What exactly can EOS drop?

I heard he can drop any legendary, but does that include the laser disker, or is that Shadowtrap only? And im guessing EOS only drops legendary weapons?

EOS can drop base game legendaries and claptastic DLC legendaries. im not sure about shadowtrap himself, ive personnally never seen him drop a legendary. EOS drops glitched weapons as well as an assortment of purples and blues, and i see a legendary about every 3-4 kills or so.

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Shadow trap can drop the laser disker and rerouter shield. And perhaps more but i know definitely those two.

Yep I’ve got the Laser Disker and Rerouter from Shadow-TP as well. EOS can drop just about anything, I’ve honestly got more base game legendaries from him than Claptastic’s. If you’re after a Laser Disker, I’d go for Shadow-TP or grind legendaries and dashboard, as aweful as it is.

How do you farm Shadow trap? I have no idea how to do mutator arena

I honestly have no clue if there is a trick to get him to spawn, but I had the best luck on 3-5 slices and just set it to whatever mutators give the glitch chests for rewards. He’s pretty nasty to solo above 5 (at least as Aurelia which is who I was at the time)

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got a laser disker from teh earworm reacently dont know why he dropped that but if your looking for a reogenator you can farm it off shadow tp arena boss lvl 9 he drops pretty much all legendaries + the reward boxes just killed shadow tp and got a zx-1 which is pretty usless to jack

This is more for Zarpedon, but still.

How do i do the mutator arena? Got no idea

grab the side quest from deck 13 1/2 from the machine it will open the arena and oh yea you must have defeated eos on story mode in claptastic voyage