What does SNTNL mean

HI please forgive my ignorance but what does SNTNL mean
cheers Michael

I’m not sure about the individual letters but I’m guessing it’s meant to sound like Sentinel, which is a type of guardian/protector.

Much like CL4P-TP is Clap Trap’s designation or FL4K for Flack.

Edit : Sorry, I should also mention that SNTNL is for Zane, so yeah, it’s no good for FL4K.

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Thanks I wonder I see a ot of anointed items with “after SNTNL bla bla bla” I just ignore them cause I just use FLAK.



It’s Zanes drone.
The anointment SNTNL is active after Zane fires his drone.
Just like how Fl4k has ones that say after fade away or rakk attack.