What does "tier" mean concerning skins and taunts?

I understand that buildables in PvP can be upgraded. So, when I run across text that references tiered turrets I get it, but what the hell are people talking about when they say tier 2 or tier 3 skins?

I can’t find any reference to tiered skins except in this forum and I seem to have missed the meaning. Can someone enlighten me, please?

The higher the Tier, the more advanced/detailed it is.

Tier 1 skins; recolors

Tier 2 skins; different costumes

Tier 3 skins; ?? Haven’t seen any yet

They explained that time ago.

Tier 1 are the skins that are already in the game, the ones that you get leveling a character and in faction packs. Those are recolor skins.

Then T2 are the same 3d model, the mass of the body of the character stays at it is, and they use a different texture to make a different costume, like emo skin for Phoebe or the space invader skin for Kleese.

T3 they said will be a different model for the character and complete brand new skin on top of that. I don’t have an example yet because they didn’t show one, but they can go crazy with that.