What Exactly Does Reyna's Ult Do + Reyna PVP Tips?

Ok so I just mastered Ambra (Hells yeah!) so now im going to give Reyna another chance since I’ve been hearing really good things about her.

I remember the previous times I’ve played her I’ve always been confused by what exactly her ultimate does?

Also, could I get some Reyna PVP play tips and maybe some augment choices?

Ive heard that you can either go “support Reyna” or “killing Reyna”?

Is this true and if so which is the better choice?

Thanks in advance.

Reyna without mutations is pretty much a very good support character. Sit back overshield your team, I personally like to use it on people in the fray or close to death, and mark anyone enemy who you think needs to be taken care of (I.E. Tanks, Healers)

Once you get her one mutation that allows you to apply increase damage when giving an overshield you can use that to really up the damage your team does with that in combination with her marking skill.

Her legendary is pretty meh, it allows you to heal teammates who you’ve overshielded.

Her Ult is normally used as a large knockback to keep the enemy team away from your team, or it can be used to sheild from oncoming bullets from enemies or the sentry in incursion.

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Just did a match as her.

Does her L1 give Overshields right off the bat?


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It does. I think at lvl 3 or 4 there’s an option to heal with it too.

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Yea her first, second and fourth skill levels are amazing during the early game. I always pick the first 2 at the left and healing for my teammates. Those very agile and mobile characters like Melka and Benedict are easy targets for Reyna’s zoom-in cannon shots. I use her ultimate either to save my teammate from an enemy trying to kill them (specially melee types) or to guard them from the sentry when they are attacking it.

So I will say that probably one of the biggest influences in playing Reyna is your level 2 decision. Both options are amazing but also situational in a sense(though truthfully I do not like slow in general and force homing option always) like one should probably take the slow on bigger characters while the homing is excellent on almost anything with a medium frame or lower. Try homing Reyna when you play against a Benedict. She straight trashes that broken chicken and even before the unnecessary buff was one of my favorite things about her.

Her ult I straight up amazing too if not a little under appreciated. It doesn’t do a anything fancy but god damn do I love being able to walk through phoebes and Oscar mikes ults with it at level 10


Ok just got 5 matches in with her.

Calling it a night now.

Got her up to level 5.

Definitely enjoying her support and shield stripping abilities, especially having just played Ambra.

Could someone give me an augment by level list for a good support Reyna?

I’d try this, but you need to be either 9 or 12 so you’ll have the correct mutations.


I’ll be there in a day or two I would imagine.


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I’m still learning her myself, so your mileage may vary.


Quite enjoying her!

Fast moving around, two powerful projectile weapons, great for chase down / mop up kills…I know I’m still not fully understanding her L1/R1/Ult but that will come with time and research!

Liking her better than Melka, who I started off very impressed with but have had lesser luck with lately.

I know she is very deadly as well though!

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  • Shield Boost gives you and an ally an overshield that lasts 8 seconds or until it’s destroyed. You can charge your ally’s shield with your plasma pulses.
  • Priority Target fires a homing blast that causes any enemy it hits to take extra damage for 6 seconds.
  • Photonic Ward creates a large overshield type bubble around wherever Reyna is standing when she activates it that pushes back enemies on activation and prevents enemy fire from entering or exiting while it’s up (this includes ults like OM’s Air Strike and Orendi’s. It doesn’t block certain skills like Alani’s Riptide or Geyser, Orendi’s Shadowfire Pillar, and Montana’s Lumberjack Dash. Basically if the skill or ult doesn’t involve a projectile of some type, PW won’t block it.


Wow thanks!

Are her plasma pulses her L2?

Do they damsge enemies also?

Glad to see you’re enjoying her! I never realized how great she was until I started playing her. this is my build I usually go with.

Level 1- shield buff! unfortunately doesn’t work on eldrids or those with full shields, but still absolutely necessary to get that burst heal for allies on the brink of death.

Level 2- More of a personal choice, but this can effect your tier 8 helix choices. I prefer homing shots because of their ability to strip shields without even needing to aim. it can get annoying, as a marked enemy who has turned a corner still draw shots even though it’s impossible to hit (which is where tier 8 is also influenced). but i must say it is so satisfying marking a weak enemy and using your homing shots to shoot their back and take them out (please note it doesn’t work for cloaked enemies)

Level 3- personal choice also. the plasma burst has a pretty crappy AoE, so I don’t recommned it. I’ve seen people use slazer, but I don’t see it working much for myself, leaving to increased DPS which is pretty noticeable.

Level 4- ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. honestly if i was playing with a reyna who didn’t take the ability to burst heal, I would leave that match ASAP as possible. this is what helps save enemies in a 1v1 on the brink of death or those trying to run away with next to no health. the healing goes up by 10 every level you go up.

level 5- the ability to get all your skills back faster while overshielded is amazing. added into the fact that you can get more overshield for longer later in the helix, this can ensure your skills are up as much as possible to help your teammates.

level 6- more overshield! what could be better than that?

level 7- this is chosen more because the other choice is pretty crap. don’t go left. this does help strip shields or take the final health of a marked enemy though!

level 8- because of the way most battleborn behave when marked- aka hightailing it away out of sight- getting even more damage in before they can get away is key. if they don’t run away, even better! this also helps for the homing shots so they aren’t long gone leaving you with the inability to use your plasma pulse for even longer

level 9- longer overshield! helps keep your Improvised Tactics up, allows running allies even more comfort that they’ll make it back to base, and makes it so you almost never see it disappear as its back before the skill even goes away! the other option is just too situational depending on ranged enemies with only a 15% reflection

level 10- all 3 are good choices! but the mutation is truly stand out. imagine running into a group of your allies all with about 500 health left and popping your ultimate. BAM! you and 4 of your closest friends all have almost 900 more health and shields, with the added ability to push enemies away while blocking all fire. this really helps with pushes to sentries so that your allies won’t get hit by its cannon while unleashng a hellstorm on it. as it is the level 12 unlock, I would suggest the far right when it’s not available. it’s great for blocking ultimates and also pushing to sentries as well as it moves with you and you have the ability to help allies even more. I’ve used it to help push minion waves through an OM ultimate raining down missiles over the battlefield.

Note: both the battleborn forum and lowlidev’s character builder can help you see how to build reyna and how she progresses. lowlidev allows you to see her health and skill strengths at every level as she progresses and what gear effects whcih parts. setting her to level 10 with my build gives 120 shield+350 health+427 overshield=897 more life to you and allies!

(honesly check out all of lowlidev’s site is all amazing [i’m not even being told to say this i just really love it])

You also gotta love the pushback on that ult on overgrowth when the enemies go on the thrall capture pad for the brutes I run in front of them and pop my ult and they fly off the edge it’s too fun.

Reynas slow is very underused but it’s sooooo good. It’s a super strong slow that helps my friend who mains deande and rath get easy kills.

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My hélix option http://battlebornforum.com/pages/battleborn-helix-build-editor-reyna/?rows=-1,-1,-1,-1,1,-1,1,-1,-1,1,

Her legendary is the best at lvl 5 it means you can heal a 160+ per plasma shot (to overshielded allys) without overheat also lvl 2 left lets you shoot aimless for 8 seconds without overheat.

run heal power, her legendary and att power/speed. Save your overshield to save low health players or big targets like attikus(plasma pulse is easier to hit), there is nothing more frustrating than be a rath fighting an other rath and sudden it has overshield+shield+hp.

Incursion you can use your ult to let your minions/battleborns fire the sentry without dmg, meltdown well just keep minions alive. Lvl 10 mutation gives overshield or right to make it follow you, middle is great to save a group and heal them.

I don’t recommend Killer Reyna at all because its not good. Not saying she can’t steal a kill here and there.

Always go support. When you get to late game her bubble has a very low cooldown and if you spam it, you can spam your other skills a lot as well.


Yea but don’t get too comfortable BC Orindi will still wreck you even inside the fortress of solitude.

Your decision at level 2 I think affects what you should do at level 3 and 8. If i go homing, I take the mutation at level 3 and duration at level 8. If I go slow, I take the 18% pistol damage and additional priority mark damage at 8. Not a lot of love in this thread yet for her level 6 mutation for some reason. I’m trying to think of the right word to describe how good it is. Oh ghalt just pulled my teammate into a trap? That’s cute, let me get them out of it real quick. 112 extra over shield probably won’t save a teammate from a stun in the middle of the other team. Removing all cc effects might. Her Ult is great for saving a teammate from certain death, or nullifying an air strike. It is also great to put in front of a minion wave or double thralls, to give them an extra few seconds of immunity to wreck the sentry. But as the guy above me said, you are not safe from those who can summon aoe abilities on the ground. Blight fields and shadow fire pillars laugh at her Ult so be careful of that.