What does Shayne's legendary do?!

I mean how does it work?!

It says it adds 20% of melee damage to next boomerang.

Does that stack? Is it only 20% of a single melee then nothing more or can you keep building up next boomerang to be a nuke? Is there a cap?

Does it only apply to next boomerang thrown so you can waste by missing, or only to next rang that hits an enemy?

Some legendaries need better explanations.

I don’t use it personally but from what I understand it seems to have no cap, and I am not certain how long it takes for the stacks to fade, but they do seem to fade eventually, and they all immediately drop if you attack any other player/minion/boss. While it does seem to have potential, switching from melee to ranged on the same target always feels awkward with her.

If you want to be absolutely sure about how it works try this. Run Overgrowth in pvt mode PvP w/ only 1 bot on the enemy team. Build up the shock turret so that your minion wave always beats the enemy’s, then spend the rest of the time testing on the base Thrall. Whenever shard clusters spawn grab them so you can activate all your gear and be able to send out elite bots if Nova announces that the enemy bot managed to send their base thrall.


You/we should file bug reports here when you/we encounter unclear descriptions or other errors. As is evident from the latest patch release notes they do fix these issues.

The way I read it is your next boomerang gets a 20% stacking buff per melee hit but it will ONLY work on the same target as you last attacked.

So you could build up a pretty strong single boomerang to use on a fleeing enemy after engaging with melee, but if you throw the same boomerang and hit a different target it will do regular damage.

This prevents you being able to stack a super nuke single boomerang throughout the course of a match and retain strong single target damage to finish off a running enemy.