What earns him the title battleborn

I guesse it is just his talent and how he (as his bio states) inspire his allies with his unconventional personality, but what puts oscar mike on par with people like rath, marquis, thorn, benedict, and whiskey. Is he supposed to be what whiskey would be like if he stayed with the UPR and was a mike clone, dumb with conventional weaponry but out of the box tactics, or is he simply just the full potential of a mike clone

I think he´s part of the crew for two reasons:

1 - He is an excellent soldier who served years in the UPR (Penarch included) and in the defense of the Galhadrim homeworld. These are quiet neat references. not special or fancy, but badass in the records.

2 - He is weird. To weird to live on Planet Mike, for whatever reasons. Its not fully clear in his lore why he exactly left/got kicked, but somehow I´ve the feel he´s a very strange personality for an OM-clone.
Where WF is an individualist badass and a lone wolf OM is a badass weirdo.


Ok I can see that, thanks for explaining, I geusse with all the other characters you have to realize he’s made it this long fighting thralls, swordsmen, sun priestess, space elves, varelsi, high tech profiteers and robots all with just somewhat average gear

PS I hope OSCAR MIKES BATTLESCHOOL explains more on how he got kicked out of planet mike

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I’d guess like Ganjamira too, fitting his…everything, he’s probably got fairly vanilla proof of his abilities. Plain but not ordinary. It frankly could have also been Ghalt lending a buddy a hand, given they’ve worked together and OM got kicked out of Planet Mike (assuming this happened long after OM signed onto UPR). Considering OM’s voiced lore, maybe Ghalt even always had a feeling about what OM needed.

True montana was the one to suggest him, and even Ghalt admitted montana would suggest to be friends with varelsi, I feel there really needs to be a scene featuring him mainly taking on other battleborn with his team, like against rath, oscar mike using “wierd tactics” that ultimately shine