performance issues
Two much visual stuff going on especially on mayhem mode
Fix items dropping through the floors in sanctuary
Literally 3 to 8 different legendaries per gun type per manufacturer and soo many other good unique and we get 50 shared bank slots per account? What the actual hell.
To add on to limited bank issue. Whatever measly amount you can fit in there gets randomly deleted that’s a nice touch.
TVhm is easier than normal mode mayhem levels? I could have sworn they said there would be a difficulty difference for base tvhm without mayhem.

Change the Shockhammer Icon for Moze to Mjolnir or even just a hammer is all I ask for

General Changes

  1. More vending machines. Some of these maps only have 1 set of vending machines at the entrance.
  2. Much larger bank. There are 188 legendaries in this game before the DLC even releases. We need more storage for sure.
  3. Ability to skip the intro and other cutscenes after you have beat the game once.
  4. Option for vertical splitscreen.

Balance Changes for Moze

  1. Increase Iron Bear base fuel and armor by 30%
  2. Allow a multi-point bonus for Experimental Munitions if you have a class mod that gives it an extra point. It’s silly that you can get a multi-point bonus on some of her class mod skills, but not on others.
  3. Allow Force Feedback to regenerate 20% of your shield before taking damage can interrupt the regen. As is, the skill is largely useless since your regen gets almost instantly interrupted by damage as soon as it procs most of the time.

Bug Fixes and Optimization

  1. Fix for the bug that is causing character deletion for some folks
  2. Fix for the bug that is preventing fast travel for some folks
  3. Fix for the bug that is causing storage deletion for some folks
  4. Improved optimization on all platforms
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Vertical split screen.
UI scaling.
Menus that don’t cause the game to lag.



1 - The end game is too easy, bosses, loot tinks and even chests give way too many legendaries. It took me less than 2 hours after hittting 50 to absolutely roll on mayhem 3, even with the -50
% damage modifier to the weapon type/element i’m using. It makes progression and mayhem 1/2 irrelevent. Some bosses have giant loot tables, i’d like to see more legendaries tied to specific bosses or proving grounds / Circle of slaughter

2 - The random stutter, the ADS stutter with zooming weapons, the lag in menus are annoying, so better performance overall

3 - Track multiple quests with something like colors, skip cinematics after one main story completion.

4 - Circle of slaughter and proving grounds ranking for solo and group.

5 - Buffs tracking for class mods and anointed gear.

6 - 3 Training dummies, Neutral / Armor / Shield

7 - 1 Billion guns, 50 slots bank

8 - Balance, some items/builds are too strong, enemies in mayhem modes are too weak, most bosses in the game are too easy to kill because they don’t have enough HP and/or don’t do enough damage (especially the last one). It’s a shame because the mechanics and the fights are super cool in borderlands 3.

ps: The game was amazing and i loved it. i’m french sorry for the mistakes.

Option to turn down/off your characters grunts when they jump. They arent affected by any of the volume options other than the master volume.

And 100% agree with the ability to lower/limit the amount of screaming enemies do from getting hit by elemental damage.

One of the boss fights, the dude was constantly just going

“Yarrgh, yaaahh, aaaaah, yarrgh” non-stop, even of his voiced lines.

Mayhem mode selectable in TVHM as soon as you get to Sanctuary instead of being missing until the campaign is completed a second time.

(This varies across platforms it seems.)

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a slight bit more new you stations placed about the map the issue with my sound effects on guns and stuff not working the matchmaking system for xbox1 doesnt even load or work whatsoever. A Quick match or games which are open list would be nice for matchmaking.

Lots of good ideas. The very first wish I had for a change: a skin to put some clothes on Vaughn! Well, not sure I’ll even see him again but weird to be conversing out in public with a guy in his underpants.

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1: Not sure how hard it would be but I’d love a trail to appear on the minimap leading me to the quest objectives or waypoint.

2: Lock the main map in place (WHY does it move by default?!)

3: Ability to cycle through quests while looking at the map instead of needing to flip to the quests section to highlight a quest then go BACK to the map to see its waypoints (HORRIBLE!)

4: Create constant waypoints on the map for quests that are not your current tracked quest but have them be different colors and clickable to select that quest as you current tracked quest.

5: If a quest leads you on to a different map and the waypoint is on an exit, be able to click that waypoint to have it teleport you to the closest fast travel spot on the map where that quest objective is located if you have visited that map earlier and have it unlocked.