What does the bell ring stand for ? (and another question)


Very often I hear it when playing shayne & aurox, what does it stand for ?
The other question is : “When” exactly does fleet footed activate ?

(Panaorios) #2

I believe fleet-footed activates when your shield breaks or when Aurox’s hands aren’t surrounding you.

(Mshldm1234) #3

Fleet footed activated after Tag Team, Fetch, or when shield is depleted.


It seems to also activate when using invisibility.
But what about the bell ring…?

(Mshldm1234) #5

I’m not sure what you mean with the bell ring


Rather “dong” noise… I can’t explain because I have no idea “why” it procs… I know it’s on attack though.

(Tuba24) #7

When the bell tolls, it rolls for thee. Like hells bells aurox is a demon. So when he uses his ult (i think it’s just when he ults) the bell tolls


Well I hear it randomly when hitting enemies, I thought it was a custom critical hit sound, but nope.

(Tuba24) #9

Then it must be whenever aurox gets a kill, not Shane but aurox using an ability I think. I always hear it mid ult when people are dying


I thought it was the first attack after stealth strike.


This too.
I know that it procs every first attack after the stealth strike, but It also proc randomly…


Quick melee is like impossible to use on shayne & aurox because of the time between regular attack and quick melee.
I’m not sure if all melee have the same problem since I mainly use shayne & aurox as melee character.
That’s why I said it could be crit, but when I aime for crit on purpose (on shepherd for example) I don’t hear that sound.

(Xercodo) #14

I believe it’s related to Stealth Strike


But why does it randomly trigger ? (not always but sometimes)

(Xercodo) #16

I;ve noticed it always as the first hit after a stealth strike, regardless of that helix option


Supposedly, the trigger is a glitch, I recall it triggered on abilities when I played as her in the beta. Recently though, it’s triggered more often (by recently i mean since launch I think) it doesn’t actually mean anything though, if I am correct.

(https://www.twitch.tv/v0lum3) #18

Why does the “sentry under fire” announcement randomly trigger? Oh, because things randomly trigger in BB

(Heyoo) #19

About that bellring: do you happen to play Meltdown? 'Cause everytime some minion gets dumped, that sound rings.


Actually I don’t experience that noise as often as I used to, so I guess it was a bug or something and it got fixed.
(and no it wasn’t only on meltdown)

(Jmorales20) #21

I’ve been wondering why tolling bells happen when Shayne & Aurox attack too. Hey, @JoeKGBX, do you have an answer?