What does Wound do in PvE?

The purple skills for tier 1/2 of Galilea’s helix, for example, cause a “wound” debuff which prevents healing. As far as I’m aware there’s basically zero AI healing going on. Are these helix choices broken in PvE, or do they do something else? I believe I read that “Silence” and “Blind” are basically stuns in PvE, but I’m not sure what’s up with “Wound”.

Anybody know?

Wound doesn’t do anything in PVE, it’s to prevent enemy players in PVE from being able to regenerate. I’d skip it in PVE.

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Assuming that’s correct, I really hope a future patch will make those options do something else in PvE. Having choices that literally do nothing in PvE or PvP seems pretty terrible. (I’m sure if there was an option that said “+10% damage against bosses” we’d have heard a lot of heavy PvP complaints by now.)

Who says a healer mob isn’t coming?

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In like a DLC mission? I mean … sure. But adding enough AI healing to the PvE game to make the “wound” status relevant would be a HUGE change compared to just conditionally modifying a couple of Helix choices.

Rumors suggest that many more “wound” abilities are going to appear as a counter to pocket-healers for PvP. So this problem will get bigger, not smaller. And having a couple healer mobs in Atticus’s DLC does not strike me as a compelling way to keep all those options balanced in PvE.

Can you tell me a developer in recent history that has separately balanced pve and pvp? It just isn’t done anymore hell half the helix are filled with fluff that does nothing.

I’m confused. You’re arguing that “it’ll be fine, a healer mob might happen” and also “no dev will ever balance both PvE and PvP”…

I’m trying to point out a way to make the game better. Neither of the above options seems like a move in that direction, but maybe I just don’t understand your point.

They aren’t broken, it’s just more of a PVP skill. silence blocks any of your special abilities from being casted for a few seconds, same thing for PVE mobs but you will be only affecting the larger enemies as the smaller ones only have basic attacks, Bosses are also an exception.

to put it simple: Silence and Blind don’t stun in PVE. they do what they are intended to do, the reason people think is a stun is because when PVE mobs are blinded they stop and wait it out most of the time and don’t run around like most players who get blinded.

in conclusion: Don’t use this skill for PVE. in pvp if you see alani, miko, kleese, ambra or reyna, this skill will be your best friend.

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My first point was they could add that mob to abate your concern. My second was that they won’t change a skill to make the choice better for pve not all skills are made equal.

Ah, interesting. Appreciate the clarification re: blind/silence.

As for the rest, I do feel strongly that having helix choices with zero impact on an entire game mode is broken in the sense that it’s a negative for the game that should be repaired.

Having a meaningful choice is a big part of what makes the Helix system cool. From a game design perspective, if 100% of experienced players are doing something 100% of the time, it’s not an interesting piece of the game.

This is analogous to cards in a TCG game like Magic: the Gathering or Hex that are so effective that every single deck that can take them must take them or be strictly underpowered. That’s why they restricted and ceased print runs of Black Lotus. There was no deck that couldn’t be improved by having Black Lotus added, so it was a drag on the design space.

If there is only one correct choice at a level of a character’s Helix, that Helix needs tuning. It doesn’t have to be 50/50! Correct choices might be sufficiently situational or preferrential that they are only used 20% of the time. But if you’re down to 2%, and those 2% are there because somebody either doesn’t understand the game or pressed the wrong button, that’s not making the game better.

Tell that to Mike tier 2 and Phoebe tier 2