What does and does not proc Samsara?

What does and does not proc Samsara?
The text says when you do damage with your action skill. Does that mean that if you phasegrasp an emeny, or lock enemies with stillness of the mind, that this doesn’t proc Samara?
Do melee attacks proc it if you have Illuminated First?
A big portion of my build was going to rely on phaselock’s short duration to constantly have my phase arms up for melee. I know there are other was to sustain with her, but that was going to be a big part of mine.

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Correct. In order to proc it with Phasegrasp you need to use Fist Over Matter.


Dang… I guess I’ll have to just settle for insane crowd control as my main mode of survivability. I know there’s apparently mods, or anointed gear, or something that gives lifesteal with melee. I’m most certainly gonna be getting that as soon as possible. lol

Thanks for the info!

The fact that it it interacts this way is a let down. I had planned on making a CC Elemental Tank focusing on TtB, Samsara, and Sustainment. Having 2 outta 3 is cool but having Samsara would be better.

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Yea super disappointed that I only find phasegrasp useful for amara yet half of her class interaction relies on her action skill damaging enemies which only works with fist over matter.


I don’t understand why Ties that Bind counts as action skill damage for things like Do Harm and Soul Sap, but not for Samsara activation.


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Phasegrasp used with Revelation doesn’t appear to proc Samsara, unless its range is incredibly short and only hits on other targets count.

The phasegrasp that smashes the ground with fists 5 times procs samsara for me and makes a huge difference. It even works on bosses if they stay in place long enough. I currently have some damage reduction(DR) on my class mod and if I could ever get a rough rider like I’m farming for then with that and the DR skill in the green tree. I should be pretty hard to kill no matter how dumb i’m being as long as I remember to F something on time. No legendary class mod gives samsara ranks, which sucks, but 3 points seems like enough with adequate DR. I find samsara invaluable

Does the DOT effect left behind from fracture trigger samsara? What about the novas from revelation?

I just wanted to ask how it is with “Ties that Bind”. Disappointing.

@JerZey_CJ as far as I have seen, the floor doesn’t trigger any of the skills that want Action Skill Damage. And technically it’s right that way as the floor is just a leftover of the initial attack, that is the Fracture-wave.

The easiest way to keep them up is going down the FoE tree, and using Fist Over Matter. It will lift the person up and hold them in place, and smash the ground 5 times, which guarantees your 5 stacks of Samsara. (28 Second Cooldown)

If you go down the Mythical Assault Tree, Tier 2, you can invest 5 points into, Restless which gives you a 25% Cool Down Reduction. This will bring it down to about 22-24 seconds, and when you get Guardian ranks you can apply those to CDR as well, and get it pretty close to 20 seconds eventually.

That means you will only have about 2-5 seconds at any given time in any fight where you won’t have your Samsara stacks, which is pretty effective.

If you want to face punch, this might be a good option if you want stacks of Samsara up as much as possible:

But I would recommend just dealing with the 8 second downtime of Samara, and instead do this, this will give you insane amounts of health, and healing thanks to Samsara:

Unfortunately, fracture leftover doesn’t trigger it and I don’t think deliverance does either. idk about revelation. I wish all of them did to give me more options

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Revelation does not. I find Downfall is the best for getting max stacks consistently but is offset by its long cooldown.

I prefer the phasegrasp one with the 5 fists. The CD more closely matches the duration of samsara and the 15 sec damage reduction skill but its nice to have another option.

Hello! This is my build I am planning to use with One Pump Chump with infusion, phasezerker and insane reload speed.
Can anyone tell me what action skill+augment to chose for Samsara procs - you will see in the link, I dont have access to Fist over matter, so what else?

Thank you!

It doesn’t, though. It’s bugged and often won’t give you stacks properly. This happens constantly to me. I’ve noticed that the fist sometimes doesn’t hit the grasped target, which might in turn be the reason Samsara doesn’t proc. So the bug might not be Samsara in this case, but rather Fist Over Matter.

I suspect that the vertical hit range of Fist Over Matter is too short, making the lifting of the target from the Phasegrasp effect counter its own damage by only hittings things below it.

Sometimes I get one hit in though, while the rest fail.


Huh, that is interesting, I can’t say I have experienced that yet. I have always gotten my stacks, even grabbing Eridian flying enemies or flying varkids, it still doesn’t have trouble hitting them, the fists just come out in the air near them.

Yeah, well, it’s very hit or miss for me (literally). It’s like 25-30% of the times it will fail and I might only get one stack of Samsara from it. I’ve tested this some and I can’t count how many times I’ve watched the fist have a go at something and the procs just won’t come. That’s when I noticed that the target sometimes doesn’t take any damage from the fist, and I’m not talking about resists or immunity here, but just regular mobs.

The Legendary Phasezerker class mod grants 10% additional Action Skill cooldown per stack of Rush she has, and it adds another 5 stacks to the total as well granting full stacks after triggering her Action Skill, but at the cost of the stacks decaying over time. Also grants 3% weapon damage per stack. So at 15 with the mod itself that’s 150% cooldown, with the extra 10 from Avatar that’s 250%

Do the Nimbus cloud procs samsara?