What does True Vault hunter mode DO exactly

In older games TVHM was there because normal mode cap the worlds level at like 30ish and you needed it to get to 50+ as well as making the game much harder. so in this borderlands you can hit level 50 on normal mode (got to 50 on my first play though on normal just messing around doing side quests and such) and enemies in normal mode will scale to your level ssssooooo…what DOES TVHM DO?! the mayhem modes tell you just what it changes but TVHM is just like DO IT AGAIN GET MORE LOOT!!! but what does that mean? so what are the numbers, like enemies have there HP buffed by X amount and do X amount more damage and you also get X more money, loot, and exp.

Yeah just generally seems to be new enemy names with bigger def / atk modifiers.

Pretty sure there is some extra drop chance involved of course but whether its substantial when mh3 normal already boosts to 500% I doubt we will know for a while until some intense testing is done.

GB not really saying much right now but in the long term the hard core and stat nerds will prevail in the community and tons of test results will be on every board.

For now when it comes to loot mh3 normal is perfectly fine drop rate wise you can easily fill your bag with legends but as is always the case with these games whether they are the legends you want is another matter entirely lol.

I will say for me at least it seems the % of gear that is anointed definitely seems improve the higher the MH I play. This is counter to a lot of peoples experience and could just be down to my own personal luck of course.

I play mh3 on both TVHM and NVHM (so i can have the same character camped at 2 different boss spawns at the same time.)

I truly do not notice an improvement in either amount of legs or quality between the 2 modes.

Your absolute best use of TVHM is to ignore all side quest and stroy dash to unlock MH.

Then you can enable MH mode and complete the side quests that give decent items and they have a much higher chance of being anointed items or at least it seems to for me.

I have had some really nice anointed rewards doing this. You can even leave the side quest if you know the reward sucks for your character but would be awesome for a future one and come back do it when you have that char to 50 to save banking items.

I think ideally what’s supposed to happen is that a player is supposed to find an Orange, mess around with it, and try to get their character to work with it.

Then, ideally, by the time you’ve played with it enough to know whether or not you like the build/playstyle, you already found another 1 or 2 new Oranges to try, and repeat the process.

However, based on forum posts, that doesn’t happen because players don’t want to try every Orange and stumble onto new playstyles. Instead they find some cookie cutter max dps build and start farming for the super specific gear needed to make it work. So of course 99% of the Oranges they find are now considered “useless” and “trash” that gets in the way of the “good” gear.

Much like anything, games like these can be fun or a major drag depending on how you approach them.


The sheer amount of legs that drop from boss farming on mh3 is kinda ridiculous and spoils the “oh nice new leg lets try it out see what it does” when you have 20 new legs in 20 minutes.

If you got say a new leg every 5 levels while going through story for example that would gived you plenty of time to test and play with your new toy.

As it is come end game you got a gazillion orange new toys and not even a test dummy at sanctuary so you can easily test to see what you like. I have left well over a thousand legs on the floor due to the bank space system kinda breaks my heart as a hoarder.


As a fellow hoarder, I feel you on that my man. And is there a reason we dont have a test dummy? or am I just oblivious and missed it?

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Seems so simple right 3 test dummies 1 shield, 1 armour, 1 flesh all next to each other.

It is then super simple to see how the same weapon deals with all 3 types or simply find your best corrosive weapon etc.

Yeah, just put them down in the garage of Sanctuary. That or let us do damage to Claptrap.


It certainly feels like a relic leftover from previous Borderlands games. Its not mandatory, not necassary and doesnt provide an enough different gaming experience to justify a whole repetition.

Its like saying “boy, normal is too easy for me chestbump I m so pro” but the issue here really is that I would ve chosen TVHM from the very start and skip either of these modes. I just consider it artificially inflated with no real need.

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They could even give us a device to capture a mob type in the wild and make the dummies switchable.

They definitely made a strange choice not including one at all but they could have done some pretty cool stuff with a bit of thought.

I like having it there though buddy it means I can constantly reset TVHM to try to get the anointed quest rewards easily without losing anything major as my normal guy can still do everything on mh3 farm wise while i quest farm TVHM.

Used this way it really is quite handy.


Agreed, with the addition of Mayhem, TVHM isn’t really needed like it was in the other games, only really if you want a specific quest item at lvl50 it would seem. Annointment may be another reason but as a Moze, until they do something about Iron Bear beaing made out of paper relying on her class skill is pointless.

I have left Moze alone hoping for a bear buff before I level one up, feel bad for you Moze only players its like not having a real action skill right now apparently :frowning:

yeah its kinda annoying as Bear wrecked everything as i was lvling but once i got around to about 40 everything started to just wreck it before i could do any damage with it.

I think I am done with boss farming. Week 1 was so exhausting that I don’t think running it over and over is natural course of playing a game. Call me casual. I would rather play campaign again as long as cut scenes skip gets updated.

That would be interesting. However the most simple solution seems like they should just use Marcus’s shooting range, and add a new option to it’s computer. That of course being test dummy mode which would bring out the 3 different dummies you mentioned earlier and leave them out until you deactivate that mode on the shooting range’s computer.


Yeah many avenues they could take to give us a dps tester at home base for sure.

EDIT Yours is actually sublimely simple for them to implement as
well i bet.

EDIT 2 The more I think about the capture device the more i want one haha.

Fl4K for example has a skill that increases his damage to robot armour so he wants to see it but currently the base power model is a beast mob or human, he could then go grab a robot mob and essentially the device could capture the skin and once captured you can change to any skin / model you want on the range.

Damn that would be both fun AND useful.

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This so much. I feel having legs drop so often cheapens them and the game quickly becomes stale. I need something to chase and grind for. I tried not to go offline and farm legendarys but the pull was too strong lol. So what do I do now? What’s the point in doing TVHM. I feel GB have dropped the ball here the same thing happened with Destiny when they cheapened exotics, I stopped playing. I really hope they address this in the future and reduce drastically legendary drop rates and gimme something to grind for.

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The only game I can think of with these kind of drop rates on top tier items that survived and then actually thrived is Diablo 3.

D3 has always been a rollercoaster going from a complete mess at the start to evolving into a workable fun game later in life.

It did nearly fall though because the drop rates made legendary items drop like candy and most were pretty bad as base items.

This was a critical point in the games life as harcore were getting fed up fast so what did they do?

They introduced the legendary perks to items that could with one item completely change your build and make you try something fun a new. And thats from one item, they did it to all legendarys.

That’s what I am really hoping to see in the future the anointed system reworked to not just be higher dmg or better def but to add perks that modify class skills and makes them something entirely new.

That in my honest opinion is the only way I can see myself here for the long grind personally, I just hope the devs are already thinking this way too.

Sadly if not the game could be in trouble as far as hardcore fans go at these drop rates.


What? I can easily enable MH mode on tvhm when on sanctuary.

Are you on PC by any chance bud? As playing TVHM on mayhem from the start of story mode is actually a PC only feature right now I believe.

I am on PS4 and for me I have to complete the story arc on TVHM before i can enable MH mode which kinda sucks.

Edited to make my gibberish a bit more understandable:crazy_face: