What Does "Burst Damage" Mean?

I see this term come up a lot in discussions here.

Can someone please enlighten me on what exactly it means?

Thanks in advance.

For Galilea it would be the initial burst of her attack and for Thorn it would be the blight Ult.
Shake a player, when you open their skill, they Burst. :wink:

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I thought burst damage meant doing the highest amount of damage possible within a very short span of time.


Burst damage is a term used to describe dealing high amounts of damage in a very short period of time.


Burst damage also has the added benefit in pvp of making the other guy panic when they see their health drop that fast.

…Humor, love it. btw, that’s why I don’t play PvP, panic stresses me. :blush:

Forgive me for the mental image, but similar to what @taman999 said, I’ve always thought burst damage was more of a total damage threshold: at what point is the damage enough to make your pants burst…

Orendi. Orendi is burst damage. One minute Montana thinks he’s invincible because Miko’s pocketing him, next minute they get hit by two Shadowfire Pillars, an ult, and another Pillar, then they both rage quit. Burst damage.


Don’t think they rage quit until after she starts poking at her eye though.

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Lol at pants bursting :slight_smile:

To build on what others have said: there is burst damage and sustained damage. Many BB characters fall into one camp or the other.

Burst damage typically means you can do a butt ton of damage very quickly, usually through skills, but will then have a cooldown period until you can do that big burst again.
Thorn is a prime example: her big combo uses up all three of her skills in a short sequence to burn an enemy down before they know what’s going on. Afterwards, Thorn has to wait for the Wrath of the Wild to cooldown before she can do this again. Orendi is similar.

Phoebe, on the other hand, is all sustained damage (ISIC is as well). While Phasegate is often used as a set up skill, its damage isn’t really required for Phoebe’s kill MO - super fast melee mixed with truestrike/crosscuts/etc. is more than enough to burn most BB down.

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Burst damage meaning doing the highest amount of damage possible within a short time, or bursting your damage. Rather it be burn all your skills at once or unload awhole clip of just your tactical rounds, whatever it takes to get the highest damage possible in the smallest amount of given time (2 seconds from ghalts stun, 1 second from alani’s bubble, etc). You basically trade your sprint for a quick and fast dash to reach your goal.

The draw back to burst damage is that your overall DPS can lower over a given time, as you utilized all you could to get that max damage spike. Example, you unload a napalm, an airstrike and a napalm in a given area to take out a target, but you have 5 other targets now coming at you from behind, you have to rely on just bullet damage. Your quick dash turns into a slow stroll around the track as you got short winded from running so fast in the given time.