What does resetting a playthrough actually reset?

I’ve never actually reset a playthrough before, but I want to do some challenges I made up for my Moze, and want to replay the game and get rewards again. However, I’m not 100% what actually resets. I know that the entire story and all DLCs reset. I know that I will be able to replay all main quests and all sidequests and get any item rewards again.

First, do all of the crew challenges reset? Do I get to run around and find all Claptraps, Zero Targets, red chests again? Or will those already show completed for me.

Second, do the “galaxy completion” items reset, or do those remain? I’m talking about all of the challenges like Kill 1000 Jabbers, kill enemies in a cyclone, kill enemies while sliding, etc. I’m almost 100% done all of those, and it has taken me a long long time… ideally, I really don’t want those challenges reset if I can help it!

Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer these!

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The Crew Challenges don’t reset, ever. Which is sad since I’d like a better Scoville and Ember’s Purge but I’m not grinding to 60 again to get 'em!


U on PS?
or console in general?

Nope Xbox.

Well use 2 controllers then use a 60 char sing in new character best at level 13 then grind claptraps nest. Therefor is recommended to use not cooperative loot system so you grind to 60 in just 1 hour.

Then you can use this char to get the reward you would like.
Best is if you save your game just before you got the reward so you can get it over and over again to ensure you get the right annoint.

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Darn, that’s a shame. I guess I’ll likely be waiting until the Veteran Rewards machine to get those guns again then.

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The only thing that resets are the missions.

Crew challenges. named locations, red chest, galaxy completion items, and everything else, do NOT reset.

The only way to re-do those, is to create a new character and start from the beginning.


Thank you @SoccerCoachXtrm - exact answer I was looking for!

Still, that’s good enough. It’ll let me play through the story again and complete those missions, as well as all of the side missions. Good enough for now!

You are welcome.

That’s what I like to do. I’ll complete the new DLC, reset the missions, and play the entire game again.

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I doubt those two will be in the machine since they’re leggos and not purples. I’d love it if they were but I’m not putting money on it.

Tried to use that method on PS4, just signs me out of my account and turns the other controller off. Not sure how to circumvent that, used to do it with Borderlands original all the time.

Not sure about PS4, but on Xbox you actually have to have a separate MS account to do this. I have one I created just to farm mission rewards.

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As of the most current patch/update; when you reset TVHM, you DO reset ALL (3) DLC’s. So even though, yes you have to play the story thru if you want. You can quickly re-run all the DLC’s at max level & whatever Mayhem mode you want, esp since quest rewards are now Mayhem enabled.

Sorry, wasn’t sure if that was clear.


Did you share the game?
I would recomend start the game through ur main account and sign in with a second account for the second player.

I am on ps4 and use this technique quite often.
If you struggel i am happy to share a guide with pictures via pm.

Yeah you have to use a second acc. on the playstation as well.

I though i had been clear enough about that :stuck_out_tongue: