What does Moxxy and Timothy Say?

At the very end of Handsome Jackpot Moxxy and Timothy have a conversation. I’ve gone through the second time, and I still can’t make out what they are talking about. It ends with Moxxy saying “not even a little” , then Timothy happily skips away.

Please help, can’t sleep :slight_smile:

I don’t remember the exact quotes, but she said that she never, not for one second took him for the real Jack when they did go on a date.
Timothy is happy because despite looking and sounding like Jack, she still recognize him as an individual and not like a Jack clone (and so, they can date again).



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Yep, she also says if she had thought he was Jack she would’ve shot him! :laughing:


it’s in regards to him being a doppleganger for Jack, basically Timo-“so i didn’t even fool you a little” (with the disguise as Jack) Moxxi- “not even a little” she could always see through the body double thing, was never fooled that Timo was Jack. and then he skips off happily into Moxxi’s “door” if the um…analogy wasn’t too clear…he wasn’t just going into her “door”…so um…yeah…sweet dreams.


Now I thought there was a bit where she basically told Tim it would never happen again, right before she said she would’ve shot him if he was Jack I think. It’s been a hot minute since I last finished that…

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