What does "Close Enough" affect, and how (visually)?

I know it affects most bullet-firing guns, but for 101 purposes and curiosity, I ask what it affects how. I’m especially curious after I tried it with an Octo and got all pellets doing a crazy swirl towards the nearest target, while trying the same with a normal shotgun lasered all pellets home…but a Sand Hawk spread was diminished to what looked like a single ricochet.

Works with the following weapons that I’ve found; unless specifically mentioned, assume that the bullets/pellets laser to the nearest detected target(s).

  • normal Bandit/Torgue/Vladof assault rifles – shots have a chance to ricochet off surfaces toward enemies; Bandit/Vladof
  • normal Dahl assault rifles
  • normal Jakobs rifles (all non-Torgue barrels) – 100% chance for all non-Torgue barrels

  • [Da] Blaster – burst-firing near a target guarantees hits from all beams
  • [Vl] Blaster – has a natural property of ricocheting shots, which looks visually similar to “Close Enough”; however, the bolt’s natural ricochet will be at a relative angle to impact, while its unnatural altering (from “Close Enough”) will laser toward the nearest enemy.

  • [Vl] Hail – best used when aiming level at a wall (or higher up a slope) to force bullet elevation (due to red-text effect), which then rain back down, lasering towards nearby enemies.
  • Logan’s Gun – all sub-projectiles retained
  • Torgue Unkempt Harold – all projectiles retained
  • normal Bandit/Hyperion/Jakobs/Tediore/Torgue shotguns – all pellets retained
  • [Ba] RokSalt
  • [Hy] Butcher; Shotgun 1340
  • [Te] Deliverance
  • Tediore Blockhead – all blocks retained; may head to one target, or split off
  • Torgue SWORDSPLOSION!!! – swords bounce away from blast and toward nearby enemies.
  • normal Bandit/Hyperion/Maliwan/Tediore SMGs – lasers toward enemies
  • normal Dahl SMGs – lasers toward enemies; has better chance when burst-fired
  • normal Hyperion/Jakobs/Maliwan sniper rifles – 100% ricochet
  • normal Dahl sniper rifles – 100% hip-fire; percentage when burst-fired
  • Maliwan Storm Front – retains all bolts

I think you’ve just described it pretty well - the projectiles hit something and then home in on the nearest target. So weapons with projectiles that take non-linear paths will swirl in; those (like the Sandhawk) with a diverging multi-pellet spread will converge on the target.

I know what “Close Enough” is supposed to do, but for informational purposes, I’m asking for as complete a list of what it affects and how. I got rid of a lot of bullet-firing red-text guns that were 71-or-below, which was stupid since they could’ve been used for testing; as such, I am asking for replies from the people who do know, or have the guns and can test. Relatively, I was gonna post my findings afterwards for 101 purposes, particularly concerning what is and isn’t optimal to use “Close Enough” with.

Ah - I understand now! Well, I can help with that. One question though - do you want the results with or without anarchy or, possibly, both? Also, I’m on 360 so I can only provide text descriptions - is that ok?

No, since the results would be the same whether you use Anarchy or not – “Anarchy” affects gun damage, not the visual effect/result of bullets/pellets affected by “Close Enough”. I’m just looking for documentation on how it affects the patterning of the ricochets. Like the following (that I know of), and assuming that CE triggers on all pellets:

-double-mod pistols, normal shotguns, and the Unkempt Harold: all bullets/pellets will shoot straight at the nearest target; -Sand Hawk: spread-to-one disappointment. -Tediore Octo: all pellets will swirl toward the nearest target.
101 about CE (for those who don't know) -- it applies to bullet-firing guns and certain E-tech weapons; it cannot apply to Torgue-barrel assault rifle, rocket launchers, and E-tech pistols/shotguns. It also seems to work better with lower fire rates, and thus gets even lower with the double mod (pistols) or extra barrels (shotguns) as speed is sacrificed to inflict extra damage.

Relatively, I have a question I’d like tested, and am not sharp enough to catch: If a Tediore Deliverance dive-bombs an enemy and fires shots all the way in, does CE affects any pellets that miss a target but impact any surface(s) around it, or does it only affect a Deliverance prior to reloading? Would like to know since I can’t catch it.