What does each T3 skin provide?

As the question states, I’m curious what each skin does differently than the T2 skins, looking at the prices anyway. I’m looking at the Schwimwear skin for Marquis. It looks awesome since its removed his jacket and basically put him in a swim suit. The ticking sound effect you here passively when in the command while viewing him is slightly different. Does anyone know if anything else has changed with that skin or if it just looks different? Does he have different voice lines? Alternate voice? Different SFX?

Raths T3 gives his ultimate an ice cream truck sound effect. S+A’s fun and games has different SFX and remodels Aurox. Not sure about Montanas, Ambras, kleeses and Marquises though.

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Marquis owls wear swim suits and moustach. Ambra has nothing!! Not sound or animation!! :frowning:

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they pretty much effed up the prices for Kleese, Ambra and Montana since they seem to be simple recolors without any changes to models or sounds. Pretty unfair in my opinion. I like the Ambra skin but I would never pay 700 plat for it.


Yeah, I just purchased the Marquis skin. Mostly satisfied but wish they did something to his ultimate. His gloves are a bit different, as said his owls have swim suits and mustaches. Sounds like his footsteps are a bit more metallic? And his pocket watch seems a little different. I’m happy with it I guess :smile:

Ambra’s dress is now split into pieces of grass. So there’s that I guess. Montana and Kleese shouldn’t count though.

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In this game, very little difference. Most are just more recolors. A couple have minor model changes. A few have sound effects. That’s it.

This is the only skin!


Except maybe for Shane and Aurox the other ones aren’t T3 skins as they are just a retexture, Rath have an ice cream music but that’s all

if you compare to LoL all re-texture skins doens’t have the same price… same here

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Ambra gets a belly button. Tier 3, ladies and gentlemen :joy:


I think people are confusing retextures with recolors. The free skins we get from leveling up and from loot packs are simple recolors. All of the marketplaces skins are at the very least retextures. Shayne and Aurox and Marquis are as far as I know the only ones with changes to their models so far.

Some of the new retextures also have sounds attached to them (Rath’s Dreadwind for instance). I think for what they are charging for them there should have been a few extras attached to the others skins besides Shayne and Aurox, Marquis and Rath. Maybe they’ll add something to these skins in the future when they’re adding new skins and taunts and patching up a few of the bugs with some of the new taunts (El Dragon and Deande for instance). We’ll just have to see.

Maybe 2K doesn’t want to change the price for the new summer skins but Gearbox could always add to them so that more people can feel like they are getting what they paid for. That being said I have all of the skins and taunts on PC and plan to get them on the PS4 in the future. I probably shouldn’t be spending my money on them but I like them and also want to support Gearbox.

Edit: I should probably add that all of the new summer skins aren’t all Tier 3 skins as classified by most people. Tier 1 are the recolors. Tier 2 are the retextures (those with sounds I may classify as Tier 2 Plus). Tier 3 are those with changes to the character model itself and may or may not have sounds and other special effects included (I’m debating with myself whether to call the ones with special effects Tier 3 Plus or not as many people may decide that this should be included in Tier 3 skins by default). With the summer pack we have 2 skins that are Tier 3, 1 that is Tier 2 Plus and the rest are just Tier 2.

Should we divide taunts into Tiers as well? Simple taunts being Tier 1 with those with sounds or special effects added being Tier 2 (or Tier 1 Plus)?Or maybe just call them Normal and Plus taunts? Eh, not that it really matters. Everyone likes to classify things differently and not everyone is helped by classifications.


I don’t even play the character but I agree that Shane has the best skins and taunts hands down.


It’s an awesome combination when you use the Balloons with the Head Pop. :smile:

Just to denote what you said:

Tier 3: Shayne & Aurox, Marquis
Tier 2+: Rath (Though, it is a REALLY GOOD retexture)
Tier 2: Montana, Ambra?, Kleese

I’m a sucker, so I’ll buy every single Montana thing for however much it is, but I know it’s a ripoff, considering that the first round of skins perhaps looks better and has more detail (for LESS platinum).

I’m really hoping that GBX goes back in and makes the “tier 3” skins right later on.

I mean… come on… you couldn’t make Montana’s gun shoot water effects instead of fire effects?


…Me too, didn’t just get the Shane balloons, my lovely wife is Brasilian so I got the awesome Samba suit for Ambra. :sunny:

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:frowning: the first match i used ambra’s new skins i was hoping atleast lvl 5 would unlock a volcano or a giant ticky or hawaian music… But nope nothing!!

Its kind of unfair have to buy it hopin it gets something awesome, when i bought s&a i love every single detail so i bought marquis and was perfecto, my bf bought rath and still was funny, then i bought ambra and i feel like a huge rip off 700 platinums for… grass dress, tanted skin and lava efect on coconut guantlet? :unamused:


they ARE recolors. Even Lftstrafe called them out on it

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Not recolors. Retextures. But not the remodels that everyone was hoping for.


I made a simple image to (hopefully) assist in your explanation of the difference between recolor, retexture, and remodel.