What does the bell ring stand for ? (and another question)

(Influencer Guy) #22

Are you guys referring to the critical hit/headshot bell?

(Gerard HDZ) #23

I dunno but I know I can’t be the only one that starts jamming to Metallica’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls” when that little bug happens

(Rick is my Spirit Animal) #24

I know what you mean :smile: Its a really deep fulltone bell, like in “Tubular Bells” from Mike Oldfield, more a “dong” as “ding” ^^

The critical hit-bell is more a ring from a bicycle bell…


(Liked for the Oldfield reference. Ommadawn is epic. Man’s a genius)

Carry on.


There is a bell ring for shayne&aurox’s crit ?
I don’t hear it as often anymore.

(and anyway I can’t even play the game because of the amount of players…)

(Bukowsvr) #27

I think it romgs when you use stealth strike and tag team. I that’s also noticed it ringing whenever my shields charges to full.

(Ghost Ninja) #28

It’s a sound effect associated with her level 2 helix option Surprise Party. It may seem random at times because it’s not just the first attack after Stealth Strike but the first “successful” attack. So for instance if you run away from a fight using Stealth Strike, and let’s say you have low health and go back to base, then run back to the fight, the first time you hit someone (or something) you’ll hear the bell toll.

(Master of the Rogues) #29

I never use this as it’s a bad choice but I still hear the same noise that’s used after her stealth is over whenever i’m just randomly hitting people. I like it though because it makes it seem dangerous and it’s also pretty cool just like how Aurox does his scream after the shields are down. Even more badass whenever i’m just in the battlefield and taking around 2 or 3 down with me and he does it as soon as i’m about to die since i got damaged so quickly xD.