What does the intro say for 5 of the same character?

Since the release of Alani, I have notice there are typically multiple alani’s in any given campaign mission now. I ended up being in a game where everyone was alani but me and the intro went like:

  1. as Alani
  2. also as Alani
  3. also also as Alani
  4. as yet another Alani

So I was just curious if anyone has played in a group with all as one character and what the fifth one says.


Never noticed beyond the “also as” so two characters, that’s cool. lol

I did play a four man all Attikus on Heliophage (we got a gold… somehow) but didn’t see that.

It’s something like “as hopefully the last Alani”. I don’t have the exact text though.

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Actually that is the exact text.