What exactly happened to splash dmg?

Since the update, what happened to splash damage?

According to @Derch, all the shotguns with 100% splash damage were returned to their (intended) states from before the Loot Hunt. Torgue shotguns are back to 85% from 100% and the Twister is down to its original 40% (instead of 100%). A few other uniques were effected as well. Only shotguns were effected.

WTF WHY!?!?!? Oh, I see Gearbox, ruining the game as a last goodbye, thanks a lot. All this update has done is ruin things.

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Hey they broke it during the Loot Hunt. Unless you run around with a Ravager at all times, you probably won’t even notice a difference. It’s not as if losing 60% splash damage rendered the Twister any less effective. And it’s not a nerf, it’s just a return to how it was meant to be. Us spoiled players will live.

Well, I always loved the Ravager. And the Twister looses a lot of damage with this.
But wait, that’s not all. People that play single-player always wanted a better experience. What dos Gearbox do? F*ck it up even more. Also all MIRV and transfusion grenades are now broken on 360, and knowing gearbox it will get fixed after 2 years. This update made the game worse for any character apart from Maya.

Except that the 100% splash was never intended.
So don’t start saying that GBX is “ruining everything”.

Well, it was there, it was a part of a game for a VERY long time. It got all of us used to it. Now they take it away for no apparent reason.

The reason is very apparent! They were fixing things they broke! Next you’re going to say that since we’re used to not having Aquamarine Sniders, they should have left the misplaced files misplaced because it’s been that way for so long.


That’s completely different.
Either way, please explain how ruining over 50% of grenades in the game can be justified.

I rest my case because @stuarthome3 said exactly what I had in mind.

They still work. Text just got â– â– â– â– â– â–  up.

Yeah, but I like to read it, I know it doesn’t effect the grenade. Also, how could they screw something like that up?

Some texts got changed.
Hyperion weapons have a better explanation how they work for instance.

There were “Minor text fixes”. I assume the error to which you’re referring occurred somewhere in there.

I was the one that informed everyone about that.

I quoted from the patch notes, so take that for what it’s worth

Oh yeah, that would make sense, still a really poor mistake, for a “good” game developer.

Very good, thanks Gearbox. :slight_smile:

What are you referring to?

Tell that to Bethesda.
GBX makes mistakes in their patches, but for such a huge game it is bound to happen.
So don’t be so condescending.